September 14th, 2012 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “fried”

  1. A pizza hut, a pizza hut
    Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut
    Mcdonalds, Mcdonals
    Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut
    – supersize me

    By Camila URL on 09.15.2012

  2. Yum, food. Fried potato chips. I am hungry now, i wouldn’t mind a fried pineapple fritter with these chips. I’m hungry now. Although now i am second guessing myself, fried stuff isn’t the healthiest.

    By Christine on 09.15.2012

  3. A hearty feast ensued at the sight of rows upon rows of tables laden heavily with platters of fried chicken.

    By Jess on 09.15.2012

  4. Fried food is like a flirt. It is attractive, but bad for me. Therefore, to avoid fried food makes you h

    By Jordan URL on 09.15.2012

  5. i shouldnt say chicken fried rice whenever i hear fried!! coz there are many fried dishes which are my fav too!! french fries with coke will go while watching football matches!! i totally fried like a chicken leg playing football in the hot sun!! idly fry yummy lol

    By sanfabre on 09.15.2012

  6. She just loves loves fried chips. As they continued to sizzle in the pan, their golden colour went off and in just a minute they turned from beautiful and shiny golden to a deep black coal-like colour. Still, as strange as it may seem, they were still mouth-watering the gargoyle.

    By Miguel on 09.15.2012

  7. cooking

    By kjgkg URL on 09.15.2012

  8. The sizzling fire crackled. I was finished. I finally managed to cook fried chicken. I’m pretty sure Ely would like this. He loves anything that is fried. Though I’m not fried but he loves me anyway. This is an achievement. Yes.

    By Angel Perido URL on 09.15.2012

  9. I fried the chicken. It’s really hard to be alone at times like this. I need to get a life. I need to get out of this hell hole I made. I need to get out so I don’t have to cook my own food. I need to. I need to. Or else I’m going to go mad.

    By Angel Perido on 09.15.2012

  10. Fried chicken is disgusting oh my god like when I worked at that chicken shop and that’s all I could smell for hours after I finished my shift and then walking past there and oh god I don’t miss that period of my life. Fried food is just so so so wrong oh lordy lord just..god

    By Elise on 09.15.2012

  11. in the end does it matter?
    this is where we are, this is where we’ve been
    ravaged, we fight onwards, but toward what?
    do you see where it has put us?
    do we realize what has gone on?
    or are our eyes closed to this sun light illuminating in?
    where do we begin, to begin again

    By Kayla on 09.15.2012

  12. i ate too much
    the crust was the beginning
    everything else was just fluffy and internal
    but it went on
    biting through after biting through
    i can sense salt
    I can detest salt just the same
    i detest my sister
    she abandoned me like so many others
    you don’t expect that from your sister
    sometimes all that’s left is the fried part.

    By Josh on 09.15.2012

  13. I have so much to do lately, my brain feels fried. I feel so overwhelmed, I have no idea what’s going to happen when I leave the Navy, but I’m excited. My body even feels fried…

    By kelly on 09.15.2012

  14. She walked through the fair, the smells of stale fried food and sweet sweat everywhere. Michelle hadn’t been to one in so long, not since two schools agin. It was a great night, al ittle chilly,all lights and cheap games. It made her think of happier times.

    By Quotes? Yes. on 09.15.2012

  15. If there’s one thing I thionk of when I hear the word fried, it’s you. I told you I thought you were pretty and you weren’t freaked out. We went on dates. The first one was to an art show where what did they have? Fried coke. What on earth is fried coke? Delicious. Just like you. Fuck college, bring me back summer.

    By Leah on 09.15.2012

  16. Everybody loves fried food. No one can resist its crisp and flavorful characteristics.

    “STOP THAT! Stop convincing me to eat!” I said.

    Fried food is so goooooood.

    “NOOOOOOOOOO!” I shouted and munched on my french fries.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.15.2012

  17. I ate it all. Every last bite was crushed by my teeth, sensed by my taste buds and travelled down to my stomach. That delicious fried chicken was absolutely scrumptious.

    By umbazachika on 09.15.2012

  18. The first and most important thing is the heat. They say heat is suffocating but this heat is different, dry, creeping pleasantly down my back. My skin is too white and I can feel it slowly cooking but the sunlight is just too lovely. I will live with the burns.

    By With Feeling on 09.15.2012

  19. The birds flew frantically, searching for protection from the grievous storm. Lightning struck again and again. Lucky there are no trees up here in the tundra, or they would all be fried.

    By Veronique URL on 09.15.2012

  20. country friend chicken on a friday night, bluw jeans that fight just right, turn the radio up. i hate country music.

    By Erickaaa on 09.15.2012

  21. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods. Fries are good. Fried onions are really nasty. Fried is a past tense version of fry. Arkansas loves fried food. Fried stuff is fried. I love

    By Dustin URL on 09.15.2012

  22. ugh. i already did fried. i was making each type of food one day of the week. Fried is tuesdays. today is saturday. I cant help this insatiable desire for fried. Ugh

    By Fei URL on 09.15.2012

  23. He likes it fried; I like it boiled. He likes it scrambled; I like it sunny-side upped. He likes it with catsup; I like it with salt. But who cares about eggs when mornings are spent with you?

    By Yein on 09.15.2012

  24. My skin bubbles under the heavy light, I could hear my flesh sizzling. I felt like a chicken, trussed up and stuffed in an oven. It was the roastiest, toastiest that I had ever been.

    By Callie on 09.15.2012

  25. The white sands of the desert spread before them. There was a sense of a never-ending walk that the heavy back-packs they were carrying added to the already draining anticipation for a journey they should never have taken.

    “I’m drained,” Pete complained and swung his back-pack to the sands around his feet, using it as a cushion to rest his legs.

    “I’m fried,” Timothy sighed, wiping a damp cloth across his forehead.

    By Cim on 09.15.2012

  26. As we sat on a park bench in an amusement park and ate fried dough, I knew that I would remember these moments for the rest of my life. I had been in love with Thomas ever since he showed up at my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. I must’ve been the luckiest girl in the world.

    By Zandra on 09.15.2012

  27. fried chicken is super delicious. but super unhealthy. It’s a good treat to have on an occasionally but never as an all around dinner every week. Try grilled chicken instead. :) It’s much healthier and definitely tastes better in my honest opinion! You can do a lot more with grilled chicken, more flavors, more sides, different ways to have it on different weeks.

    By Andrea on 09.15.2012

  28. God, fried chicken. You think it’d be easier to figure out how to make.
    It isn’t, it really isn’t, and looking up recipes is for suckers, of course, so you guesstimate and throw things together and hope for the best, the normal routine.
    Pancake chicken. Well, that’s new.

    By L on 09.15.2012

  29. chicken
    is yummy and i love it so dont judge you piece of crap srsly guise why cant we just all love chicken omg its so good all fried and stuff yum okay this is long now what help ok um i like kfc ummmm help srsly idk what to do um when is this over um i like computers and they help you do this like find out where stuff is and yes its awesome okay so i think im done okay so i love u uhm anyways wtf when is this over

    By Jill on 09.15.2012

  30. I fried a fish in the blistering sun. No one wanted it. I decided it was a waste of time. I don’t even like fish. I just like cooking. What am I even doing frying it outside? It’s hot out here. Blech.

    By Meow on 09.15.2012

  31. people in L.A. are getting fried this weekend. fried chicken sounds good, but I stay away from fried food. don’t go into a tanning booth without your goggles and don’t open your eyes or they will get fried. I prefer baked over fried. thank you

    By eyeinthesky on 09.15.2012

  32. Fried, tied, belied, all bound up in emotion, love, hate, frustration, hurt, comfort…Yakned up, yanked down, thrown all around. My brain feels like that old chicken embryo you throw on your griddle every morning…..Just plain FRIED……

    By Chezrobin on 09.15.2012

  33. “Deep crunchy flavorful fries” The sign read, “Now only 3.99!” I stared around and as I walked tried to find a place where there was no product placement. A place where I could be in silence with myself. The truth was that in this city, there were hundreds of thousands of people all looking for themselves and these products all claimed to save them. Slowly others defined them straight to the soul. I was not an exception. I have the newest hottest phone, clothes, laptop, and reservations for 2 at that overpriced restaurant I honestly don’t even like that much. I decided I needed a day to escape. I got in my car and drove to the highway. I sat in traffic with guys wearing the same clothes as me, driving the same car as me, who are usually going to the same place as me. But not this time. After about an hour, I pulled onto the side of the road and walked down a wooded path. I walked along with no place to go and no place to be. I had nothing to focus on but myself and my surroundings. I climbed slowly up to the top of a huge rock and looked over the city I lived in. From this rock I could almost see my house but that didnt matter because from this rock I knew I was home.

    By Liz URL on 09.15.2012

  34. Fried seems to be the new term for “high as fuck”, so if you wanted to compare yourself to something like a french fry, you could say “I’m fried as a french fry”. You could even further it by saying “I’m deep fried”. That would mean you’re really high.

    By Pete on 09.15.2012

  35. no. I don’t want to write about “fried”.

    By Pete on 09.15.2012

  36. Fried. Fried food. Fried food is disgusting. It tastes good, sure, but it’s just really awful for you. I try not to eat it.
    I’m Fried. I’m tired…I guess thats what this means. I never really use this phrase but other people do a lot, and I often admire those who do as I find it sort of vintage.

    By Kasey on 09.15.2012

  37. “You’re SO kidding me.”


    “No, you are. Really.”

    “Is this one of those moments where I’m supposed to say “Seriously” because if it is, I seriously don’t feel like doing it.”

    “Shut up, Jay.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Shut up. My brain is fried.”

    “Roasted and salted too?”

    “Ugh. You’re disgusting.”

    “I aim to please.”

    “I hate you.”

    “And I adore you.” He winked. “Now, Alka-seltzer or Tums?”

    By Sara H. URL on 09.15.2012

  38. hot as hell today. dry is better though….why is that?

    By aine on 09.15.2012

  39. fried potato and chicken or fish are always delicious but they can make you fat and caause high cholesterol thats why grilled food is always better.

    By melissa on 09.15.2012