January 9th, 2009 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “now”

  1. now.
    life starts again,

    ~~~~~~ ME ~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cosmic
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sea

    By nicki on 01.11.2009

  2. Immediately! She said.


    Because I need it now, now damn it, hit me again!

    You bore me. He said as he left the bedroom.

    No one walks out on me!

    Yes, yes they do, or I wouldn’t be here now.

    By Charlie on 01.11.2009

  3. Now there is nothing. Once upon a time, there was nothing. Now is just a term used to describe the present state of being humans are in. There once was, and after now, there will be. Now is just here to give us something to do in the time being.

    By Flake on 01.11.2009

  4. What do I want to do now? Its much better to do anything now than to wait until later. You may not realize it but an opportunity will pass you by if you wait around. Instead you need to live in the now. Carpe Diem. Do what it takes to pursue those dreams because before you know it, it will be too late.

    By Crystal Williams on 01.11.2009

  5. Now isn’t really a good time to be online. Actually right now, I should be getting ready to get out of the door, yet I am sitting here right now, writing about now. ehh, kinda weird. Now is a word! A good word i suppose. What else can I say about now right now? I don’t know.

    By Seichii on 01.11.2009

  6. a time when the world is different from what it used to be.

    By meg on 01.11.2009

  7. Now, I’m here and you’re there. We’re apart now, but connected on such a deeper level. A level where words can’t describe the feelings, the thoughts, the happenings… now, we’re being tested. By the world, by ourselves, each other. Everything is against us now, and for eternity. But now I know, that we’re worth everything we must go through – to get thru today, tomorrow, forever. I want to marry you, be with you, live with you, now. tomorrow, for eternity.

    Now you know, now you can believe.

    By Meriah Jordan on 01.11.2009

  8. right now i am making mistakes, i am not doing what should be done. I am confusing my words with what i truly mean. I should just call her, and tell her what i really feel! Now fool, now. But I won’t. I don’t know why. This is my worst moment.

    By brian on 01.11.2009

  9. Live in the here and now. Not in the past, full of what-would-have-beens. Not in the future, full of what-shall-be and what-shall-not-be. Savour the moment. Live a meaningful life. Do good unto others, and so shall you reap the rewards of your good actions. :-)

    By Khor Hui Min on 01.11.2009

  10. now i am procrastinating horribly. my ap psych grade is at jeopardy. It is not a good thing. Procrastination is now. I should be going to bed.

    By Lizzy on 01.11.2009

  11. Now. The current time. The current era. All that is upon us at this moment. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. NOW. The time has come to shed and renew. And that time is right now. Immediately.

    By Minda Ink on 01.11.2009

  12. Now is the time I can’t decide to cry or laugh or maybe hide, and where is the time where confidence blooms? where is the light to exit this room? Now is the feeling I get when you’re gone, now is the ceiling I live where you’ve gone.

    By D Morris on 01.11.2009

  13. the time is now. time for action. what is action? is it what i am doing now, or is it something that i will be doing later. But what about now. Life is just a series of nows, laters, and befores. Now what am I doing?

    By amy on 01.11.2009

  14. Here it is. Could it be anywhere closer than it is-right now? I wish I could get away from it, but it’s always here, now. Now. Now!

    By Mike on 01.11.2009

  15. now is the time for change, for love, for hope. not later when its too late. now is the time for freedom, kisses, and jokes. now is this very moment, fleeting but so important. now is the time for giving and peace. now is the time.

    By carole on 01.11.2009

  16. nothing is now, everything is about the past, the future. why not think about now? stop. think. what is now? it is gone.

    By sussie on 01.11.2009

  17. Right now I can not sleep because I want to talk to you, but I know that I shouldn’t. Right now I want to hear your voice, I want to hear you say, “I love you.” I want to see you right now, but you had to go away.

    By emily on 01.11.2009

  18. I now am sitting here again with school about to start and now im on a new schdule and mylea has to start daycare. what is a mom to do. I hope she can transition smoothly Now i am thinking of whae about that reminds me of theword now. Now i am to write about whatever comes to mind and is this sopposed to be interesting? to writt

    By Alycia on 01.11.2009

  19. now is the time. now is near. now is here. now is now. now you can. now it is. now you are. how about now?

    By Newt on 01.11.2009

  20. now is not later, nor it is before.. its present, current, right this second.. now is something that we live by, not by the future, we go by days, by minutes by this second… by now… by now u should know that i am typing this now.. letter by letter now..

    By joe on 01.11.2009

  21. Burst out of your gate and run. Just run. Pick a spot and fucking run. Squeeze your eyes shut and cover your ears and scream as loud as you can and just fucking run. I guarantee you’ll get somewhere.

    By Andy on 01.11.2009

  22. I am here and now. She is my now! I love her now. Now is the time. Time is of essence. She is the essence. She is my now. I love her now. I will always love her now.

    By Ragnarok on 01.11.2009

  23. It’s time. I’ve to go, the clock tells me I’m going to be late if I don’t leave, but I just want to smoke one more. One more cigarette, then I’ll get up and leave. I won’t be that late. Just a minute or two. No one will notice. I’ll just sneak in the back

    By Lindy on 01.11.2009

  24. Now I am wondering whether now is going to last forever. I have always been a fan of change; I’ve welcomed it and surfed it like a tide. But the more it’s changed the more things stayed the same. Now I am wondering how long now will last.

    By exalen on 01.11.2009

  25. now i have to go to see a movie with my friend. i hopw it is a good movie because i dont want to waste my money on a really bad movie. i also hope it isnt boring.

    By Corinne on 01.12.2009

  26. Now, I wonder why you and me can’t be together. I know, thats not right. You love him. I’m supposed to love her. But I can’t stop thinking about you. talking to you is the highlight of my day and talking to her makes me wish I didn’t have ears to hear her. I want to be with you so bad… but I can’t. this is my reality. this is my now.

    By AK on 01.12.2009

  27. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the nation. Now is never too late to start something you have always wanted to do. Now is the time to promise to drink more water each day, to exercise more, to remember to say kind words to people you love and to have the patience to understand the people who confuse or disturb you. Now is the time to plan into my calendar the times I need to spend with friends. Now is the time to plan carefully how to use my time well and to do first the the more difficult tasks so that I do not run out of time for the easier ones and therefore fall behind.

    By BLeslie on 01.12.2009

  28. Breathe in, then breathe out, focus on the moment, stay in the now. She whispered the words to herself as she sat in the crowded bus, trying not to lose herself in the panic, trying to stay sane for just a few more minutes. Stay in the now, don’t think about what happened, don’t think about your son. Don’t think about the funeral. Don’t think about the…she could no longer breathe in, or out. The panic crept in.

    By Tristin on 01.12.2009

  29. i really like this site

    By marwa on 01.12.2009

  30. Now it’s a new year.
    Now it’s the year 2009.
    Now it’s a new opportunity for everybody in the world.

    By Inigo on 01.12.2009

  31. “Now is the time for all people to come together.” So said the activist. He was chained to a tree. Alone. In the rain. At night. He yelled it again, in the darkness. The only reply was a clap of distant thunder. Which was approaching. He was counting the seconds between thunder claps. It was 7 now. Before it was 8. It wasn’t safe to be under a tree in a lightning storm, much less chained to it, he thought to himself. So he began to writhe and squirm and try to loosen the chains, just enough, so that he could free himself. Six now. The rain made his back slip and slide against the bark but the chains, they held fast. Five. He went left, then right, jumped up and down. No give. Four. Three. “Come on,” he shouted. Two. “Now is the time…” He hopped on one foot. One. The world went white. A great fire rushed through his body. And everything went black.

    The next morning he lay there, beneath the tree. He looked up to see a jagged black streak running up the trunk and disappearing into the mighty branches. The chains were loose and lay limply along the base. He appeared to be fine. And the tree would live. No one came to save him that night. The lightning took care of the chains. He inspected the links more closely. The lock. It was unlocked. And he saw two trail of muddy footprints leading to and away from the tree. “What time is it,” he asked the tree.

    By Don Franke on 01.12.2009