January 7th, 2010 | 567 Entries

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567 Entries for “flavor”

  1. The sticky sweet flavor of the ice cream made my mouth water. The flavors of curry cannot be forgotten once eaten. Savor the flavor. Flavorama, flavoristic, future flavors, undiscovered flavors. Taste my flavor

    By whodidthat on 01.08.2010

  2. Flavor of the Week by American Hi Fi was one of my favorite songs growing up. Well in like middle school. Once I saw them in concert with Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20. It was amazing. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins. That is all.

    By Jenn on 01.08.2010

  3. taste food, cooking flavour is very important when cooing without tasting the flavour it wouold be very dull and boring eating food

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  4. The flavor was undescribeable. Curious, thing that I just stumbled upon. The day I found this concotion was the day everthing changed for me

    By Cami B. on 01.08.2010

  5. I don’t really have a favourite flavour of icecream. Everybody always ask what your favourite flavour is, and it shocks them that my reply is I don’t like ice cream. They have that same shock expression on their face when I tell them I don’t have facebook. Weirdos.

    By nacho on 01.08.2010

  6. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. excitement in your mouth. sweet, sour, bitter, rough, hard, soft, moist,mouth watering, savor, enjoy, variety, delicacy,

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  7. I like coffee. It is even better int he winter time. I always like coffee and I drink it in the summer time also, but in the winter time is is just that much sweeter due to the fact taht it is cold outside, and the coffee is so warm. In the summer time you would think that the coffee makes you too hot, this is not really true though becuase you only drink it in the morning when it is relatively cool.

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  8. I am hungry, so I decided to write until my food comes along, then I could feel the taste of foods in my mouth as I type out. Then I turn this on and the assigned word is flavor. Bam, law of attraction. I’m now going to make myself a sandwich.

    By Jean Lucia Lim on 01.08.2010

  9. The flavor of his kiss was on my lips still. They were warm and I loved that. I smiled to myself. Was he the one?

    By Caitlynn on 01.08.2010

  10. I have this teacher and he told me that the best cuts of the human body are the upper arm, by the armpit, and the upper thigh; the back side, right next to your ass. What the fuck?

    By phill on 01.08.2010

  11. Warmth of the mouth. It’s hot and cool. It’s sweet and savory. It dances on my tongue. Is it a tango? Perhaps, a foxtrot. I can’t be sure, but I know that it’s spunky, yet soothing at the same time.
    I close my eyes and enjoy it’s silky warmth. Swallowing is the saddest ending.

    By Erica on 01.08.2010

  12. Flavors of cinnamon and garlic and onion and hearty meat to warm the soul on cold days like this. the ice outside and inside melts with these amazing flavors. life is flavorful despite the barren world outside the window. happiness and flavor coalesce to form infinite joy.

    By Emily on 01.08.2010

  13. flavor is a word that the women at bath & body works used to describe scents. when i worked there for a brief time, i found this really strange and incorrect but eventually found myself absentmindedly using this misnomer to describe the sum of fragrances. flavors. i think they must regard the tongue to be so.

    By Erin on 01.08.2010

  14. Flavour is an essential part of any great food dish. It is something that should be taken into great consideration, above all other things, when creating a culinary masterpiece. Certain ingredients, when combined together, create the taste sensations that you experience on your palate. And that’s flavour.

    By Randy Andy on 01.08.2010

  15. the flavor of the soup was like-warm. It was full of tidbits, but they had been slightly overcooked, and then left out too long. It had the shadow of delicasy, but it had not been taken advantage of. That was good enough for elle, though. She liked the soup just fine.

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  16. the tastes of food that makes the eating fun for me. cheesy, and salty, and pizza-y. yum yum i like pizza

    By chajustin on 01.08.2010

  17. It was the flavor of the milk that reminded her that she had to go shopping. it was old, very old. She headed to the market closest to her only to find that she had forgotten her wallet. Again. She hated having Alzheimer’s.

    By Blahah on 01.08.2010

  18. there is a distinct flavor that comes with a kiss, sweet. and somehow bitter at the same time. like something that is pecious and yet lasts not near long enough. if i could have my way, a kiss could be an eternity.

    By mikeyla on 01.08.2010

  19. What flavor do I prefer in icecream? The answer silly is chocolate. Not chocolate with anything in it like marshmallows or nuts–just plain old rich and smooth chocolate. The kind that reminds you of bedding down on a really cold night with a really comfy quilt. The kind that slides down your throat and makes you just want to keep eating. Chocolate is all the flavors of the world combined into one. It is the best of all flavors. Forget vanilla, go chocolate.

    By mamasaurus.rex on 01.08.2010

  20. flavor of dip i love that wintergreen

    By steven on 01.08.2010

  21. of life and love its so yummy like that pizza that i stole form those bitches my dogs is cute and i love her i don’t know what I’m going to say next she doesn’t taste good

    By Lea on 01.08.2010

  22. Savor it. Slide it in the grooves of your tongue.

    By Kels on 01.08.2010

  23. food
    ice cream

    By janel on 01.08.2010

  24. flavor of life is so sweet and all there is is one flavor and that flavor taste like honey an

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  25. Flavor was coopted by the lolcat movement but before that is was considerably lascivious and even political something about which connoseurs of dubious tastes talked in unmixed company. What was his political flavr? Was this an accusation or a proposition?

    By A.C. on 01.08.2010

  26. Want Flavor? Try Heinze 57 sauce on your next steak. Mmmm good! Heinze 57 on french fries is delicious too. Heinze 57 sauce is a unique flavor that enhances different types of food. Try it you will like it.

    By PJ on 01.08.2010

  27. I LOVE FLAVORS. flvaors of people, expecially smellling things. i love to smell things. you can find very obvious flavors just by smelling. that’s how i know if i like food and if i’m gonna eat it. smelling is important. anddddddddd flavors of life – music ,theatre, sprots, not so much sports. but you know. movies, people, fashion.it’s all flavors. and cheese is flavors.

    By stephanie keller on 01.08.2010

  28. It was like Lime, his lips were slightly sour, perhaps from his drink, perhaps that way naturally. It was an impulse, the sudden lip lock she landed on him.

    By testy on 01.08.2010

  29. It was good. that’s all i could say about the matter. The delectable poultry, the scrumptious beef, the amazing sauce, and don’t forget about the wine. This dinner was incredible!

    By Konner Holzwart on 01.08.2010

  30. the flavor of the week is me
    strawberry cherry chocolate sex
    goodbye in minutes hours days
    but for now I’m yours, all yours.
    at least for a week or so?

    By Annamaria on 01.08.2010

  31. Wrenching, twisting facial muscles. Twitchy nose. Flaring nostrils. Relaxing face. Eyes close. Exhale slowly. Mmm.

    By mk on 01.08.2010

  32. It tastes like freshly nursed sorrow, ripened by the pouring rain the the soft glow of midnight stars. It tastes like silent grief, festering away like a worm burrowing into my soul.
    It tastes like you.

    By Mary Kuro on 01.08.2010

  33. I was enjoying the flavor of my cherry lollipop when a dark-haired boy sat next to me and smiled.

    Late that day I got a letter saying,

    “I love cherry lollis too.”

    By xxearthangel on 01.08.2010

  34. i tasted the sugary sweet icing and grinned, pleased with my own skill. i licked it from his chest, up his tight muscles and over his skin, tasting his flavour

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  35. I could still taste the sweetness on my tongue. Never had any food critic ever approached the nirvana I touched when my palate met the frosted divinity of that cupcake. I devoured it, savoring the rush of flavor.

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  36. My favorite flavor of card? Pokemon. Without a doubt there is no feeling that can match the majesty of a fresh booster pack. The surprise, the fear, the unknowingly indian ingredients. Nothing surpasses it. You don’t know if you’ll get a Charizard or 5 Entei’s. And who wants 5 enties?

    By Erik on 01.08.2010

  37. The flavor of the candy washed across Mary’s mouth. She closed her eyes in bliss. It was the perfect medium between fruity and sour, loaded with sugar. Of course if her dad found out he’d be…mad to say the least. After all, he was a dentist. Not so much now, but old habits die hard don’t they. So for now, she would enjoy the candy.

    By Ash on 01.08.2010

  38. The many flavors people come in intrigue me. The vanilly flavored woman, prim and proper, simple and unsuprizing. The Mint chocolate man, cool and sweet, with a sharp suprize.

    By Haari on 01.08.2010

  39. pineapple

    By Anonymous on 01.08.2010

  40. cookies and cream! delicious!

    By Amy on 01.08.2010