June 27th, 2010 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “fossil”

  1. fossil is brown word, it’s a hard word. fossils are the key to the past.

    By connor on 06.28.2010

  2. my grandmother has turned into a fossil, old and barely ale to move. she watches time go by, telling stories about the past, unable to stop the the tales from spilling forth. she continues until one day, she reaches her death bed. now all that is left is the memory of those stories. stories that will one day spill forth from my lips, repeating as she once did. we are fossils, telling stories of the past, we all variate slightly but ultimately sharing the same story.

    By lolly on 06.28.2010

  3. it is a old man on a chair find my bones and when i see him pick up his new find in interest me so much.

    By raven flow on 06.28.2010

  4. fossils are the key to the past.

    By connor URL on 06.28.2010

  5. I learned about fossils at school. They were one of the few aspects of history that I really got and that interested me. Curly animals preserved for age

    By Bel URL on 06.28.2010

  6. Fossil. My life is a fossil. A fossil of the past. I’m no longer what i once was, but the marks still remain. I also like dinosaurs. RAWRRR they are great.

    By Davis on 06.28.2010