June 26th, 2010 | 125 Entries

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125 Entries for “liar”

  1. There he was again, just speaking to be speaking as he so often was. He didn’t even seem to process his lies before he spluttered them out. They were illogical and silly and only made his situation worse, but he didn’t seem to ever see that.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 06.27.2010

  2. You could’ve told me that you met someone else. You could’ve said that you liked her more than me, and that she was more interesting, and that she was prettier. I rather you had torn apart my self esteem than lied to me. So what, now I’m not worth the fucking truth, let alone your time?

    By Samantharrr on 06.27.2010

  3. Don’t lie to me, don’t hide from me. I can’t stand it, so please, please, just give me your truth, give me yourself. I can’t lie. I never could; it’s like this stupid OCD or something, and my brain doesn’t know how to make it work. So please don’t lie to me, because I can’t lie back, and I can’t stand to be the only one telling the truth here. I love you.

    By Estelore on 06.27.2010

  4. liar someone has determined their ego is more important than the truth they try to defend and hide and shield it

    By Kevin on 06.27.2010

  5. If I can’t preach truth to myself, I lie not only to myself, but everyone around me.

    By stewplay URL on 06.27.2010