April 3rd, 2012 | 202 Entries

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202 Entries for “flip”

  1. Flipping back and forth through the sky like a pair of drunken acrobats. They waved and danced, bouncing back and forth off of any surface they hit, seemingly without effort. They were like rubber balls ricocheting here and there spinning in the air.

    By Jessica on 04.04.2012

  2. “Ugh! You can’t do anything right!”
    My step mother shoves me over.
    “Look at this! It’s still dirty!”
    She looks at me with disdain.
    “Do it right this time.”
    Suddenly, in lieu of the forced numbness I usually feel, anger flows through me, building up the pressure in my chest until I look up her and say with an even voice,
    “Fuck off, Karen.”
    I flip her a finger she shouldn’t forget and walk off.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 04.04.2012

  3. Eric flipped a coin into the air and cursed as it landed on his palm.
    “Alright, I guess this means I’m first,” Eric shouted as he began his plummeting descent, the last few words were lost in the wind and barely audible. Eric’s partner Terezi grinned a trollish grin and dove on after him.

    By Nick F. on 04.04.2012

  4. a flip is like something that you might do on a bike

    By colby on 04.04.2012

  5. Flip, back flip, front flip, kick flip, side flips all are flips.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 04.04.2012

  6. I like to flip flop on the dance floor.

    By connor URL on 04.04.2012

  7. to do a flip is insanely hard for me to do. i tried to ones on a trampline and i landedon my neck wich really hurt. when ever i try to i can never get it. i just get on my back and not stand up

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 04.04.2012

  8. i can do a flip on a trampoline and off of things.

    By snowboard addict URL on 04.04.2012

  9. jaisen likes to do lots of flips on top of his house on his ool realise how there is no p keep it that way.

    By drl URL on 04.04.2012

  10. flip flipped flipped out back flip front flip all kinds of flips :)

    By Esmy URL on 04.04.2012

  11. Cheerleaders like to flip and other people go to gymnastics to learn how to flip. Well a lot of people are very flexible like flipping.

    By Ewa147 URL on 04.04.2012

  12. flip i flip pankacks dailsdakfjsfjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjkkkkkkk

    By phill URL on 04.04.2012

  13. i do flips on my new trampoline.

    By diamondsss URL on 04.04.2012

  14. Lanie does lots of flips but she mainly fails she always tries to be as good as me at flips but she always gets really dizzy and she gets really frustrated at me:)

    By embell URL on 04.04.2012

  15. apple flips out when jacob mills eats her pinecones. i mean you have no idea what she does when mills takes her pinecones. Im just going to stop right here because you do NOT want to know………….. Goodbye..

    By ddawg7 URL on 04.04.2012

  16. I can do flips.

    By just582 URL on 04.04.2012

  17. I’m supposed to be a writer but my brain is busy flipping out at all this lack of connection. Everyone is so far away and what I’ve got right here is so important.

    By barefootink URL on 04.04.2012

  18. He flipped her over. It’s not nice to hit a lady, but this isn’t just any lady. This is a deadly warrior, and if he doesn’t hit her she’ll kill him. That’s a scary thought, so he struggles with his restrictions against hitting a woman and continues the battle.

    By Amber on 04.04.2012

  19. it flipped. there was nothing to be done about it. noone knew it would be able to. now everyone stared at it, wondering what was to be done. there was a deep silence as everyone scrutinized it. they should have been more prepared.

    By Edt on 04.04.2012

  20. i flipped my hair over my shoulder, but the wind just blew it back in my face. he laughed and i smiled at the sound and twisted it back into a hair tie. i smiled at him and he took my hand.

    By Cyprus on 04.04.2012

  21. i flipped my hair over my shoulder, but the wind just blew it back in my face. he laughed and i smiled at the sound and twisted it back into a hair tie. i smiled at him and he took my hand.

    By Cyprus on 04.04.2012

  22. sometimes i lie on my bed, upside-down, and let my hair course beyond the mattress, well down past where the sheets come off kilter and come to rest against the dingy seventies carpet in my second-floor apartment on the west end of town, and i think of what it would be like to be rescued, and i think of where we could end up, and i think i might be better off here, alone, listening to morrissey and not wearing any pants.

    By jack h. davis URL on 04.04.2012

  23. Sara flipped when she saw the mess. It made her very angry that these people were willing to go this low to get attention. It made her more determined to fight them.

    By Hilldill on 04.04.2012

  24. I can do a flip on my trampoline but only on my trampoline and thats all.

    By kamator12 URL on 04.04.2012

  25. My friends flip out a lot especially me too.

    By iconic girl URL on 04.04.2012

  26. I flip out. But not as much as my friends do. But its funny when they do it!!!!

    By zebra woman URL on 04.04.2012

  27. a teacher told a story about flipping the bird. he was driving down the road and a bird landed on his hood

    By S-man URL on 04.04.2012

  28. I still cant flip a tortilla when my mom makes them!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    By fancy girl URL on 04.04.2012

  29. i reminds me of a lot that I am not going to explain!!!!

    By lexie12 URL on 04.04.2012

  30. i have broke my leg three times because i fliped my four wheeler and wrecked my dirt bike

    By jdog on 04.04.2012

  31. Flip’s a fun word. Flip flip flip. Backflip frontflip flip flip flip. Flips are fun.

    By Cody on 04.04.2012

  32. A teacher told a story about flipping the bird. He was driving down the road and a bird landed on his hood. He couldn’t see through the bird so he flipped open the hood. He decided he needed to move the bird so he popped the hood and flipped the bird.

    By Tree URL on 04.04.2012

  33. Ich hatte mal einen Freund, der so hieß. Flip. Da mussten natürlich alle gleich an Biene Maja und Willie denken – und deren grünen Freund. Mein Freund war nicht grün. Er hatte einfach nur unkonventionelle Eltern und einen etwas unglücklichen Namen…

    By LotteZwo URL on 04.04.2012

  34. I flipped through the air. Clouds enfolded me in a soft blanket. I flipped through the air, giggling. My hair bounced in the waves of the wind. Clouds enfolded me, enclosing me in a case of fluffiness.

    By Grace URL on 04.04.2012

  35. She ran across the mat. She had to get it right. As she jumped through the air, she grabbed onto the bar and made that ridiculously difficult move with her whole body, using all her might. Perfection, she thought.

    By Kassie on 04.04.2012

  36. Up in the air my coin floats
    Shining so bleak with melancholy
    Because with this flip,
    With this choice
    Someone will die
    There is no denying what power
    Is behind Death’s quarter.

    By Kenny H. on 04.04.2012

  37. I flip pankace as I flip thoughts over some more plausible ones, it is okay to consider others opinions and be surprised by it, it is okay to be open…

    By colha_o_dia on 04.04.2012

  38. Flip flops, flung from her feet, lay partially buried in the hot white sand, her bare feet off to seek the cool of the damp sand near the water line. They lay, their daisies unruffled but dipped in the sand, brightly coloured and waiting for what is next.

    By Kar on 04.04.2012

  39. She wasn’t even the same person anymore. Like someone went in and turned a switch. He hair was green and her lips were black, and she wore the heaviest leather jacket he had ever seen. She smiled at him from across the parking lot.
    “You haven’t changed a bit,” she laughed. He tried to smile. “Guess you couldn’t say the same for me.”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.04.2012

  40. Today I went through some old books I made when I was in elementary school. It’s funny reading the little biographies the teachers had us put at the end. I was so different then. I wanted to be so many weird things when I grew up. So many impossible things. Isn’t it funny that the little girl in that picture and me are the same person?

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.04.2012