January 7th, 2010 | 567 Entries

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567 Entries for “flavor”

  1. my mouths way of telling me whether or not i like something. gross or yummy strong or subtle.

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  2. The taste was like an orgasm of the mouth. Sweet, sweet flavor filled her every sense, overwhelming her with taste. “What is this wonderful fruit,” she wondered to herself. She had never experienced any food as wonderful as this.

    By Shea on 01.08.2010

  3. …the flavour of her lips. I could taste the chemicals in her lipstick. Taste her supple skin. It enwrapped me until nothing else was real. What bliss was this? All I could think about was that I’d never asked her name…

    By Lellin on 01.08.2010

  4. Dangit, it’s still flavor. Why is it still flavor? Wasn’t it flavor yesterday? Or was that this morning? Time starts to blur together. I can’t remember the last word, yesterday’s word, whether it was or wasn’t flavor. Anyway, I want the word to change, so I can write something new.

    By DANG YOU FLAVOR on 01.08.2010

  5. the flavor of icing is kind of too sweet sometimes. Am i supposed to taste the flavor of things that aren’t supposed to have flavor? What about things that i don’t like the taste of and I don’t like to eat? The flavor of some things are repulsive.

    By Bre on 01.08.2010

  6. “Do you take your coffee black?” “Yes, please.” “Talk about terrible films, I’m sorry if you were bored tonight. I didn’t expect it to be all that bad.” “Oh no, it’s alright. Awful movies are always the most interesting.” “Oh please, there’s no need to try to be polite. You know, bald men aren’t unattractive.” “Not even when they’re forty years old and unemployed?” “Come now, that’s sexy. With all that free time maybe you can find an hour to share. Shower me with wisdom at the breakfast table.” “Sharing my wisdom with you at the first hour of school was what landed us both here.” “You were having coffee that morning weren’t you?” “Black.” “Yeah, I remember the taste.”

    By lOSER on 01.08.2010

  7. strangely enough, the time i’ve spent thinking about it. The mind doesn’t know, so do I?

    By Anonymous on 01.11.2010