October 31st, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “fangs”

  1. When i think of fangs i think of bats and vampires. Vampires are bloodsuckers that use their fangs to break skin. Bats have smaller fangs. Fangs usually are seen a lot during Halloween time.

    By matt richmond on 11.01.2010

  2. Shadows, encompassing and enfolding. They were his domain. He who had seen the rise and fall of so many civilizations and empires, so many deaths (so many more caused by him), he relied upon them and fed upon them. A blight upon the human race. Vampire.

    By Adam Rubin on 11.01.2010

  3. Fangs. How cliche. Everyone would write about vampires. But you know what else has fangs? My neighbors dog. I tried to give him the mail, once and the dog growled at me. But its better than a vampire.

    By Sylvia on 11.01.2010

  4. teeth very sharp teeth ! dogs have fangs. and they probably hurt if they bite you vampires also have some and they suck blood with them.

    By cesar cruz on 11.01.2010

  5. I don’t want to write about fangs again. Really, couldn’t this website be a little more original? Just jumping on the twilight band wagon with everyone else? Everyone wants to be a Twilight knock-off these days, but really, i think that what we need is just some originality. A new idea would be nice.

    By Sylvia on 11.01.2010

  6. Fat Kitty T has cute fangs. One fang in particular likes to hang out from under his sweet kitty lip. It is often joined by his tongue. We call him ‘Fang’ when he is caught in that pose. He seems to appreciate the attention his fang garners him…

    By Stuffy on 11.01.2010

  7. fangs are fun. you can bite with them. they are creepy. vampires have them. i don’t like vampires. twilight is the stupidest book ever read, and the sequels are even worse. why would you wr

    By kp on 11.01.2010

  8. Vampires dpn’t even have fangs. That’s what I thought until I saw Rene. She had enormous fangs in her mouth. You couldn’t even bear the thought of her being human. It was too dramatic, too surreal. You can’t have fangs if you’re a human. You can’t have a tail if you aren’t a pig.

    By Sara on 11.01.2010

  9. my cat, when he would attack the leftover pieces of duck. I suppose people are thinking of halloween. and vampires, yeah, because that’s what you’re supposed to write these days if you’re cool, all about fangs and vampires. oh jack london, where are you?

    By Alison Anderson URL on 11.01.2010

  10. The vampires fangs were long and pointy. The fangs had a hint of blood at the end of them which led me to believe he ate dinner before I arrived. I felt a sense of comfort knowing that his fangs would not harm me.

    By pav URL on 11.01.2010

  11. Rawr. Halloween was last night. I woke up near 10, still in a bit of a dizzy state from the frenzy the night before. I still had in my vampire fangs, still wore my barber-cape-turned-Dracula-cloak. Still was surrounded by the boxes of scary movies and empty candy wrappers. The proof of a life well-spent, I thought with a chuckle. A dark chuckle, to remain in character, of course. Rawr.

    By Alexx Roux URL on 11.01.2010

  12. dracula blood wearwolf sharp teeth halloween scary fun dentist bite movie twilight teenagers hemoglobin cavities

    By Jane on 11.01.2010

  13. Jaden tried to show his fangs – but they were gone. Darn halloween… It’s the time when humans turn into monsters and monsters into humans.

    By LotteZwo URL on 11.01.2010

  14. Fangs rhymes with bangs, and the two actually seem to be quite similar. Fangs typically dangle from the upper gums in a mouth, and bangs hang loosely over one’s forehead. Fangs, however, tend to be more ominous than bangs.

    By Steph URL on 11.01.2010

  15. Sharp. Surreal. I see them. Out of my right eye. The left is bloodied and swollen shut. Slow motion. It all happens like it isn’t happening. Adrenaline must be coursing through my veins, but neither fight nor flight is in my muscles. Fear. Paralysed with fear.

    By Sophie URL on 11.01.2010

  16. He has fangs as long as the nails that hold the buildings together that strap molasses on glass and bead the songs together as if there was one feather that held the molecule that kept the world from falling apart and into a heap of sand in the dust of his mind.

    By Laura on 11.01.2010

  17. give me another word :P

    By Betty URL on 11.01.2010

  18. the fangs that bite. that sting. these mind-altering venoms, poisoning, poisoning, and look where it ends up. He is hurt. He is not with us today. Today he is laying alone in a hospital, all because of those fangs which delivered the venom of ecstasy. And we are here. Together. We will congregate and come together in mind and heart. A dangerous thing to play with, that.

    By Shannon on 11.01.2010

  19. sharp teeth, what vampires use

    By goku on 11.01.2010

  20. His teeth glisten under the glow of the streetlight and I’ve never noticed how nice his smile I’d before today. I am a little intoxicated and he is smiling and I know we are just best friends but I also know that I have heard that before. He laughs and I laugh because he is laughing and he is demonstrating something and he playfully wraps his hand around my neck. I am not attracted to him but for a moment my eyes roll back and he is someone else and I want to touch so I shake my head and say let’s go inside. His teeth glisten under the streetlight and I am intoxicated and we link arms and walk away.

    By Kay URL on 11.01.2010

  21. a vampire used his fangs to turn me into a vampire so i can use my fangs to create more vampires. then the whole world loves blood

    By tyler is better than donielle URL on 11.01.2010

  22. fang are part of most animals in the animal kingdom. like snakes and spiders have posion

    By dark_jak URL on 11.01.2010

  23. A were-wolves has fangs. Cats and/or dogs have fangs. Many different animals have fangs. Vampires have fangs. I wish I had fangs.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 11.01.2010

  24. the vampire smiled showing of his fangs.”the teeth are real.”the scene went black on me.

    By Audery Fowl URL on 11.01.2010

  25. The dog had big fangs. He used the fangs to catch his prey.

    By Awesome URL on 11.01.2010

  26. fangs, fangs, fangs.

    By alizah URL on 11.01.2010

  27. His fangs dug through his gums<and i whatched as they came down and peirced my skin. Then all the sudden i felt fangs come out and i fell. I woke up in a twilight zone the clouds covered the sky,then as he lifted me up i felt the sharp pain on my gums.were they fangs? what was i?

    By mahckenziey URL on 11.01.2010

  28. i waited for the clock to strike 11:00. I sat on my motel bed and looked at the chipping wallpaper the color of egg shells. I cant wait to get out of this place. I looked at my old crummy watch and stood up flatening my new shirt and mini skirt and grabbed my Coach nockoff purse before walking out the door. I had two minutes to get to 540 Tall Medow Lane and get what i came to this horrible town for. I walked past the front counter throwing the rusted over keys over my shoulder and i heard them land on the desk with a ‘clink!’ i walked out the door walking to the corner holding up my hand to signal a taxi. A taxi came in a matter of seconds considering most people were to drunk to even hold up their hand.
    I chuckled stepping into the taxi saying the adress and running my hand through my auburn hair. ‘lets get this over with’ I thought when the car stopped. “here.” i said handing the man his money and walked up to the front door. Knowing everyone was already drunk i let myself in. The lights were dimmed and the house smelled of sigare smoke and beer. I sighed looking for just the right person. There he sat, in the back corner of the room. He had honey-blond hair and a cocky smile and looked completly wasted. Perfect. I aplied a new coat of gloss before walking across the room and standing in front of him.
    “Annie.” I said holding out my hand. His smile faded for a second. He scanned my up and down before smiling wide.
    “Whats your name beautiful?” he asked making kissing noises.
    “As i said, Annie.” I said pulling him up from the couch.
    “Ooooh, strong forward, i like it.” He said quickly it coming out more like a big jumble of letters and sounds.
    “C’mon Jake.” I said rolling my eyes and pulling him into a emty room.
    “I never,” He took a swig of his blue moon. “Told you my name. And where we goin'” he asked swaying before falling onto the big bed in the center of the room.
    “Here.” I said a devilish smile creeping onto my face.
    “Come here.” He said dropping his beer reaching his hands out like a child who wanted to be picked up. I walked over to the side of the bed sitting onto the side leaning down to his neck running my lips along his neck.
    “Mmmmm…” he said pulling my towards him unbuttoning his shirt and pulling me close very close. This was it. I sunk my teeth into his neck. He let out a shrill scream trying to push my away. No. I wanted his blood and i wasnt going to let his hissy fit get in my way.
    “No!!!” He screached trying to push my head to the side. Ha, i never had THAT tried on me before. I sunk in deeper. He started to get weaker. “Help, please. What are you doing babe.” He said clucching his eyes shut. I didnt reply. I just finished what i started, draining him and slinging him over my shoulder throwing him in the bath tub. After he was under water i walked back to the bed, grabbed my purse and pulling back on my skirt. After fixing my hair i was off. Walking out into the night air i walked along the streets until i found another party, another victim, just another night in my,Annie Harrow’s, life.

    By Michelle Rye on 11.01.2010

  29. rawr!

    By Lance Love Cameron URL on 11.01.2010

  30. If I had fangs, I would suck out all the bad and become a fat vampire because there are too many bad people alive.

    By Alli. URL on 11.01.2010

  31. sharp teeth, dracula, scary movies and wearwolves. I see blood dripping down the crease of a cheek. Snakes and venom. Devil. This is my first post…getting the hang of this deal.

    By Shad URL on 11.01.2010


    By JEFF URL on 11.01.2010

  33. Fangs.
    Fangs remind me of vampires.
    Vampires are really popular nowadays, which just seems weird to me. Frankly, I think they’re kind of creepy.
    I did read Twilight in like, the sixth grade. It really wasn’t that great. Stephanie Meyers isn’t that wonderful of a writer. She misuses words a lot.

    By Chelsea on 11.01.2010

  34. The fangs were terrifying — much bigger than they should be. It wasn’t her imagination, was it? They were supposed to be proportional, at least. Not this great big things with poison dripping from the sharpest ends she’d ever seen. Nope, that was not cool. It wasn’t natural.

    By Emma Hugbear URL on 11.01.2010

  35. his fangs last night were hardly noticeable. wow i wish i would of noticed. maybe it was the one two three too many glasses of champagne i was sipping on that caused them to look so blurry because i promise you i never even thought twice he might have fangs. but he had to because now i have a bite mark on my neck and my fangs are coming through…

    By abra URL on 11.01.2010

  36. The fangs ripped the the small creature apart. His eyes flashed violently upwards, but there was no threat to be found in me, and so he continued with his quick meal. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. It was savage, and yet so totally inescapable — realistic. I felt that it was a dream, but it was so alive…

    By Nik URL on 11.01.2010

  37. The dog’s fangs glistened in the half-light drifting in through the windows. A low growl, more felt than heard, seemed to reverberate around the room, drilling all the way through my being, so I felt it even in my teeth.

    By SpSquirrel URL on 11.01.2010

  38. o gee, her fangs are showing. what will we do? the fangs are not just showing, they are shining gold vicious looking are they coming my way? Possibly? where will I hide, Yikes – they are coming closer, But wait, maybe these are just talons of good will.

    By Prof Em URL on 11.01.2010

  39. His fangs punctured the smooth unmarked surface of her skin. As his teeth burrowed deeper, past her taught neck muscles and to her rigid cervix, he felt her let go and become limp in his arms. His lips pressed a hesitant kiss to her exposed neck,and hands that had held her in place during the act now stroked thoughtlessly through her blond hair. It seemed wrong that he take her life and not offer at least some last bit affection. His tongue which stayed unmoved from the wound of her neck tasted ridges natural to any human’s body on the flesh but it was her blood he had been drawn towards. It called to him like a siren commanding that he slurp up the sweep tasting copper liquid and never think of anything else. “Wonderful,” he breathed into her neck, “It’s to bad we can’t do this forever.”

    By Michaela on 11.01.2010

  40. Blood dripped down, and he knew that he had to run, fast.

    By Hales URL on 11.01.2010