February 13th, 2013 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “flat”

  1. Flat is where you live in. Flat is a roof to live in. With someone you love, cherish and probably the most valuable people whom you know. It could be family members, friends or just husband. It’s great to know you can build a strong bond by just living happily in a flat.

    By Ainul URL on 02.14.2013

  2. The tyre went flat for the fifth time in six months. Just my luck, he thought, as he prepared to phone the repair shop once again — and realised his phone battery was flat. There was nothing to do but to lie flat out on the hood, trying not to be bothered by the heat and humidity, all the time wondering if he locked the door in the flat before leaving, and why it was that he did not think of living otherwise.

    By TYU on 02.14.2013

  3. They thought the world if flat. They think this is like that, then they think this is like that. they think they should do this. they think i should do this. they think they should do this. they thought the world is flat.

    By dina URL on 02.14.2013

  4. It’s a complaint that many recovering drug addicts have, once sober: that life is now flat, gray, devoid of the highs and lows that they felt even before the pipe or the needle did their damage. Numb, monotone, somehow worse then the screaming, chills, and muscle aches they had when they reached bottom.

    By Ara URL on 02.14.2013

  5. Deep inside my heart is an ocean. No waves. The world is flat. Sun never shines, but stars are always twinkling above. The day is meaningless. The night, full of questions.

    I wish I knew the answers, believe me.

    By genahtastic URL on 02.14.2013

  6. I used to live in a fantastic flat in the centre of Avignon. Avignon was a great city to live in because it’s so lively and cultural. In particular the theatre festival that takes place every summer draws people from far and wide. Last year, I was lucky enough to see Chekhov’s “The Seagull” there.

    By Anna CAUVIN on 02.14.2013

  7. His words fell flat. I was expecting roses and dinner on Valentine’s Day. Instead I got he walked in the door, his face hardly hiding the his despair. His hands empty hung at his side and all the color had drained from his face. My heart dropped. I stepped closer in the new red dress I’d bought for the occasion, “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, my voice shaky. His words fell flat. “I don’t love you anymore,” He said.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.14.2013

  8. First expeditions to the moon were a sucess, humans would now visit it often. Yet when the project of travelling around the moon started, they faced a strange difficulty: just like a gigantic mirror, the moon was actually flat.

    By Gigante on 02.14.2013

  9. The world is flat and we all just live on it. If we move to far we’ll fall off, so we just stay in place. Afraid to go, hate to stay. It’s a trap, a trap that we recognize but can’t overcome. Can’t escape. The world is flat, but my imagination is limitless. And therein lies the problem.

    By Rachel on 02.14.2013

  10. The world is round, not flat. Could you imagine if it were flat? If you just went to the edge of the world and you could tumble off into space. The ocean would just flow off into outer space and make the most amazing shapes since there is no gravity in space. People would take tours and cruises. It would be one everyone’s bucket list to visit the edge of the world before they die. TO stare off into space and vast sky that went up and down. There would thousands of unsolved crimes, because what would be a better place to get rid of evidence if not at the edge of the world?

    By Hallie on 02.14.2013

  11. over the mountain I watched the sunrise. Slip and dip and fall between the cracks. Night time was losing steam. I knew that this was what I was to become. But I missed those lands, those flat , barren lands of old. I wanted to watch the sun vanquish the moon and aborb the troubles of the world. But alas, the mountain blurred my world and all I saw was heaven.

    By christine on 02.14.2013

  12. Personality is flat, morals are flat, everything in the world today is flat. Dreams are taken, everything is gone. The world’s hope is flat. What else could be taken? Hopes? Prayers? It’s all just flat.

    By Tori. URL on 02.14.2013

  13. Laying there on the ground, lifeless with no shape. Level, like a piece of paper, or the top of a book.

    By jec119 URL on 02.14.2013

  14. flat. that was what the land was. flat and empty. and in the middle of it i felt so alone. More alone then ever. I wished that you could’ve come there to hold my hand. I wished you’d creep up to me and whisper a song into my ear. A lullaby to put me to sleep.

    By Lynn URL on 02.14.2013

  15. Flat is not deeper than the glasses in my glasses. Maybe. I’m not flat. I’m real. I’m rounder. Shapened. Well-built. Flat is shallow. Flat is boring. My dad owns a flat.

    By Lynn URL on 02.14.2013

  16. Ohio is flat
    the farm land is endless and flat
    Indiana is flat
    I like rolling hillsides, deep valleys and steep mountains
    tires are flat

    By Roxanne Cordonier URL on 02.14.2013

  17. The sound of the notes rang through my ears. They were sharp and discordant, not melodious as i had expected them to be. But there was no helping it now. The sounds that came from the instrument made me want to scream. Every note was off, sharp, or flat or just plain wrong. But I didn’t know how to tune a lute. I didn’t have the equipment. And the goblins didn’t seem to mind.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.14.2013

  18. In the deserg, the ground is flat. It is boring and monotonous. It looks as if you can just walk for hours and fall off of the edge at the horizon. Nature’s optical illusion. Perspective is the key.

    By Suzanne URL on 02.14.2013

  19. There is this thing about having a flat tire. People think its only for a man to fix. I remember in college my grandfather made me get up and change my own flat tire. Ite was HORRIBLE but I have never needed a man to do that for me. EVER!

    By iamerinlee URL on 02.14.2013

  20. i used to live in a flat. it was a box and the contents were fragile.

    By stephthewriter on 02.14.2013

  21. i used to live in a flat. it was a large empty building filled with everything I owned. which wasn’t much.

    By stephthewriter on 02.14.2013

  22. Flat feelings for a flat day.

    Flat emotions represented in flat Hallmark paper-memories and flat expensive dinners with flat personalities.

    Oh vibrancy why do you evade me?!

    By JP URL on 02.14.2013

  23. Flat is my mood this morning. It is not my hair and it is not my chest. If I had the choice, I would sleep all through Valentine’s Day.

    By aura.rayne URL on 02.14.2013

  24. The world is flat and we all just exist on it. If we move to far we’ll fall off, so we just stay in place. Afraid to go, hate to stay. It’s not a life it’s a trap, a trap that we recognize but can’t overcome. Can’t escape. The world is flat, but my imagination is limitless. And therein lies my problem.

    By Rachel on 02.14.2013

  25. Flat chested girls have it better because they don’t worry about what to wear, how fast to run, why jumping hurt, and can lay on their stomachs without pain…

    By Lindsey on 02.14.2013

  26. flat seems pretty boring when you first think of it. but really it can be the beginning of the single greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. it can be a flat canvas, an empty space, a work bench for an art piece so extravagant it could revolutionise the way you look at anything ever again.

    By storm angus URL on 02.14.2013

  27. Got nothing. No heartbeat, no flutter of excitement. Nothing to hold onto but money and status. Slide right off the planet in a flurry of riches. No one would miss me.

    By Soft URL on 02.14.2013

  28. My hair represents my mood and my disposition today. I feel two-dimensional, like the character in the Flat Stanley books I read when I was little. Can you be a Flat person in a three dimensional world? Maybe coffee will help.

    By Theresa Maher on 02.14.2013

  29. Is the world flat or round? People and science seem to establish the the world is round, and although I believe this, I also think it can be flat. Before you think I’m crazy listen to this. When you see an opportunity.. you aren’t thinking about the mountains and obstacles you have to face you are thinking about the goal. You see everything flat, right?

    By Isabel Pinaud on 02.14.2013

  30. Paper is flat, you can barely see it if it’s placed horizontally. It is almost see through, and yet it can hold so much emotion, so much power, so much inspiration.

    By Penny on 02.14.2013

  31. It was flat. Flat, and hard, with almost no shape to it. A book shape; but Auntie wouldn’t have bought her a book. No, the best daughter didn’t have her head in a book. The best daughter knew how to cook and clean, and care for the children.

    It was not a mirror, for Auntie didn’t approve of vanity. It didn’t make a good daughter.

    By Eppie on 02.14.2013

  32. Grr, Elanor thought, I already did this stupid word. She glanced down that the annoyingly swift blue line. Ah well, might as well write something, though this is probably too meta.

    By Zac Katz-Stein URL on 02.14.2013

  33. the earth is flat and round like a salad plate and green. we spin and spin without dressing longing for a taste of spring or dessert in the middle of winter or on a desert island in the middle of all that sargassum–is it edible?

    By Philip Whitley URL on 02.14.2013

  34. Home. First word associated with flat. It’s what I see when i look out of the living rooms window. A flat landscape full of green and grey and brown and yellow. Home.

    By Fredda URL on 02.14.2013

  35. The plain stretched out before him in an endless sandbox, to be fought and stumbled through. His las t thought before he took a step was, The journey of a thousand miles begins now and it begins with a single step. Let the struggle begin. With that he checked his canteen and stepped on.

    By DeEtta Crawford on 02.14.2013

  36. She’s flat. Flat as a board. There’s nothing particularly special about her, not her appearance, her personality, her history, nothing. Most people who see her thinks she’s boring. The few that talk to her leave with the same impression.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.14.2013

  37. My ass is flat. My chest however is not, which I’m okay with. Sometimes. Having an airborne eraser collide with your eye in the middle of art class during junior year because some freshman boys wanted to see if it would go down your shirt is not a fun experience. I had a black-eye for a week. Imagine explaining that accident to your friends and family.

    By Lori URL on 02.14.2013

  38. i see British people on YouTube that talk about them and they are quite delicious. Only if i could stay in a flat with them. DREAMING.

    By Keri on 02.14.2013

  39. i see British people on YouTube that talk about them and they are quite delicious. Only if i could stay in a flat with them. DREAMING. I don’t know about you but i love foreign guys. There accents are amazing. British people in fact. I would love to fall in love with one of dem fellas.

    By Keri on 02.14.2013

  40. the candlelight shows me that i am alone
    save for the shadows on the walls

    there are rose petals strewn on the bed
    and the red spells out S H A L O M

    this wine you left tastes old and bitter
    i don’t know if you meant hello or goodbye

    By h. b. URL on 02.14.2013