January 12th, 2009 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “favorite”

  1. Let’s go down to the shoreline. We can lay down on our favorite beach towel. We can listen to the crashing waves and look up at the sky. Well, you can look up at the sky, and I’ll just look at you. You’re my favorite daydream. You’re my favorite disease.

    By Andriano on 01.13.2009

  2. I change the spelling of the word because in my country, we say favourite, I enjoy the u as much as you would if you knew the basis of it. I don’t. I love it purely on the idea that it’s more beautiful, since u is in beautiful, much like you are beautiful. I took ten seconds to write this last line, wasted my idea with another, and now my time is done.

    By DAM on 01.13.2009

  3. The thing you like most. Friends, food, everyone has one for almost everything, and they say a lot about who you are. This word is orange, which is unusual. Oh my.

    By aleka on 01.13.2009

  4. One of my favorite people is Brent adam douglass. He is the most perfect specimen in the entire world. I never thought that in my entire life I’d ever find anyone who makes me feel the way he does. I definitely think that we’re soulmates and were made for each other. He’s the love of my life. <33333333

    By Riley on 01.13.2009

  5. I really love you. You’re my favorite person. I nrealize how pathetic it is I think of you first when there’s so many other things I can write about.

    By Ekg on 01.13.2009

  6. my favorite things have much to do with the things i think about most in life. what is death what is art? what is time what is money? its like a jeopardy of what is to be and what is not to be. my favorite things. dislikes or not, i still have to have them. favorite color, number. what makes a favorite? what appeals to one person more than it appeals to another? why do people pick favorites?

    By Steve on 01.13.2009

  7. the dog i had as a child was a mutt. a crazy mutt at that, but i loved her. she loved me. My dad hated her but she died in his arms as he cried his eyes out.

    By Jacob Carleen on 01.13.2009

  8. Favorite

    Hey, do me a favor – be my favorite.

    Not just another one, my favorite one.

    Everybody needs a favorite, even me.

    Can I be your favorite too?

    By Eric Alder on 01.13.2009

  9. the dog i had as a child was a mutt. a crazy mutt at that, but i loved her. she loved me. My dad hated her but she died in his arms as he cried his eyes out.

    By Jacob on 01.13.2009

  10. he’s not perfect and he laughs too loud, but it’s real. His eyes sparkle, I don’t deserve the light in his eyes.

    but he’s all I have and all I could ever want, all that makes my heart hurt and all that lifts me up.

    and I, I would follow him to the ends of the world, in and out of hell, there and back again. for him it’s worth every second of hurt because it isn’t easy… but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it

    By rachel on 01.13.2009

  11. What’s my favorite? Who’s my favorite? How do we decide? What’s the right answer? Who’s the right person? It’s all toouch pressure. Everything is beautiful, right?

    By Nate on 01.13.2009

  12. Favourites are too determined for my unsettled mind. All that talk about favourites! Why not try see something good in everything, why not be grateful that there is anything good at all? The word favourite is all too used up, it is used by people who are too snobby to see the good in ordinary things, too used to the good that they become picky about it.

    By Bea on 01.13.2009


    By Garrett4 on 01.13.2009

  14. So many meanings for one little word. Good and bad. Don’t play favorites. That is my favorite show, song, ice cream. You are my favorite person. I was walking once between my two favorite persons in the world. My long time lover and my daughter. I didn’t think I would be able to live without either of them and then death intervened in life and I lost my favorite man. So now yes, my daughter holds that favorite spot. I don’t like her all the time, but she is still my favorite even when I am angry or disappointed in her. One word is one of my favorite sites, if coming here to read other posts, and sometimes add my own meanderings counts for being a favorite place to be. I have two cats, no favorites there, one I have had for over 16 years, but the new one is neither more nor less on my list to curl up with and listen to the purr. Oh yeah, that is my favorite sound – purring – and children laughing with each other as they play. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Surf and turf my favorite meal, along with a very cold, very dry, Tangeray Martini. I love Las Vegas, but then San Diego or rather Coronado Island ranks right up there as a place I would chose to go if given the choice.

    By Beatrice Collins on 01.13.2009

  15. My favorite time of year is fall. When the leaves are changing, the tempurature is changing. Everything feels so clean. I love this time to sit and enjoy new books, drink endless pots of coffee and spend the time cuddled up on the couch with the one i love :)

    By shanna on 01.13.2009

  16. Favorite type of food, favorite color, favorite movie, favorite music, favorite band, favorite day of the week. Questions we ask on the first date, to make awkward small talk, to break the silence of a quiet day and unintentionally spoil the tranquility we had no idea was meant to be preserved.

    By Zach Stanley on 01.13.2009

  17. I had to tell you, this was my favorite part of the event. Five times I tried to enter, and finally such satisfaction! I know you are thrilled to hear about it, and I can’t wait to tell you more.

    By ted heine on 01.13.2009

  18. i love my favorite jeans.
    they make me feel amazing.
    he is my favorite.
    so when i’m with him in my jeans,
    it’s done.
    and if we’re chilling, which is my favorite.
    it’s like a cosmic boom of awesome.
    that’s how great it is.
    don’t even tell me there’s food.
    because then the cosmic boom just got so big that you’re kids will hear about it.

    By Christine. on 01.13.2009

  19. The web is my favorite place in the world because it lets me be whoever I want and discover the world and free from the judgments of others.

    By andie on 01.13.2009

  20. easy friend! if you break that one. it can’t be replaced. that one’s special for so many reasons, but also for no reason at all. i guess i can’t love anything more than my kid.

    By john m on 01.13.2009

  21. Guess what?
    You’re my favorite guy,
    and I’ll tell you why:
    the way you actually listen to my problems
    makes me feel loved.
    I loved how awkward you are,
    and I love you.
    My favorite musical is Bare: the Pop opera, and my favorite writing utensils are fun pens.

    By Jelly on 01.13.2009

  22. Her favourite thing was to hide in trees. She gained great pleasure from this, as she knew how much her family despised any association with Mother Nature. In her favourite butterscotch frock, she skipped gaily into the cornfield to bask in the rays and then to hide….

    By Claudette on 01.13.2009

  23. there is no idea better in this world than to think of your favorite thing. there is no idea more cliche than the same. songs poem stories rants and raves have been written about favorite things. spell it favorite or favourite, the same. this is my fav odd site!

    By neeks on 01.13.2009

  24. HOT PINK

    By Mikayla on 01.13.2009

  25. colors my favirot colors blue red

    By ilya on 01.13.2009

  26. A dog is my favorite animal.

    By Escarlet on 01.13.2009

  27. what’s your favorite day? favorite time of day? mine is just before dawn by the lake with the fog rising and everything is ethereal in the swirling mist and you might be here but where are you really and you might be a person or you might not. nothing is certain before the sun and you can be whatever you want.

    By jesse on 01.13.2009

  28. These are a few of my favorite things.

    By poker on 01.13.2009

  29. Favorite. Everyone has favorites. Favorite foods, bands, songs, movies, tv shows, books, friends… even words. But is anyone’s favorite word ‘favorite?’ I doubt it. It’s a helping word. But why? Why is it second class?

    By Tassen Spellbinder on 01.13.2009

  30. I was never the one. Everyone has one. Parents have their special one. Teacher’s have their pet. I’ve never been that one though. The favorite. The best. I’m just another generic American.I’m just another consumer. I’m just another worthless flesh-bag of wasted life.

    By Cecil Baird on 01.13.2009

  31. is the one i keep going back to and enjoying. my reason and fulfillment is this that i have in my heart.

    By jeff on 01.13.2009

  32. My favorite Sport is Volleyball, My favorite fruit is apple, my favorite place to sleep is in a warm car at night, my favorite shows are Bones, Stargate Atlantis, and Sanctuary, and my favorite authors are Tamora Pierce and John Flanigan.

    By Rachel on 01.13.2009

  33. My favorite things are amazing. They describe who I am. If only I knew what they were. It makes me break into song, like the Sound of Music, just wanting my own things… like chocolate and rain and hugs and best friends and family who loves me no matter what. If only it fit so nicely.

    By Bonnie on 01.13.2009

  34. my favorite sweater never was the same thing twice, every time i pieced together an outfit from fragments of fabric from my neverending closet id love it and swear to wear it again and again or at least more often and rarely did i keep these promises.

    By emily on 01.13.2009

  35. my favorite things is a GAYYY SONGGG. ok so not gay, because calling something gay that isnt homosexual is politically incorrect. yup. I know my vocabulary, I just choose not to use it. instead I say gay. favorite, yea that was the word I was supposed to be writing about. heh oh well. favorite favorite favorite. I win.

    By carole on 01.13.2009

  36. favorite
    are you serious?
    again and again you ask something positive of me
    when all i can do is give you frustration.
    frustration and stress
    my favorite enemies.
    my favorite pains.

    By a.carmona on 01.13.2009

  37. Favorite is favourite spelled wrong. I say wrong, I mean American. I recently spent time in America, and I can safely say that the missing U and other quirks in spelling is the biggest difference that dvides the British and American peoples. Any other difference is artificial. We’re all the same, really. That’s my favourite lesson.

    By Andy on 01.13.2009

  38. my favorite thing in the world is being in love. However, i won’t give up my independence for anything.

    By Katherine White on 01.13.2009

  39. My favorite time of day
    Is when the sun golden ray
    Hits at just the right angle

    In sparkling marvelous flight
    It’s beautiful and not too bright
    Reflecting off of the clouds grey

    My favorite time of day.

    By Brisni on 01.13.2009

  40. you’re my favorite. hahah. i used to say that all the time whenever someone was funny. i said it to greg and holly so much. they once fought over who really was my favorite it was a funny joke fight. haah goooood times. then i said it to jeff, and cole, and pat. i think either pat or cole is really my favorite out of everyone. actually i pick just cole.

    By charlo on 01.13.2009