July 12th, 2010 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “forgotten”

  1. Life is a journey meant to be explored, we have tragedy and comedy in our lives. Loved ones die or leave but are always in our heart. Never completely forgotten. They change us, leave a mark. Every little thing that happens builds us to be who we are today. To become who we will be. ‘Que sera sera.’

    By Danielle on 07.13.2010

  2. It’s alright to be forgotten if you were happy in your life. What’s important isn’t what other people think or know or remember, it’s if you were satisfied at the end.

    By Mackenzi URL on 07.13.2010

  3. forgotten. never. forgiven? perhaps. It’s not easy to forget the pain you endorsed, especially when you throw it in my face everyday

    By kylie URL on 07.13.2010

  4. I forgot what I was actually going to write. A story? Yes. That. Well, here goes. Once there were only 60 seconds for me to write a story.

    By Lydia on 07.13.2010

  5. The world had forgotten which way to turn. It was a problem. Sixty seconds after the world forgot, a man called Giles woke up and remembered he had lost his wife the day before.

    By Patrick Awty on 07.13.2010

  6. my feelings were forgotten you were in bed with me at one point and out the next. you wanted to be mine, but somehow that was forgotten about as well.

    By Sherry on 07.13.2010

  7. She had become exactly what she never wanted to be.

    By carrrrlson URL on 07.13.2010

  8. How could I be forgotten! I gave you all of me and you gave me none of you! I thought I was important. I knew and recognized your importance. What about me!

    By Sherry on 07.13.2010

  9. i’ve been forgotten by people. they’ve moved on. im have started to forget myself. i am forgotten. forgotten for good. and never to be remembered.

    By Anna Tomassi on 07.13.2010

  10. she was forgotten. she was no longer important. everything was different, now. she would never go back, once gone forward. she was a memorie, slowly fading. she was forgotten. and never to be remembered again.

    By annuh URL on 07.13.2010

  11. why are you etched
    so deep
    into my memories
    that you cannot be forgotten
    thought of you burns
    like flames
    searing my skin

    By Chinemenma URL on 07.13.2010