November 4th, 2016 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “everlasting”

  1. everlasting love isn’t a thing. Once they get the chance to forget you, they will. and its not about grieving but rather picking something better.

    By Jocelyne :) URL on 11.04.2016

  2. everlasting doesn’t come easy. not even the thought of it – inconceivable. if you knew anything about me you’d understand why that is.

    but you don’t, and you won’t.

    By Jo URL on 11.04.2016

  3. As the sky fades to grey
    The sights cease to be interesting
    Clouds puff up, brave and strong
    You fall to the ground, dead
    Everlasting sleep

    By vanikey URL on 11.04.2016

  4. is love really everlasting?
    i see it fade away in so many people.
    but sometimes i spot one couple in the corner of my eye…
    one that stays together despite everything, and enjoys each moment.
    love is much like a rare jewel, i think.

    By stranger on 11.04.2016

  5. He told me we’d be an everlasting love. That was Monday. On Tuesday, he said there were a few crimps we needed to work out. On Wednesday, he said an open relationship might help.
    On Friday, he introduced me to the woman he was sleeping with and said they might want a threesome with me. On Saturday I met him out at the movies with her and he did stop and say hello. On Sunday I broke up with him. It was the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.04.2016

  6. Everlasting tears, streaming through our veins.
    Everlasting laughter, beating in our hearts.
    Everlasting smiles, holding our head up high.
    Everlasting sadness, keeping us tethered to the earth.

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.04.2016

  7. She smiles, and the smile turns into a laugh, and before they know it they’re both laughing and rolling over and mud and grass are getting on their clothes and faces and hair but neither of them really mind, much; there’s a lightness in the air that was never there before, and a kiss that tastes like July rain, and all of it feels a little bit like hope and a lot like forever.

    “I think we’ll be fine,” she says, and means it.

    By onceiwill URL on 11.04.2016

  8. Everlasting means that something will go on forever…love can be everlasting, friendship can be everlasting…likes, dislikes, opinions, etc.

    By Julie URL on 11.04.2016

  9. They told me if I prayed enough, then I would be guaranteed everlasting life. When my knees started to hurt, they did not heed my complaints, accusing me of weakness and a lack of faith. “Jesus,” they reminded me, “went through much worse.”

    “For f***’s sake,” I suddenly heard Jesus groan in my ear. “The point of my suffering was so nobody else had to suffer, either!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.04.2016

  10. I thought our love was forever. I thought our commitment was strong enough to withstand anything. Was it? Was that not the vows we exchanged? If you didn’t mean it, why agree to coffee?

    By Pokemon on 11.04.2016

  11. everlasting..is anything really everlasting in it’s current state? Things may last a long time but they change so is that everlasting?

    By Julie Lynn Renaud URL on 11.04.2016

  12. Is anything at all everlasting? I don’t think so. Earth’s days are numbered, humanity will die out, and eventually, perhaps, the universe will collapse in on itself.

    By zenderlee URL on 11.04.2016

  13. She looked at them and for the first time thought of forever. As horrible as it felt, she wanted this to last, this camaraderie to be everlasting. Adversaries are always going to come, so she wanted them to be there as well.

    By Anun on 11.04.2016

  14. weather broadcasting
    zephyr steadfasting

    never grasping
    clever raspings
    pressure crashings

    feather landings

    By omqwat URL on 11.04.2016

  15. There is nothing on this world which is everlasting. Everything on this earth decays in a certain period of time. People live their share of life they own and they die.

    By Jessie on 11.04.2016

  16. HA!
    She tore up the letter that had been given to her.
    Words full of longing and love and emotions that meant nothing to her.
    He said that his love would be everlasting. Everlasting?
    It all meant nothing to her now.
    Her dress blew in the wind as the bits of his letter whirled down into the hole by her feet.
    Everlasting meant nothing to a cold grave and a cold heart.

    By Jaggarte on 11.05.2016

  17. I never really had a normal highschool experience, being as I went to art school for 3 of the 4 years. I only had one brief stint in a regular public highschool. But people always make references to books “everybody” read in highschool and I sit there confused. Because I did not read them. Like Tuck Everlasting.

    By Paige B on 11.05.2016

  18. S elfness with excess
    I n man is EVERLASTING
    N egating world peace

    in Accel World
    time nearly everlasting
    becomes an ally

    i’ll not ditch your class early
    let those fools run out

    I see what they don’t-
    your hidden strength and beauty,
    outer and inner

    I wish I could be…
    good enough to be your one
    everlasting love

    By ! Haiku-Man ! URL on 11.05.2016

  19. It was the way the light hit her face that made him stay. It was the feeling he didn’t want to be saved from. It was everlasting.

    By courtneyvint URL on 11.05.2016

  20. everlasting life, everlasting love. everyone’s dream – or is it? She does not wish to live forever. he does not wish to love forever. the endless torments of day to day life and love – who can say this is such a beautiful thing, to last forever?

    By firelight URL on 11.05.2016

  21. The settlers were now in their new houses, their new compound, a dome shielding them from the outside weather of this new world. They still had feelings for their home planet, and sometimes while eating, they would review what they had experienced when they were growing up, attending the training program, studying for the advanced degrees. The everlasting conversations went long into the evenings, reflecting their everlasting lives on this world. There was no returning to their home world, and in the meantime, they spun new legends.

    By chanpheng URL on 11.05.2016

  22. She stared at the sky through the trees, a patchwork of branches. The woods seemed to go on forever. So did the sky. All around her, unbounded by the laws of physics and reality.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.05.2016

  23. Mountains never lasts. But rivers do. One day I’ll be like a river and slice through the mountain face during my pilgrimage to the everlasting sea.

    By Laura J. on 11.05.2016

  24. the word that first comes to mind if you say everlasting is love. and i like to think it is. not necessarily for the same person. just a reserve of love that will last long after you die. the actions you impart that will keep going for generations to show the world that love is stronger than hate.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 11.05.2016

  25. The everlasting covenant. The one thing that had held his people together.
    But it was broken, sealed in a glass case in a forgotten wing of a forgotten museum, only waiting to be touched by the right person…

    By Shadow Writer URL on 11.05.2016

  26. he looks up at the tree, leaning into its trunk and tracing his pale, tingling hands along its roots, and following its twisting, overlapping branches with his grey-silver eyes. when he speaks, his voice is a wreathing breath of air, winding around the trees’s gnarled features.

    “funny, right? how i’ve known you forever.”

    By lynn URL on 11.05.2016

  27. Cole was still here. His friends were long gone, and they hadn’t even remembered him as they died. He watched over the temple, unable to leave. He felt so, so alone.

    By Briar on 11.05.2016

  28. An pain seeming to be everlasting,
    as she covers the hole in her chest with her palm;
    Frantically trying to stop the bleeding.
    She sighs, knowing, there’s no longer any point.
    She’s dying, and her thief is escaping;
    Forgetting the value of what they stole.
    Her chest, though empty, feels heavier than usual,
    and her mind feels distant…

    By Lexy URL on 11.05.2016

  29. i don’t see love in his eyes anymore.The hands which always reached for me were busy soothing someone else.. i have started feeling neglected.the relation i thought would be everlasting, gonna be over in few days. Thinking about the good time we spent together, my eyes fill with tears.

    By kirti on 11.05.2016

  30. We often take pride of some relation ,and always thought taht they gonna be everlasting.alas this is not true

    By Kirti URL on 11.05.2016

  31. i dont know what everlasting means so hey lets be freinds i dying to see how thgisk wants end.
    my youyth is your so my youth is yours,…………………………………………………………….sit still looking preety i am never going to that girl

    By kyla on 11.05.2016