June 7th, 2011 | 751 Entries

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751 Entries for “forgetting”

  1. Is what I do unless I set reminders for myself on my cell phone!! I think today’s world lends to it. It’s made everything just so fast pace and convenient…that we depend on the technology to remind us of everything. I’ve been attempting to remember things on my own without the setting of reminders, and I find that when I do that– I can’t stop thinking of them until it’s done. It’s a bit exhausting! But I think it’s good stimulation for the brain, and hopefully means that I can start remembering things on my own without the technology! ;)

    By JA on 06.07.2011

  2. it happened. i can’t change it. and, i’ll never forget it. it’s that simple.

    By i'llBeThere; * URL on 06.07.2011

  3. I am a 25 yr old female and suffer from forgettfulness…. which isnt too bad, because i get to live my life anew all the time. i just wish to forget some things more than others….

    By jovi5jovs URL on 06.07.2011

  4. Forgetting does not hurt as much as I thought it would.
    Quite easy.
    Darkness and Forgetfulness.

    By getsy on 06.07.2011

  5. I don’t want to forget about high school, it will always be there, waiting for me to remember it. I’ll remember missing my first kiss in the stairwell, I’ll remember pining after Laura for years and years and missing her each time. But I do not want to forget these moments, these bittersweet moments of beauty. They have shaped me in ways I never could’ve known.

    By zingaro on 06.07.2011

  6. forgetting pain forgetting sorrow forrgetting hurt forgetiitng all the ways all the apologies all the names forgetting you. forgetting the joy forgetting the love forgettign love forgetting you

    By Annalee on 06.07.2011

  7. I wish I could forget, but it’s so hard. I obsess about it, like a lost relationship, a lost romance, but we were only friends. I can’t forget. I put such faith in our friendship and all the evidence I’ve seen says that you’ve forgotten everything we did together, but I can’t forget you. How is that fair

    By Sara on 06.07.2011

  8. One sip took out the worst of the details, leaving on the shape of things. Two sips blurred the lines until everything was just a blur of colors. Three sips and it was all gone, like a bad dream left somewhere on the distant shores of sleep.

    By Lunarflight URL on 06.07.2011

  9. What is that scent? It’s at the tip of my tongue. I know it so well yet when he has been gone for so long, it disappears. I promised myself I wouldn’t let this happen. I promised myself he’d remain alive in my mind forever. It is so faint. I can almost still smell it; I can almost still smell him. Maybe tomorrow, I will go find it so I will have his essence forever. But they say it’s time to move on. It can be my secret; so I will have him always.

    By Kari URL on 06.07.2011

  10. I really hate to say this but I’ve all but just forgotten what the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them…
    Just kidding, I’m not Rise Against.
    But I have forgotten something. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be smitten. Probably because I’m a loser who realizes I’m a loser and will never be reciprocated.

    By Jessica on 06.07.2011

  11. i often forget where i put things, this makes my mother angry. This results in us arguing a lot…i guess i really am the reason for all of our mis adventuring. I really need to do something about my forgetfulness…HELP?

    By bryana on 06.07.2011

  12. Memories swirl in a cloud of broken thoughts; rising up out of the ashes, brushing delicate tendrils of long-dead stirrings. Vainly they claw; etching out a cavernous hole deep within; threatening collapse. Never relenting. Never gone. With each passing day you sink, deeper and deeper into the spiral, yet you are incapable of abandoning the yearning, the regret, the deep gashes. Never can you let it go, let it fade away. Never can you forget the pain of the scars.

    By Star URL on 06.07.2011

  13. he walked away and almost immediately started forgetting her. he could feel it. small amounts, but still. he knew the amounts of forgetting would grow, that he would loose more and more memories as time went on and that his grasping at ideas, at moments would be to no avail.

    By esteban on 06.07.2011

  14. Forgetting is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in this life. One thing happens, and then your whole life revolves around it. Forget that thing, and everything would be easier. If one thing like that controls us so much and we hate it so much, then why is it so hard to just let it go?

    By Vivian on 06.07.2011

  15. I keep on forgetting things that are important to me. Breakfast. Birthdays. Best friends’ children while I’m supervising at the park. How to hold a telephone. The apartment number where my boyfriend lives. What’s wrong with me? I’ve heard there’s a disease that makes you forget… but what is it called again?

    By amanda URL on 06.07.2011

  16. She kept forgetting his name. Her distant memories told of a love, but now she looked into his face and could not understand why he was standing beside her, feeding her dinner, sleeping in the same bed.

    By Tim on 06.07.2011

  17. i remember his face, his shape, his eyes and his lips. Though i can remember the small things, i mostly remember the way he made me feel. But im slowly forgetting and need be reminded.

    By bryana on 06.07.2011

  18. Forget it. I was going to write something witty, but this just isn’t the right word.

    By Rus URL on 06.07.2011

  19. you see the boy across the room that once ment the world to you. you now know that no matter what you will not have back what you want back. forgetting wil only help you get over this pain that you are feeling .

    By Saleena Chabot on 06.07.2011

  20. There is no forgetting. The times we walked thru the forest, inhaled the must of moss and the forest floor. there is no forgetting the kinderd spirit we held, we had, we embraced, and let slip into a deep silent stillness.

    By Seansj URL on 06.07.2011

  21. I once knew a girl who would have given everything she had to forget. To forget her past, her pain, her sorrow. She felt she could be so much happier if only she could forget all these horrible, horrible things. But deep in her heart she knew it had only made her stronger.

    By Corinne Gentry on 06.07.2011

  22. Lose,forgot,pain,agony.This is life.We forget all the time some times not as quick life is hard.Forgetting is a way of life scratch that it is life. life is complex and mysterious.Life is us.

    By faith on 06.07.2011

  23. forgetting to lock the door. dementia. getting old. for getting is forgetting… forgotten memories. what happened?

    By Gina URL on 06.07.2011

  24. i hate forgetting about stupid or important things. i hate forgetting what i wore last week. i hate when other people forget my name. but i love forgetting about bad things from the past. i love “forgetting” the rules. forgetting can suck, but forgetting can also be the best thing to happen.

    By savannah on 06.07.2011

  25. don’t. It’s not the beneficial thing to do. One must have both past and present to see the future. It’s the art of remembering that matters.

    By J.J. URL on 06.07.2011

  26. I have to forget. I have to forget. I have to forget so I can fall in love again. He ruined me, maybe, but I can overcome it. Forgetting is what I need to do. I must. I have to.

    By reeny95 URL on 06.07.2011

  27. forgetting, like those forget-me-nots that are pressed in that old book that i’ve forgotten until now…

    By Olivia URL on 06.07.2011

  28. I want to just forget.
    you may ask what needs forgetting.
    frankly i would say
    “i don’t know”
    really it is a lot.
    i want to forget things
    lots of things
    right now mainly one person.
    that person is you.
    we knew each other for such a short time.
    and you said you would always be there.
    i opened up.
    i never do that.
    and then all of a sudden
    poof you were gone.
    like the wind blew you away.
    i know you are still out there
    just i never hear from you
    you said that would never happen
    i guess you are really just like all the rest.
    and now i just want to forget.

    By korrina URL on 06.07.2011

  29. What can i do but hope that he keeps forgetting i was there that night. I’m not sure how, or why he suddenly cannot recall the things that happend that night, he seems to recall everything else perfectly fine. , his childhood,The days before the days after, everthiing is still in his head, everything but that night.

    By Alyss URL on 06.07.2011

  30. well there are times when it all gets too much – the old grey cells – is that a reference – there was a once – I emember – use it or lose it they say – well it got lost – what – I wonder if ther’s a place for collectig all the msissing – or maybe a well where the water drops to the base to pool in lagoons of recovered dreams emotions recollected like ..

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 06.07.2011

  31. Memories are the most important aspect of our lives, yet we only tend to remember only a tiny portion of them. There are so many moments that exist only in that specific place and time, and you’ll never experience it again.

    By pkj on 06.07.2011

  32. forgetting is that word which saves us almost always… its the most common :”Excuse” anyone can ever come up with.

    By 3d on 06.07.2011

  33. There is nothing harder than forgetting someone, for the simple act of trying to is remembrance enough.

    By kelly on 06.07.2011

  34. it happens to me all the time no matter how hard i try to remember i forget. Elephants never forget but its not fair because they dont have to remember a lot of things like we do. I forget everything from one semester to the next, from one scene to the next, from one hour to the next. Maybe forgetting is just a part of life that everyone does becasue it’s not only dumb to remember everything but sometimes its just best to forget.

    By Bunny on 06.07.2011

  35. Naturally, the last 2 years…well, its not so much of a repression, or regression, or even a depression…but something longing to be forgoten. Wasted away in the winds of time, and lost in the complex lines of a shattered heart…Forgetting…its not like it used to be.

    By Michael Montoya on 06.07.2011

  36. I’ve always wished and waited for the moment when I could just let go and finally forget. Forget everything I’ve ever done and believed in. But, I understand the world and the rules in which it lives by, so I can understand that this wish is simply impossible. I can never forget.

    By t.christine URL on 06.07.2011

  37. Forgetting that I’m barely an adult.
    Forgetting my inhibitions.
    Forgetting I cant just up and go.
    Forgetting what I must do.
    Loving it.

    By Lindsay Elizabeth Clark on 06.07.2011

  38. what i do when it’s too painful, or embarrassing, or anything. i want to forget it all. forget i exist. forget reality, forget dreams, and fantasy. because it’s all nothing. it’s an illusion to pass time.

    By me on 06.07.2011

  39. i am always forgetting thinks that happen recently in my life.

    By cassandra kehoe on 06.07.2011

  40. I forget a lot of things, it often makes me stress a lot about trying to remember important things. Often times I’ll set an alarm for myself or send myself a text message to remind me not to forget something in the morning.

    By Allison URL on 06.07.2011