June 7th, 2011 | 751 Entries

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751 Entries for “forgetting”

  1. He kept forgetting his promises or claiming that they were never made in the first place. At this point his sister’s temperament was far beyond the tightly wound seams of irascible, her screams now verging on corybantic as she pounded on his door and demanded an answer.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.08.2011

  2. He couldn’t forget, and that is what irked him. He tried everything, to forget one single memory that haunted his mind and soul. How could he? Yet, how could he not? He bit his bottom lip until blood oozed from its chapped surface. He could not give up. This memory had to be forgotten, but in the end it wasn’t worth forgetting.

    By Halograce URL on 06.08.2011

  3. Forgetting is both a blessing and a curse. I would never want to forget any part of my life because I know that every instance, good or bad, in my memory makes up who I am today, and I would never change that. Foretting can be small things- my father’s multiple scelrosis makes him forget all the time, and it frustrates him to no end- and us too!

    By Sarah on 06.08.2011

  4. Gémellité fractale, de tendre
    l’épervier, râleuse pilosité
    fourmille, le blason (effeuillante

    fumantes bordures givrées :
    le colis cristallin de mes plante-main…

    Fameuse ineptie, la dépense ne tremble. Balnéaires hors-la-loi ; je mande le fret de manganèse !

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.08.2011

  5. He began forgetting things after Fen left. Simple things like where the birds used to land on the power lines, the sharp crescent of Fen’s jaw, what kind of things they used to talk about.

    The only compensation was the ink that stained his fingers and clothes. Behind closed doors he could still recreate Fen through words leaping off the page. In the dim light of his room, he could still feel the way Fen’s fingers curved over his hip, still and undemanding.

    By Hallie URL on 06.08.2011

  6. I keep forgetting my passwords. Ugghhh there are just too many to remember! But the worst one to forget is my work password for our bank account. Having to go to my boss and ask for another reset is embarrassing! I hate forgetting things!

    By lisa URL on 06.08.2011

  7. Forgetting is such a cool wits because I am a professional when it comes to forgetting things! Forget my zip code, holidays and the birthday if my family and friends. I am a terrible person to remember things. I do not gave the memory of an elephant! At all! I wonderaybe if I was half elephant would I remember things better…I’ll have to ponder this for a minute. Hmm…but if I ponder for a minute my 60 seconds will be over and thus again I have forgotten the 60 second rule already. Silly raven I am! Farewell lovelies!

    By Raven on 06.08.2011

  8. Forgetting the past and looking to the future is the key to living the most full filing life possible. Don’t live with the past haunting you, because then you will base your future decisions on what has happened to you before. Forgetting is sometimes the right thing to do.

    By Leeza on 06.08.2011

  9. forgetting is hard, i don’t know how to do it sometimes. um….i don’t know really. I’m very forgetful! i can’t remember anything. Yeah, i’m not

    By Maryfrancis on 06.08.2011

  10. Forgetting is too easy in my older age. Here come the phone numbers and addresses from my childhood. There go what I did yesterday and the day before. Each memory gets shaped by the present until I no longer can tell what’s real, what’s unreal, and what’s surreal

    By Tricii on 06.08.2011

  11. forgetting she had left it on the table, she walked away from the house. After a few bl;ocks, she realized sge had left ity behind..did it matter? would he notice? she knew she did not have time to go back so she hurreid on….never to return

    By cherie on 06.08.2011

  12. I forgot my own mothers face, it had been 17 years since she had gone an left me. I miss her every single day.
    But nothing will ever stop me from loving her. Despite everything.

    By Stacey on 06.08.2011

  13. I forget people’s names & it drives me mad. I forget details that people tell me sometimes & that drives me mad too. But some things, some days – some words that have been spoken to me – I never forget. There is no fear of forgetting a certain emotional chord that has been struck, a meaningful smile or an embrace.

    By nc URL on 06.08.2011

  14. Forgetting… I forget a lot. Forget where I took my shoes off, where I laid my keys, when my home work is due. I forget a lot. Forgetting isn’t for young people it’s for people that are up in age. There are some things that should be forgotten, like a bad childhood memory or people that hurt you. These are times when forgetting would be a wonderful thing.

    By Kasey URL on 06.08.2011

  15. worthless words that don’t mean
    even though i wish
    (only wish)
    to remember them,
    i keep forgetting,
    them all.

    By eleven URL on 06.08.2011

  16. Forgetting his past life, he ascended the stairs of the airport in a determined mood. No longer would he deal with the drama and misconceptions of the world he had lived in for the past twenty years. He would begin his life anew.

    By G on 06.08.2011

  17. forgetting is the thing that people seem they want to do most, without being capable of it. forgetting is synonymous with letting go. forgetting is what happens when something hurts so much that it becomes incorporated into your being, something you don’t notice, but it’s always there marking everything you do, like a scar. forgetting can be inconvenient, like when you forget your own birthday.

    By Mary Bee URL on 06.08.2011

  18. Forgetting something means it is lost forever, a moment in time, a pen, your childhood, a loved one…
    Until you remember it again, and then you can keep it forever. (Except the pen of course, you can throw that away if it runs out of ink)

    By Will Johnson URL on 06.08.2011

  19. When I wake up after a night of heavy drinking and i can’t for the life of me remember what I did. That is the craziest feeling ever. Forgetting. Maybe I meant to forget it. Maybe, or I just over did it…again.

    By stacy on 06.08.2011

  20. You eat me up like cotton candy when you crave it, until the saccharine taste is about to become cloying.
    I’m the shadow that flickers across your mind quietly when you’re alone.
    My image pays your heart an ephemeral visit when your heart feels hollow.

    I’m the one cursed with a lifetime burden of fighting between hope and desire. Of forgetting myself to forget you.

    By eehua URL on 06.08.2011

  21. im tired of forgetting everything i feel like i have all teses disabilites it makes me so sad whenever i think about it it happened after my srgery and now im lost all the time its like having somethin at the tip of your tounge all the time but never figuring it out it hurts.

    By Naomi on 06.08.2011

  22. What is it
    that causes
    Is it bad memory?
    Or is it just
    the simple
    weight of information
    that must be lessened
    now and then?

    By Nick on 06.08.2011

  23. It was on the tip of my tongue. I could just see the outlines of her face in my memory, and then it was gone. Vague thoughts emerged, randomly.

    By Rocky on 06.08.2011

  24. I can never remember you when I really need to. When I’m in trouble, or lonely, or miss you. But there are those times in the middle of the night when I allow my mind to relax and wander when your face will drift into my mind, like a dream. Your smile, your smell, that look in your eye. d

    By Ria on 06.08.2011

  25. its weird how we spend so much time living and we forget it all
    the color of her dress fades
    i know she was there, waiting for me
    i saw her
    i walked away
    i don’t remember the day, the time, the expressions of passersby
    or the color of her dress
    just her tears
    watching me walk away.

    By Alex Andora on 06.08.2011

  26. I wish that there was a button to forget. That it would only take a second for something to be erased completely from memory. And yet, I feel that this would be detrimental to the human, not allowing us to learn from mistakes but instead satisfying our need to be right and perfect.

    By Kate Welty on 06.08.2011

  27. I can’t keep forgetting things. It just isn’t working out. It makes me seem unreliable, and that’s one thing I can’t live with. Who in the world wants someone they can’t trust to remember the smallest things? Is it a sign that something bigger is wrong? That’s a slippery slope I don’t want to fall over again…

    By Carolynn URL on 06.08.2011

  28. not once have i felt good about forgetting. not once. it’s always something i needed or wanted, a birthday or event, or even just what i went to the kitchen for. it’s a sinking feeling for me when i know i’ve forgotten something, like my mind has let go of something that it should have held on to. it’s not fair to be so young and so forgetful. it’s not fair that i lose so much in my own head.

    By lydia URL on 06.08.2011

  29. Forgetting is an easy way of healing. However, it is also the phoniest way. They say you should forgive but you should never forget, and this is true. Don’t hold on to things just don’t forget them. you should always learn from things you want to forget.

    By Char Adams URL on 06.08.2011

  30. my dad will never be enough i dont think i know how to ride anymre, im scared ill never have england, i want to remember all the good times, i dont know what to think, i want to forget my family, i just, need to leave. i want to forget everyone and my heart is going to explode, panic attacks, crying, i want to feel loved. i never want to be hit again. dont tell anyone, forget please.

    By Jackie on 06.08.2011

  31. I keep forgetting that this word will always be the first to appear when I carry out this excercise, as if remembering might be the key to getting it all right, which I hope to.

    By Alison S on 06.08.2011

  32. i keep trying to forget you. but i can’t seem to stop remembering everything that we were. i know it was me who said i wanted out, but there’s a part of me that wants back in.

    By kelsey on 06.08.2011

  33. No matter how much time passes, my heart cannot forget the things it has seen; the pain it has felt. Forgetting is impossible when memories have been tattooed.

    By Aj URL on 06.08.2011

  34. I’m very forgetful when it comes to things that need to be done at work. Or at home. Maybe I’m not truly forgetful but more that I probably don’t really want to do whatever it is my brain has deemed I should forget. So more of an on purpose forget than an accidental one; does this even make sense?

    By Lisa on 06.08.2011

  35. I’m not sure. Well I’m not even certain. What and wher are my thoughts flowing? Like a river bank into an ocean of mindless thoughts or am they caught in a current. Maybe it’s the current of forgetfulness. Forget about my actions, speech, obligations. Sounds almost freeing in a way. Maybe forgetting is not such a bad idea. But then how does one value what you remember or choose to remember. Forgetting is also like overlooking something and it can be hurtful to oneself and others. So while freeing its impact can be more far-reaching than you realize at the time of forgetting. Sometimes I forget on purpose when it is someting I don’t want to do or I’ve changed my mind about doing. It sounds easy to do but in some respects it’s not if it is a deliberate forgetful state of mind. Forgetting car keys or house keys, for example, though not deliberate, can create some havoc.

    By rosanne olson on 06.08.2011

  36. Jessalyn loves forgetting about everything. Yes, most everything. Forgetting is her favorite hobbie. She does it every day and she thougHT SOMETHING NASTYAT

    By Zoe.(: URL on 06.08.2011

  37. There were certain experiences which were forgotten along with my sense of creativity.

    By Beatnyx URL on 06.08.2011

  38. She made forgetting easy; you just squeeze your eyes shut really tightly, and she disappears, because she didn’t want to be there in the first place. She appeared sometimes, quietly, with her friends or sometimes alone, to get the thing she yearns for, and then poof…she is gone.

    By Jamie URL on 06.08.2011

  39. I really hate forgeting things. It’s just makes me look really dumb. I can’t help it. I have a bad memory. I remember the really importnt things though. That’s all that matters,right?

    By Megan on 06.08.2011

  40. is very easy for some people, but for me it’s almost impossible..
    i wish i could forget more easily, but i although think that nopt being able to forget has it’s benefits as well

    By rina rafik on 06.08.2011