March 16th, 2011 | 559 Entries

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559 Entries for “figure”

  1. Today in Geometry Harvey decided to give us a pop quiz on Quadrilaterals. I am already an anxious person, so when I saw the paper with “quiz” on the top, I almost had a heart-attack. Luckily, close to the end of class she said, “Look at your notes and correct your answers.” I sighed with relief slightly because it was not that difficult, mostly because I don’t like turning in anything but perfect.

    By Sydney URL on 03.16.2011

  2. Imitaba las figuras que veía sobre la pantalla. Si la deportista levantaba la pierna por atrás, yo hacía lo mismo, agarrándome de dos sillas. Si hacía un salto triple, yo saltaba y hacía al menos una vuelta.

    By Lisa URL on 03.16.2011

  3. The figure on the chalk board haunted him. As though it tried to speak to him. Like the haunting echoes of past thoughts. Like the unatainable st

    By WDC URL on 03.16.2011

  4. He viewed her figure like a man drinking in a fine aged whiskey. If you’ve seen the rapt attention of a man viewing a work of fine art, you would know his expression

    By WDC URL on 03.16.2011

  5. I figure life is just a fragment. It all depends on what you think of that fragment. How much does it mean to you? Do you want it? Do you need it? Or do you just not care?

    By Fiona Bauman on 03.16.2011

  6. The figure of a table, of a graph, of a tambourine. A woman’s figure, she shakes like one, jingles like one. Sums. Maths and sums, complex geometry. Of course I can’t figure her out, why else would I be asking?

    By SB on 03.16.2011

  7. Figure. You figure out a problem. You go figure. Figuring can be very easy at times but normally it is a difficult and very confusing task.

    By Lauren URL on 03.16.2011

  8. FIGURE:but if you are looking for more substantial proof that our soul goes on more than one lifetime you need to look no further than our own d.n.a.

    By dann on 03.16.2011

  9. She figured she would lead a happy life. She figured that she would have a good education. She figured she would go to the right parties and meet the right type of people. She figured she would fall in and out of love. She figured that she would have beautiful children. What she didn’t figure was having her life taken at 19.

    By Dacota URL on 03.16.2011

  10. The figures, the figures, so many different figures. Female figures, Male figures, even mathmatical figures.

    By Casey on 03.16.2011

  11. I needed to know. No, I wanted to know what exactly had he figured out about me? What was so brilliant about this finding that he felt compelled to wait to share it with me. No one had ever bothered to figure me out before.

    By KC on 03.16.2011

  12. you sent me a picture of your figure-abs you worked hard on with ROTC. this was less than a week after my break-up, but you were always there when i was with him, creeping your way into the back of my mind. we’ve always had to hide our feelings for each, control the impulses of what we want to do. but we’re in a place where we don’t have to feel guilty, and don’t have to hide. i can look at your figure, i can let you look at mine.

    By Megan URL on 03.16.2011

  13. India now today build biggest economy country in the world

    By rajesh on 03.16.2011

  14. I figure that there is a lot of things to say about the word figure. I hate my figure, but I am working on trying to fix my figure. I am figuring out that exercise helps. I figure that I will have a better figure by the end of summer if I figure out how to figure my daily calories correctly… I am not figuratively speaking…I am speaking about the word figure.. There are many ways to use the word figure.. I figure.

    By Mallory on 03.16.2011

  15. it was once slim. over time life adds weight. sadness, despair, pain…they all bring baggage that’s added to what was once beauty.

    By vintagevie URL on 03.16.2011

  16. Chris Martin sings about guessing at number and figures in his song “the scientist”.
    I always thought he meant the human figure, or figure as in “go figure”. It made more sense as as part of a puzzle than a vague guess of someone’s body weight.

    By ellie griffith on 03.16.2011

  17. I saw a tall dark figure standing there in the night. He looked at my with dark cold eyes as he held the knife to m throat. “Any last words?” he mumbled as i saw a flash of silver, just before i felt a sharp pain, and all went black.

    By Hannah Southard on 03.16.2011

  18. It was that perfect moment of sunset, when the sky is all different colors, fading down to dark, deep blue, and the trees are silhouetted, mysterious figures reaching toward the brilliant sun.

    By ellarose URL on 03.16.2011

  19. digits, accounts, finance, bank, assets, director, decision

    By Viktor Kargin URL on 03.16.2011

  20. figures are like shadows. they remind me of scary things. like figures you can only see the outline of in the dark. and then there’s authority figures and inspirational figures. and figures like models of things. i dunno what else to type. well, it figures.

    By LinZeHstAr on 03.16.2011

  21. every girl wants seems to want a perfect figure, with a flat stomach and curves in all the right places. To be too skinny in the waste, trying to maintain that size 0

    By jessica rayner on 03.16.2011

  22. She stood in the mirror. Her body casting a long and slender figure in the shadow left by the noon sun. Her hand covered her sex. She turned away from herself. The marks she had left on her breasts still raw.

    By Drew G. URL on 03.16.2011

  23. Figure can be something like a term of movement, people, feelings, shapes. A woman’s figure is like a time-glass. Everyones figure is different and beautiful. Figure can also be something you learn about, and read, and view- mathematics. Figure is a nice word.

    By jnekbhv on 03.16.2011

  24. A figure stood in the doorway. I could tell it was here to take care of business. The business of death.

    By Katashi Yamamoto on 03.16.2011

  25. human form canvas painting tom class computer keys clacking emy’s laptop dusty big dick condoms new american logo obama taxes pictures from words collages national geographic dorm walls abbey plants naked jimmy emails

    By god on 03.16.2011

  26. i once saw a figure at the end of a long hallway that led to the figure. it was a curvaceous figure that made me long to travel the length of that hallway in order to reach it and hold it in my yearning arms. i paced back and forth, getting closer each time, and at long last, i found i had not reached my heart’s truer desire but in fact a wardrobe.

    By Jordan Collins on 03.16.2011

  27. Figure the figure of a barbie. It figures that the barbie would look how men want rather than be real. Figure the figuring of her dimensions that would make her fall over–a figure that just doesn’t figure. It figures that plastic lasts as it tells us how to live. Figure the figure of a barbie. It figures.

    By maritov URL on 03.16.2011

  28. a shape, a model, a description. a curvy body figure, a figure of speech, a picture. 3 dimensional. “figure out” = understanding.

    By Julia URL on 03.16.2011

  29. i figure that most people don’t even know who i am. i will be this way forever. eternity. a figure eight. on and on. and i don’t even know whether to be okay with this or not.

    By Emma on 03.16.2011

  30. “Figure it out, and fast!” Oliver snapped.

    Luke cast him a dark look but hunched lower over his keyboard, fingers flying. The searched through window after window, code streaming across the screen like waterfall, a deluge, a flash-flood, and there, in a tiny corner of the world wide web, he found it: the back door.

    That was how the terrorists had gotten in.

    And now Luke was going to kick them out.

    And then he would go home and shamefacedly report to his FSB handler.

    By Nagi URL on 03.16.2011

  31. The figure of a sensual woman is not that of an overweight wildebeest. Figuratively speaking, I like cheese. Well, literally, too. Cheese is delicious. I figure I’ll go for a run when I get off work since I was too lazy to do it this morning. Good thing I ate this whole bag of rice cakes.

    By Summer on 03.16.2011

  32. My brother doesn’t know how to figure out puzzles. How do people figure out rubix cubes. L hate those things so much.

    By Yadi.M URL on 03.16.2011

  33. I figure the figure on the figurine’s shoulder is either a really bad figure, or one that could get you a halo over horns.

    By Kolton URL on 03.16.2011

  34. Figure is a small statue of something. Or it can bet the way you are shaped.

    By devin21 URL on 03.16.2011

  35. I figure out problems all the time. Like this one time we were stuck in the snow and i had to figure out how to get us out of the hole we were in.

    By beanie URL on 03.16.2011

  36. Figuring can be presuming, or it can be a “figure” of something like a shape. Either way, figure has lots of different meanings. I can’t explain them all, but figure is kind of a boring word…

    By nikki URL on 03.16.2011

  37. y do girls alway worry about their figures i sure as heck don’t. My cousins annoy me because they r always saying that they have a horrible figure

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 03.16.2011

  38. When will Jarrett figure out that hobos are not cool?
    His weird obsession with them is very weird. It kind of creeps me out. I’m pretty sure he would marry a hobo if he could, but I won’t let him.

    By Autumn Wilson URL on 03.16.2011

  39. I figure that hobos are lonely. This is because they roam and try to talk to regular people but they just get yelled at and insulted. Autumn thinks i am obseesed with these hobos. TO bad im not. i just feel sorry for them.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 03.16.2011

  40. figure means to wonder or think.EXP. i figure that tomorrow it will rain.

    By khaze URL on 03.16.2011