January 6th, 2011 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “discover”

  1. I am afraid to look. I might discover something repulsive. I might uncover something horrific. I might reveal something I cannot explain away.

    By Hyperbole URL on 01.07.2011

  2. He discovered that falling eighty thousand feet was less fun than he’d anticipated. Sure, it was exciting to begin with. The wind rushing in his ears, drowning out his own excited whoops. But hitting was ground was a lot less fun.

    By Krosp URL on 01.07.2011

  3. to discover is to find out about new things. to share. to love, to see, to meet, to greet. everything you do is discover. you always do that. even in your sleep. to discover is our essence. our most cherished quality. everything that we are.

    By Claudia on 01.07.2011

  4. world

    By andrea on 01.07.2011

  5. Discover is when you get out of your own shell and try things for the first time. You get to know things better and maybe even like it or dislike it. Discovering thing is what makes the world not sink into depression or a monotone routine.

    By Nabila on 01.07.2011

  6. the eccentric me! debts hunting help…

    By Intan R URL on 01.07.2011

  7. discovering truth. Truth about who you are. truth about what we are. Truth What is truth? is there truth in this day and age? yes.

    By Alyssa URL on 01.07.2011

  8. i have great adventure: a plan for a dream. something I half remember but I do remember you. I know you were there…or something happened and you were gone. a great adventure to find you again.

    By maya on 01.07.2011

  9. As he walked through the thick forest, he became a pirate on a tropical island, scouring the land, in search of buried treasure. He discovered he was not a very brave pirate however…

    By Alicia Smith on 01.07.2011

  10. There are places that have never been seen. There are things that have never been done. There is so much that has not been explained. And I want to discover it all. I want to feel the cool water of waterfalls mist on my face. I want to discover the thrills of scaling mountains so high that they touch the skies. I want to explore the green and blue of the stalagmite caves. I want sooo much…

    By Ali Enza URL on 01.07.2011

  11. When you’re a kid, everything is a new discovery. As you grow older though, there are less and less things to discover. Maybe thats why people love escapism so much.

    By Niko URL on 01.07.2011

  12. Discovering is an important part of life because without discovery we would all be stupid cavemen. Actually we would probably be extinct because we never would have been able to discover food, or water, and we would have died out a long time a go. I once discovered that I couldn’t fly…. That was depressing. And painful! I fell off the roof. Stupid of me, perhaps, but it was certainly a discovery!

    By Monica mills on 01.07.2011

  13. I am one person who truely enjoys the action of discovering new things. It is a journey toward a bigger mind. To discover is to open new worlds. Discovering in growing.

    By Terri on 01.07.2011

  14. Discovering
    I discovered you and right away, I knew that you had pain.
    Today, I discovered it.
    I found your sorrows and weak points.
    I want to discover how to fix them and how to make you
    discover your beauty.

    By Nanase URL on 01.07.2011

  15. Walking, till my feet hurts. I can only see the sky and too much grass in front of me. Clouds, wind blowing and butterflies in my stomach.
    My shoe has mud, and my clothes aren’t very witty, but still, I’m walking.

    By Amhed Kahuam on 01.07.2011

  16. discover who you are because there is no one like you. you are your own person. it is what makes you unique. travel to find yourself. look right next to you. see it in the person you’re meant to be with’s eyes. it’s all around us. all you have to do is look. figure it out. it’s out there. discovery isn’t about ending up somewhere. it’s about how you did and what you did to get there.

    By Tiffany Eng on 01.07.2011

  17. Lazy, nervous, harmful sheep, football fan and young girl.

    By Stacey URL on 01.07.2011

  18. to find out something new which already existed. it is an important part of our life and helps explore new things in life and finding new horizons.

    By kedar on 01.07.2011

  19. car
    big and beautiful

    By Stacey URL on 01.07.2011

  20. Wasn’t this yesterday’s word? Or is my head backwards again?

    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 01.07.2011

  21. finding something meaningful. or perhaps finding something bad. either way, it’ll change you. you’ll see things in a new way. don’t be afraid of what you’ll find. embrace it. because there is no point living in ignorance. simple.

    By Irini on 01.07.2011

  22. What will I discover when I open the door? Will I discover a world cold and heartless? Will I discover a long lost friend? What will I discover when I round the bend? will I discover a stone wall or will I discover a path of truth? What will I discover when I seek?

    By tig6 URL on 01.07.2011

  23. one world not sure what to think…I’m sure there are plenty or worlds out there. just not been able to reach them yet. One day we will and and it will be great day. Yes…the day we meet all of the other worlds will be the happiest and joyest of all.

    Until then, we will have to live in this one, keep it clean of junk. not just phisical but also political. right now it’s a mess. Sorry world ….really I am.

    By ed on 01.07.2011

  24. Some day i will discover the secret to life. I’ll search far and wide. I’ll search day and night. And, when i reach the end of I journey, I’ll see you standing there shining white. You’ll say, “You found me son.”

    By codysells on 01.07.2011

  25. I held it in my hands. The means of life, the ultimate goal. Frankenstein had failed miserably, but I, I would conquer this world with my secret. My DISCOVERY. I now have the answer. I am God. I know this now, and everything will be at my mercy.

    By leigh on 01.07.2011

  26. Discover the world as others see it, see the world in new ways, discover the crisp fresh smell of winter air and discover the melody of birdsong, discover what can give a world life and light and color and love every second of it.

    By Kim. on 01.07.2011

  27. discover the world around. experience all that you can. dont turn down an opportunity even if you have the merest bit of hesitation or doubt. never think of what could have been, only what can be. see what others have to offer..

    By Hannah Eddy on 01.07.2011

  28. It can often be confused with “invent.” It’s when something was here already but you just found it. Some people do this for a living, but I think we all do it accidentally. It’s a cool word and a cool thing to do. :)

    By Sabrina on 01.07.2011

  29. I was trying to discover who I was by trying different clothes and hair styles, copying people in my class that seemed like they had it together. But, I found that the only way to discover who I was, was to try things that I liked, not that other people did.

    By jasmyn on 01.07.2011

  30. I would love to discover a new way to teach students in todays world. this would involve a collaboration between the teacher and the parent each holding an important roll in the childs development. Each student would better u

    By Eric on 01.07.2011

  31. i like to discover my inner self, learn more about the things that thrive me , what makes me sad, happy , stressed…..i want to discover what my expectations about life are
    I want to discover how I can become happier and realxed

    By wellieke on 01.07.2011

  32. The suburban landscape was peppered with McMansions and long, straight roads connecting sundry square yards, which led to the exotic shopping mall parking lot. Edgar longed to trek, in his Jeep Cherokee, toward the Great Macy’s at the end of the Golden Asphalt. His greatest desire was to discover new and unknown brands of perfume and share the electric egg presser with his people. His journey ended at the Orange Julius. When he reported his findings back to the neighborhood council to get funded for further expeditions, they hailed him as a hero and renamed their small Ohio suburb, “Edgaria” in his honor.

    By richpee URL on 01.07.2011