April 3rd, 2012 | 202 Entries

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202 Entries for “flip”

  1. Flip the chip across the ship on the trip to england. The chip was salty, the beer was malty, the music new age hip. The flipped chip ripped a pipe causing water flow, chaos spread, everyone dropped their bread, and yips took over ears. No lifeboats, no chance of order, the faulty boat then sunk. Down in the ocean now lay the ship, forever because of the flipped chip.

    By jessica on 04.04.2012

  2. Flip flop my sandles said
    As I walked on the sidewalk with Fred
    They were my favorite color; Red
    With wiggly lines on the tred.

    “Fred hold my hand” I winked
    He took it in his, warm palm pink
    I ran on sand pulling him, i think
    Daydreams seems real, “pour me another drink!”

    By Kofi on 04.04.2012