April 7th, 2010 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “fragment”

  1. Fragment? Frag…mint? Fragmentation Mint? Holy crap. Does that mean that all mints are explosive? The Doublemint gum twins must be assassins that work in pairs! And the Orbitz lady…!

    By CM on 04.08.2010

  2. Fragments of her memory spilled out onto the page as she fought back the waves of despair. In the background, tones from an old radio witnessed her struggle; they didn’t care, nor did anyone else. But was there a light in this dark tunnel, somewhere to go or someone to stop her? Possibly. But she wasn’t aware. Her pseudo-attackers weren’t aware. The old radio wasn’t aware.

    By Theo Townsend on 04.08.2010

  3. Haha….this is very familiar. There have ___ I have so many fragments. I’m fragmenting at this very moment.

    By Audrey on 04.08.2010

  4. fragments of my heart i collect and join them again with the bond of love only to shatter. is it worth loving anyone. or one must love only oneself.

    By sa on 04.08.2010

  5. I don’t know what to say about the word Fragment. It just means that something is small. A piece of something else. A tiny microscopic crumb. A fragment of information. A fragment of hope. A fragment on your computer.

    By Erin on 04.08.2010

  6. the fragments of his fragile porcelain face lay on the ground. his emotions juxtaposed.. nothing happened as planned

    By daniel on 04.08.2010

  7. I have to find a way to take pictures of the weekend, so I can document the wars. I may have to resort to using a collection of images provided by friends to prove my point. Our point.

    By r.a. on 04.08.2010

  8. the fragment of glass fell from the top of a sky scraper. Although starting without much momentum, by the time it reached the bottom, it became lethal enough

    By Michael on 04.08.2010

  9. My heart is a fragment of what it used to be. Shattered and broken I’m dying to find the pieces that are missing. How can I consider you a friend when you have done this to me. How can I go on living when you don’t even care.

    By Jonathan Hansen on 04.08.2010

  10. Without end. Or beginning really. Hanging into space and thought. Between thoughts. The interjection.

    By allison on 04.08.2010

  11. Sometimes the little things in life are more important than life, itself. We spend so much time ogling at the big picture, we forget to look at each stroke of the brush. Each fragment in life is more important than the last, and each fragment in life is equally important as the next. That makes absolutely no sense, but, hey, neither does life sometimes.

    By Samm on 04.08.2010

  12. There was a fragment of the glass laying on the ground. Jack picked it up and gazed at the blueishness as he held it up to the sun. He squeezed to hard and cut his finger leaving a fragment of glass in his hand.

    By guido on 04.08.2010

  13. the glass shattered into amillion shiny fragments, they rane skittering across the floor as the glittered in the soft light of a waning sun.

    By Max King on 04.08.2010