December 6th, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “related”

  1. “Hey, you two look like you could be twins! Are you two related?”

    I force a smile and lean my back against the cold glass of the bus stop, while my friend Jessie keeps looking at her phone. It’s true that we could be mistaken for cousins or even siblings, but twins? That just seems a bit too much.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.06.2018

  2. I am related to my family members. i have cousins that live in kelowna im going to see them after christmas im excited for christmas and hannakah. i only have younger cousins that live in surrey

    By belle on 12.06.2018

  3. family. things. collection. organize. thoughts. two people. reaction. everything!

    By Amie on 12.06.2018

  4. One of the was left behind, too far behind to catch the pack. Days grew shorter. Colder. And hunger stronger. It kept on the trail for the whole season, but still couldn’t out pace the lead. So it seemed destine to remain alone, #unrelated to the world. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.06.2018

  5. What relatives are.

    By David M. on 12.06.2018

  6. eventually, we’re all related
    aren’t we
    by what means are we interconnected
    and why do those connections fray so wearily at the seams
    torn apart barely threaded
    an insane reign of whatever he said-ed
    gone too far long done
    is there anything or anyone who says
    how we get out of this one

    By matt m on 12.06.2018

  7. How is this possibly related to anything that I need to know? Seriously. We sit here and speak words back and forth, back and forth and I do not understand the point / the point from A to B, she tries to draw it out for me, on the wipeboard, with everyone looking at me now. Their eyes, burning into me, until she starts drawing a something intricate. What is this? Some kind of sick game of pictionary?

    By absolutelynthng on 12.06.2018

  8. “… It’s…. semi-related? Maybe?”
    “Okay, so, let me get this straight. You’ve had this rash for… how long? Four months now? And you just now thought it might be related?”
    “Well… I don’t know, sometimes I just get itchy for awhile but then it goes away, so I just thought…”
    “Right. Well, Jimmy, I’m going to need you to lie back.”

    l o l o l o l dialogue is HORRIBLE WHYYYYYYYY

    By absolutelynthng on 12.06.2018

  9. i am related to to big familys the mowrys and the mollys they are two big family

    By aidanmowry URL on 12.06.2018

  10. I wonder if they can tell that we’re related? Can they see how our eyes are nearly the same tint of green? Hair, vastly different but still. The upturned nose, slight, but there? The familiarity of our communication, seamless and unspoken? Wonder if there isn’t some kid–that introverted one in the corner–was he studying us? Tracing the boundaries of our shoulders, biceps, putting the pieces of them back together? Was this kid the next Wegener, performing a reverse drift and seeing in us the Pangaea we once were? Can he put it together by the way my Alyssa grabs appetizers by the handful, dwarfs me with her shadow, is always so much more expansive and free? How I huddle inward? The kid–he’s writing in his notebook now. Alyssa–she’s throwing away the leftovers and never asking me if I’m hungry. Me–I am walking to the podium to the sound of applause, the thread connecting us thinning, thinning / and dust.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.06.2018

  11. My mother and her brothers are related from birth but not related to the fact chickens are related to each other such as fish and whales

    By JesseMowry URL on 12.06.2018

  12. She honestly couldn’t see it, how he made that jump in logic. Nevertheless, the more she thought about it, the more likely it was that the two facts were indeed related.

    By Kelly van Beek on 12.06.2018

  13. everything is in everything else
    related to one another
    we are all the same
    different parts
    varied sides
    aspects of the same whole
    we are whole when we’re together

    By Anny on 12.06.2018

  14. Related, elated, sweet cousins, weird uncles, my relations, my ancestors, the roots and branches of the family tree, the relating all the relating is so exhausting but we keep at it at the table where we all clutch our forks like madmen and gnash our teeth like beasts, like beasts of a family, family creatures reaching for one another between bites

    By Liz URL on 12.06.2018

  15. Everything is connected. We all have impact..whether positive or negative on the world around of us.

    By on 12.06.2018

  16. With the pedestal down, we can find pleasure in a reality without barriers, related to another world where we didn’t meet in a hierarchy. “When we come back, we can exchange stories,” you said as you slipped out into the snowy night.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 12.06.2018

  17. “We’re… related?” I looked up from my phone and stared deeply into my father’s eyes, searching for an answer. I watched as he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed deeply.
    “Sit down,” he said, almost sternly. “We need to talk.”

    By Bekah URL on 12.06.2018

  18. “Do you trust me?”

    “Are we related?”

    The dark-haired boy gives her a quizzical look. “… No?”

    “Ah, then you know the answer to your question.”

    The blonde reclines on the couch, a smirk on her pretty face. She never was going to make this easy for him, was she?

    By fox_face on 12.07.2018

  19. Like family, people can be related to each other in more eways that just blood. Blood relatives are obviously one way that people can be connected, as they share genetics and are unable to escape each other permanently. There’s also the kind of special bond that close friends share together. They

    By Skylar Layne on 12.07.2018

  20. She blinked her eyes. They looked identical. It was spooky. She looked back from the photo to the mirror. Who was this girl? And why did she look so much like… it was too weird to think about. She shook her head.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.07.2018

  21. What some people aren’t.

    By David M. on 12.07.2018

  22. He is related to Dracula, she’s sure of it. So why is she on this date? She’s trying to find the good side of everything and everyone. She’s embraced sunshine, happiness and optimism as her core values. She knows Dracula will see that in her, respect it, and not harm her in any way. Guess what? She’s wrong.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.07.2018