June 21st, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “fractures”

  1. Cracked but not broken. Hurt, but not swollen. Confused, but still hoping.

    By Justkidding on 06.21.2012

  2. Vice reflected warmly on a time when the fractures in his team were only just beginning to appear. Back when Sheena was the ace commando that she still had the potential to be, and when Ceilidh wasn’t always drugged out or in some strange pseudo-spiritual astral experience. Vice smiled at the memories, but sighed at the realities which lay before him.

    By RE_Sullivan on 06.21.2012

  3. Just like fractions. Well, at first I thought that it was fractions. Anyways, I don’t know what they want me to write about this word.. I once fractured my arm….. Like damaged it or just cracked a bone or something …. I guess that’s what it means.

    By Brianna on 06.21.2012

  4. it begins with a fracture and ends broken.
    it is small but it causes a lot of troubles.
    its the begining.

    By MEDINI URL on 06.21.2012

  5. Bones hurt when they break. Do not be mean to people. Because words hurt also. And hurting someone can fracture your relationship. Potatoes.

    By Annette URL on 06.21.2012

  6. My life delicate so easy to fracture, but so hard to mend.

    By velvet URL on 06.21.2012

  7. The fractures from this crime scene are very bad. There was no chance of them surviving. Wow. Wait a way to leave this world.

    By teeda URL on 06.21.2012

  8. Fractures! In Experience and thought!

    By velvetrevolver on 06.21.2012

  9. broken bone cut slice bad hurt pain awful ouch hospital bed scream boy dumb accident purpose fall stumble break thin weeks cast sore

    By ashley on 06.21.2012

  10. I have never had a fracture before, but I can tell you now, they hurt. I was walking down the walking path hen I saw a snake in my path. Instead of going head on with the snake, I toke a detour down the hill and fell braking my leg. I was wondering how I was going to make it up the hill, when a young handsome man came to my rescue. I ld me he was a fireman and knew what he was doing.

    By Pat on 06.21.2012

  11. bones break from the impact.
    a head on collision into
    the unknown.
    time heals wounds,
    but not minds.

    By emily rose on 06.21.2012

  12. “WHERE IS MY HUSBAND!!” The frazzled red head stormed in.
    The lady at the front desk pointed down a poorly lit hallway.
    “Room 23.” She stated
    The red head flew down the hall and slipped in the room where her husband lay in bandages.
    “Doctor? How is he?” She was sobbing now, seeing his bloodied face.
    The doctor, looking quite annoyed, told her to sit down.
    “He has 32 fractures in his arms and legs, and his skull is damaged beyond belief. It’s in God’s hands now.”

    By Gaia Serene on 06.21.2012

  13. It didn’t take long for the fracture to spread through the broken window, and it was only seconds until I heard the crash. I picked up the baseball and looked outside feeling like a Sunday comics page character — this couldn’t be more cliched.

    By johntc on 06.21.2012

  14. Our relationship is a series of tiny fractures. It’s the little things you do that break me slowly. Like you’re breaking my heart in small pieces, so small that I sometimes can’t even feel it. But I feel it later. And, I don’t even think you realize it. That’s the worst part. I’m going to wake up one day with things broken and I don’t deserve that. They don’t have doctors for fictional hearts you know. Sometimes I wonder if you’re emotionally throwing me down the stairs. Like this might be how it could feel have breaks happening per every stair. These tiny fragments make up more of us then anything else. It’s not fair. I hope the fractures I cause are big. That way they only happen once. The pain of that one, doesn’t happen again. But you’re tiny fractures feel the same every time. And they never stop happening.

    By Elaine URL on 06.21.2012

  15. Once, i sprained my ankle. i had thought that i had fractured it, i prayed that i had broken it. a fracture would have been nice. something you could tell your friends, for them to bend over and sign my cast. someone would push my wheel chair, carry my books. i’d have have a friend at every party, someone to share my crazy wild story about how exactly i had fractured my ankle, the story obviously changing each time to meet the audiences’ preferences. i wouldn’t run at practice, i would lounge on the couch after dinner instead of doing the dishes. people would be at my becking call, i would be queen. but i didn’t fracture my ankle, i sprained it.

    By april strommer on 06.21.2012

  16. bone, broken bone, xrays, doctor, hospital, person, hurt, medicine, ouchy, pain, cast, needles, place, sport, funny, video, weeks, muscles, revile,

    By Summer on 06.21.2012

  17. They were not mine.
    I asked her why she was accusing me of them, but she did not believe me.
    The fractures on my arms were as plain as the mountains outside.

    I put on my cowboy hat, riding away from the house.

    She knew.

    By James on 06.21.2012

  18. sometimes parts of the world fracture, and thats what we call an earthquake. they can ruin whole countries – kill people rip families apart. They are one of the great powers of nature.Not all bad though… I love nature – its produced incredibly beautiful things – cites, places. flowers. flowers – especially pionies and sweet pea flowers. I love them – ill have them on my wedding day.

    By emily hinks on 06.21.2012

  19. Fracture, to break or to crack.
    The agonizing crack sounded to my right. I glanced over at Will, he was gripping his arm tightly, his eyes closed. I screamed, panicking.

    By Maddi on 06.21.2012

  20. fractures.
    it means to have a broken bone that is barely broken but in little shards. i have a fractured nose from being in car crash. hitting the back of a drivers seat. ouch!

    By Twisted on 06.21.2012

  21. Cora stared at the book her had given her, her expression painfully blank. She loved him. The words rang through her head over and over again.
    “I can’t.”
    Maybe this was what it felt like: heartbreak.

    By Rae on 06.21.2012

  22. fractures really suck. I remember doing them in math class when I was a kid. I was always horrible at it. I also think about the time that I fractured my foot because of my dog, Oreo. I was walking down the stairs and she walked in front of me and I tripped down the stairs. Landed on a cement floor. Oh fractures, I hate you.

    By Ashley on 06.21.2012

  23. A soul can fracture. Sometimes into a million pieces, other times into two, or three. The former can be said for Susan B. Johns. But age does that to a person. As does love.

    By Amandajs on 06.21.2012

  24. I can’t count all the time’s that i’ve seen strangers fracture. They keep a smile on the outside, but their souls are ripping at the seams. They crack. Disintegrate. How can a person try to maintain themselves as whole when not one person has been able to do so?

    By Amandajs on 06.21.2012

  25. It was you all the time. I have but pieces of you left now. I hope there is a way back. At the right time

    By Nienna on 06.21.2012

  26. He fractures his heart,
    and lays on the ground
    soaking in sorrow a
    and writhing in pain.

    Broken, broken, broken
    all is broken,
    all is gone,
    all is lost and all is past.

    By Serena on 06.21.2012

  27. cracks that trickle down. shattered bones that hold memories. fractured minds, unstable of thought. pain, healing

    By Max on 06.21.2012

  28. He didn’t even see it coming. At the crucial instant he turned his head, maybe he heard a sound, or a bright flash caught his eye. But that’s all it took. Yup, that’s definitely broken. You can tell when the bone sticks out.

    By Tom on 06.21.2012

  29. I fractured my elbow doing Judo once. That’s about all I’ve got to see on that matter.

    By Jordan on 06.21.2012

  30. I lay down and sigh. Who knew that a simple summer party would lead to this. My mom looks sympathetically over at me. We wait for what seems like forever for the doctor to return. Finally, Doctor Mark pushes open the door. “Good news, Lauren.” I sit up, only causing pain to sear through my calf. “Your leg isn’t broken.” I instantly light up. “You do have three fractures…” My smile shatters at these words.

    By Skye Blue URL on 06.21.2012

  31. are part of something. or one peice of something that is now broke up into many pieces or may just be one big break

    By allie on 06.21.2012

  32. The multicolored fractures sprawled all across the surface of the water appeared before their cackling laughter.

    It was yet another goodbye to another sad summer.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.21.2012

  33. interesting thing, fratures. I have never experienced one myself and actually never seen one. The closest I´ve been to esperience that is when i got hit by a football and when i had that accident with the sled.

    By Regina Falange on 06.21.2012

  34. There are many kinds of fractures. There are bone fractures when you break them badly and fhere are fractures in the earth when there are pressures on the earth’s crust

    By M Wilks on 06.21.2012

  35. Yesterday I had a fracture. I had a terrible pain and fell. Nobody was nearby and I got scared. What could I do?

    By papadeli on 06.21.2012

  36. Fractures hurts painful simptons in our body which means nearly broken but fractured

    By Jackson leslie on 06.21.2012

  37. Hurts painful bone breaking broken needs fixing white sore

    By Joshua on 06.21.2012

  38. Well fractures is something I don’t know and Im a year 8 so should know what it means so umm yeah.

    By Joshua moimoi URL on 06.21.2012

  39. fractures are fractions. fractions in math. 2/4 of a fraction. i fractured my back. fractures of a pedimetic. i hate fractures. fractions in math takes up 1/2 of my live. i have fractured my leg, so i go to the doctor. fraction fractures fractured. i feel like a fraction.

    By rebecca URL on 06.21.2012

  40. Fractures can be in your body or your mind. Fractures on your body is when things break. Fractures in your mind is when something goes wrong, maybe your heart breaks.

    By Anna on 06.21.2012