August 5th, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “fasting”

  1. I tried fasting for a day once. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to get out of it, really. I do remember being surprised that I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be, and that oddly pleased me. I didn’t eat for an entire 24 hours, and I felt as though I could go longer, but I just love food too much. Could food be a god of mine?

    By Kallie on 08.05.2013

  2. grumble gripping, ill
    inhale your fill
    see their smiles
    see you’re full

    By mouse on 08.05.2013

  3. Fasting. It’s a hard thing really. You have a love affair with food and suddenly, your church decides to hold a fast in order to get closer to God. That’s fine for the apostles who had to live on nothing but bread and fish, but what about you? What about all the burgers? The shakes? The fries? What of them?

    By AnyMousse on 08.05.2013

  4. I was once told that fasting is good for you, it’ll help you loose weight. i tried it and couldn’t stand to do it for more than a day, Why do People fast all the time? I thinks it’s stupid. If you wanna loose weight, work for it.

    By Allissa on 08.05.2013

  5. I get anxious every time I see that food is not going into his body. He wanders around void of nutrition and his body will take up the solids once again and turn the into pure fat This word is harsh and scary and not understood. It can be law and it can be freedom.

    By Ylan on 08.05.2013

  6. Winter was well on its way again, and we all knew what that meant: fasting. We watched as father took the heavy brass key to the root cellar and placed it high upon the shelf and well out of everybody else’s reach—including mother. There would be no eating over the next few months, he made clear. Thank goodness there was always enough snow to create three cold, unsatisfying meals a day.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.05.2013

  7. Fasting from fun and friends, I sought
    after ambition. I craved
    recognition, affirmation from
    powerful people.

    With frivolities forgotten,
    managers nodded
    at my performance:
    condescending gods weighing my worth,
    judging me,
    accepting me, at last.

    Early essays and soaring grades–important
    professors knew my name and greeted
    me as I passed in crowded streets
    of faceless eyes.

    And life seemed to hold no goal
    besides burning mediocrity,
    on the altar of pride–
    a sweet smelling aroma to
    my gods.

    But one time, I failed, broke my fast.
    My sealed facade split
    with a sputtering laugh.
    Just for a moment,
    my starved soul was filled.
    and in a flash I wondered if it was
    too late to unbuild my looming tower
    glowing and powered by
    my own arrogant esteem.

    By khakicat URL on 08.05.2013

  8. I need to rid myself of the putrid matter inside me. I had so much of it and it was affecting every facet of my life. I had to vomit. Expel whatever color no longer proved beneficial to my inner strength. I had to move on.

    By Ruben URL on 08.06.2013

  9. Abdullah is fasting. He is thirsty and hungry and won’t join the coffee break anymore. He is training his discipline, fighting his needs every day. I tried to not eat chocolate for a while. Broke down the second day.

    By Fredda URL on 08.06.2013

  10. “In some parts of the world, fasting’s considered a holy experience,” he said, his voice barely loud enough to distract from the combined rumbling of our stomachs.
    “We’re not fasting, Richard. That makes it sound like we’re holding off on food ‘cos we’re, I dunno, crazy and suicidal or rich and bored or something. People like us don’t FAST; we just STARVE.” I ground out harshly, kicking a nearby stone into the fire and sending a shower of sparks into the night air. “There’s a difference.”
    He sighed. “I was just trying to make it sound better, Kara.” he protested weakly.
    “It’s a shitty situation, Richard; making it SOUND better won’t actually MAKE it better,” I paused, suddenly grateful for the darkness and the fact that he couldn’t see the now haunted look on my face. “So why bother?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.06.2013

  11. I should be fasting. Instead I’m gorging. I just read an article about a 9-year-old girl with anorexia. Sometimes, I wish that I had been anorexic. I’m terribly unhappy with my girth and I feel that fasting would be a great solution. It’s coming up, too. That day once a year when we don’t eat or drink for a whole 24 hours. It’s called Yom Kippur.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.06.2013

  12. Cheeks so concave they melted into one another. You could almost see the useless outlines of their tarnished teeth. With furry tongues, they furtively droned on in the great adventure for life and all things glorious. They slipped further away. Deeper. Darker. Hungrier.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 08.06.2013

  13. Is one of the slowest thing you’ll ever do. Think about it, breaking a fast takes at least the night, if not a number of days.

    By Claudio on 08.06.2013

  14. Forty days and forty nights of fasting and i made it with the power of the Holy Spirit. If i had tried that without out the Lord directing me i would never have succeeded.

    By Tracey on 08.06.2013

  15. I’m fasting. I have no food. I’m fasting. This is nothing I ever expected I would do, but here I am, fasting. Not by choice, though. There’s just no food in the house. I can’t leave, or else they will come in. I cannot let them come in, whatever the cost. I’d rather starve – excuse me, fast – than let them in here. I’d rather die of hunger than die by being eaten alive.

    By Lila on 08.06.2013

  16. abstinence from evil has never
    been an apt indicator
    of righteousness

    wickedness is anything but impatient

    it will lie in wait, piling up,
    a flood finely tuned to predict
    a bursting dam

    By h. b. on 08.06.2013

  17. fasting is not on my list of things to do today. It doesn’t fit at all with whirlwind trips and fast food meals. Though I imagine one could find themselves in an airport with limited money and only million dollar meals available. Then fasting would come in handy. Wonder if God would be trying to get your attention.

    By Bevdotcom on 08.06.2013

  18. We had been fasting for fifteen days when the angels came. Armando said they were here to guide us. But they didn’t seem like angels to me, they seemed like devils. And I wasn’t sure where they were leading us, but it didn’t look anything like heaven.

    By Shimbo on 08.06.2013

  19. Fasting for any occasion is a good way to bring attention to the cause that you are promoting or exposing. However when fasting is done for religiou purposes there is greater reward and satisfaction to be gain.

    By victor URL on 08.06.2013

  20. I’m fasting from myself. I need time away from the preconceived notions and the envy that I have for better writers. I need to fast away from all the things that have kept me down and become lean and trim and hungry enough to be willing to accept help and be willing to learn and refead myeslf from the words of those who are doing better than I.

    By grapplerschool on 08.06.2013

  21. As he held the Host high, Father Andrew’s head swam and his belly rumbled. Perhaps he’d taken his Lenten fast a little too far.

    By mrsmig on 08.06.2013

  22. we were starving. we called it fasting, but everyone knew we were not eating because there was nothing left in our stores. the flood took care of that, that and the scavengers. we sat there trying to put the best spin on it, but noone was fooled.

    By Lee on 08.06.2013

  23. To restrain myself
    Is to learn about myself
    While empty inside

    By Hannah on 08.06.2013

  24. Fasting was never easy. I hated it. It was stupid and self destructive, and what did I gain from it? Nothing. So one day, during a 10 day fast, I decided to run away. Fast.

    By Stephanie A. on 08.06.2013

  25. Every second spends away is her attempt at fasting from love.

    Like knives the hunger digs into her parched, starving heart. Like words from a song she remembers the way love used to caress her ears, her lips, the retina of her eyes, and yet she waits and waits and waits. Soon, she promises. Soon.

    By Sorelliena on 08.06.2013

  26. “Have you considered fasting?” she asked, staring at the pint of stout in his hand.

    “Have you considered not breathing?” he replied.

    “It’s said to be good for the soul.”

    “Breathing is good for the body, and a lack of breath tends not to be good for either body or soul.”

    “But wouldn’t the soul be freed?”

    “Depends on the timing. Soul may be just as irked it didn’t get to finish its last pint before the tourist visa got run out early.”

    “I thought we were talking about you not drinking so much stout.”

    “And I thought we were talking about how naff it is to expect someone to do without the necessities of living and of making life worthwhile.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.06.2013

  27. fasting makes your body in toxic. Its a great way to re energized your body. You should have fasting at least once a week.. This will help you become healthy in your life. Our ancestors did it in their whole life. This we should also adopt in our life. Fasting can also help you in frugal life style. You will save for a one day meal and can also help somebody needy to share this food. In this way you are going to

    By Sanjay on 08.06.2013

  28. I want to be hipster skinny. The desire wasted her thoughts for the rest of the day as she seemed to pass by every gap-thighed girl with a beanie and a poorly dyed hair on the side of the street smoking cigarettes only slightly skinnier than their slender fingers.

    By aria autumn on 08.06.2013

  29. To rid your body of toxins
    In a day
    A week
    A month
    Can I fast your touch
    Your love
    Your ever presence
    Creeping into my dreams
    And when I indulge again
    Do you come rushing back in
    With full force
    Or am I not nourished or
    Tempted anymore
    Having rid myself of your

    By Lauren on 08.06.2013

  30. Slammed the door, clicked the lock.
    She rummaged through the hidden plastic bag in the deepest corner of her drawer,
    pulling out what lit up her face so quickly you cannot even imagine the sunken look a second ago.
    “It’s time.” she grinned, eyes glistening with greed, tearing the wrapper open and stuffing her face with her favorite raisin bread, “Time to break fast.”

    By narestars on 08.06.2013

  31. He really did want to apologize to him, promising gradual change.

    By Grace on 08.06.2013

  32. Despite the little girl’s entreaties, the hedgehog wasn’t interested in eating her shoes, so he said he was fasting.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.06.2013

  33. I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do are all diverse. I used to live long ago in a country where everywhere you looked you’d find someone… different. I have these old friends, Muslim. I’d make fun of them during their long fastings, eating in front of them, chewing nice and slow. But then I’d always join them with no hard feelings from their side for their Ramzan, where I’d have the best food of my life.

    By Natalie Volz URL on 08.06.2013

  34. Fasting. It can be for spirtual or personal reasons. I have fasted when my mother was sick and I was praying for her health. Needless to say – she is healthy again.

    By m on 08.06.2013

  35. the month of Ramadan is about Fasting from sun up to sundown. so Muslims don’t eat,drink or get anything in their mouths during the day. but the hypocrisy lies in being the good, devout worshiper all month long.. and the play boy for the rest of the year.. an interesting psyche

    By Maha AbuRumman on 08.06.2013

  36. It is not necessary to be fasting in order to connect with God, one must only be willing to see the Divine.

    By GinaMTD on 08.06.2013

  37. Its that time of the year again. Time to put up the facade of poverty. What does it really accomplish. After this month, its back to gluttony all over again. Why am I actually doing this. What am I trying ot prove? Prove my condescension to a worldview? Or is it really my heart yearning for the connection of an experience of poverty. What is that actually like?

    By Magnifiso on 08.06.2013

  38. I’m hungry. I have to be doing this for a reason. Sacrifice must yield results, right? Somehow? Never for nothing. Focus is key– focus of anything but what you’re starving for.

    By Bitsy on 08.06.2013

  39. Fasting is slowing. A willful cessation of desire, driven by desire. A desire for purity, a desire for beauty, a desire to atone for crimes that can’t be atoned for. All futile, all false. Fasting is the hunger of the righteous.

    By amygdala on 08.06.2013

  40. Fasting is something that people often do to prove their devotion to God. Out of love, they hold off from the one most craved thing. We default to food. It’s what we know and what has kept us sustained for the entirety of our lives. We delay the pleasure that comes with satisfying our hunger for him.

    By Jolisa URL on 08.06.2013