April 6th, 2010 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “crow”

  1. It was a Crow. We all knew it, yet no one wanted to acknowledge it.

    By john on 04.07.2010

  2. The crows landed on Adam like sheep to a shepherd. He screamed. The crows didn’t care. Why should they?
    It was only a meal. They flew off leaving only a pile of bones.

    By Oliver on 04.07.2010

  3. The blackness of it contrasted against the bright blue of the sky. Its eyes narrowed in an almost quizzical manner. It was searching. Looking for death’s next victim.

    By Kirsty Lawson on 04.07.2010

  4. As a child there was a girl who used to come around once in a while to watch me and my brother when my mom had to go out. She was nice, but she liked to tell stories. One was about a crow that comes around to steal your soul. To this day, I can’t look at one without thinking about how it might be here to take mine.

    By Trish on 04.07.2010

  5. a black crow- the sign of death coming.. Ominous perching, quiet blinking… what comes our way as you watch us? Your friends lined up uniformly alongside you, I sense a coming change.

    By Janis on 04.07.2010

  6. It descends from the hanging dust like a husk of something. A burnt and wretched Gaunt. It rests on the fetid head of the corpse and cocks it strange head about. Seeing nothing, it begins to feed.

    By Jeremy on 04.07.2010

  7. The crow means to harm, humans have placed this disposition of death upon this sorrowful bird. Too many times has the crow ended up in a dark, drab poem. I’d like to think of the crow as a majestic bird. One worth remembering.

    By Hannah on 04.07.2010

  8. I remember a camping trip in Seguin, Texas, with a group I met through Utne Reader. The evening was a blast, with a round robin at the campfire aided by a passed bottle of Frangelico. I slept well, despite the pine-covered ground, but awoke to a deafening crow chorus with the rising sun

    By Andie on 04.07.2010

  9. Bring bad luck. I am a crow. I am constantly unfortunate.

    By Gav on 04.07.2010

  10. the crow is an interesting man, it is also a very good film with a good actor.Why can’t we let the birds eat our food? it is because we are greedy and that is why all our animals are better than us, with exceptions ofcourse.

    By andres on 04.07.2010

  11. The ugly black crow crowed away to its might; it was almost utterly unsettling. The jarring noise at sunset did ported some unthinkable disaster. Yes, I wanted to flick my pillow at it through the window.

    By Maimoona Rahman URL on 04.07.2010

  12. Crows caw and crawl away from the sound of their own voices. They watch either silently or with much rattling from the large oak.

    By Eli on 04.07.2010