May 28th, 2008 | 96 Entries

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96 Entries for “few”

  1. Too few many who hear the whistling of the birds at night, knows the motives they have to distract you while they steal the food upon your dinner plate. May those birds rest in peace however… Extinction happened to them, by one man who hunted the sky for these birds.

    By Amy on 05.29.2008

  2. few people know what is few. you have to have more to know few. in a few words, it’s going to beall over. in a few moments, we will be at the top of the world. few things make me laugh. one of it is you. the other is you. few few few… *wipes brow*

    By clowno on 05.29.2008

  3. not enough, not many, scribe, not much left, dollars, running out of something, having a few brews, not much left, little. small handful, testing

    By rich on 05.29.2008

  4. in a little amount

    By Winnie on 05.29.2008

  5. few people ever see the dreaded Estonian warbling pig and live to tell the tale. It can eat a man’s head in seconds flat, and has the largest teeth-to-brain-cell ratio of any animal in europe, which given its brain is the size of a small horse, is rather impressive…

    By tom on 05.29.2008

  6. “PHEW!!! a few more minutes and we would have been toast”, the compulsive liar decided to declare, alone, at home, unto the hostile air.

    By joni on 05.29.2008

  7. It was, indeed, only I and her.

    By d on 05.29.2008

  8. this is the page it tell me to write in it at a limited time and i am out of mind thinking what to write in it.oh…. god help me………….

    By prerana on 05.29.2008

  9. There were just a few things in her desk drawer. A paper clip. A Post-it note stack. An expired Chic-Fil-A coupon. And a gun. Loaded.

    She shut the drawer.

    By Susan C. on 05.29.2008

  10. few are the days that slumber is so easy to come by…and few are the dreams that cost no more than my soul.
    There have been few days in my life where the fewest demons have been few.

    By lexi wilson on 05.29.2008

  11. we are few and far between,
    scattered aross the earths circumference
    like seeds in spring.
    rare and valuble like the empty coloured jewel on your necklace.
    we are so few and so far between
    we’re actually invaluble, like sand

    By ele on 05.29.2008

  12. It’s what happens at the end. Reminiscent about times that were too few. How many times you said “I love you”. At the end, it’s always “too few”. It’s a word spoken that makes you wish you were back at the beginning to start all over again.

    By Anthony on 05.29.2008

  13. There used to be more of us. Before the hunters were built. Our unit was hit harder than most, with human casualties in the hundreds. Most ended up in the cyborg corps.

    By Stratcat X on 05.29.2008

  14. hey man come take a cup of eggs with me well ride over to the fair and throw em at the horses. somedays to stand in your flowers or wait and burst out like a pregnant bomb

    By Aviv on 05.29.2008

  15. There were few carrots left to go around, and what’s more, they would serve as the group’s only source of food for several days. Now they’d found themselves in quite the predicament. How would these people judge who was worthy of food? Who could manage without food for a short while? Who could just curl up and die, never to be spoken of again?

    By Trevor Sawicki on 05.29.2008

  16. Few is the games i actually win at Halo, quite frustrating really. More effectively though and probably more suiting for this environment is that few sums up true friends. True friends are few and far between, thus revere them when found and treasure them as if they are your own family.

    By Miles Tincknell on 05.29.2008