June 24th, 2009 | 110 Entries

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110 Entries for “event”

  1. such a big event, full of people, entertaining and food, lovely start of a week !!

    By camila on 06.25.2009

  2. it’s not that I didn’t book, I just forgot to turn up. it was a sign of my worsening condition. the weakness, the tired eyes (everyone commented). I was turning into the main event.

    By Ed on 06.25.2009

  3. my events are always smart affairs. Not riff raff, but smart people, talking about smart things. I never stay around to listen, I skulk in the bright lights of every room and watch them. I block out the noise and just watch the lips purse and stretch.

    By Abigail Seville on 06.25.2009

  4. “In any event,” said the Queen, “you’ll have to leave the giraffe here.”

    By theswollenhead.com on 06.25.2009

  5. Event. It’s such a hard word to describe because everything is an event, a happening, an occurence. Events, we use them to signify some type of occasion in our lives.

    When I think back of events, I prefer not to think of the sad events but you know, the things that I remember where the ones that elicited the most attention, the most emotion. Our lives are mostly mundane but it’s the special ones that we always remember.

    By Nicolw on 06.25.2009

  6. Today is the day. Jenna could barely contain her excitement. She had been waiting for this event for what seemed like forever. Now, it wasn’t really such a momentous thing, she knew, but for her, it was the biggest thing that had ever happened in her short life. She work with a start before dawn

    By ev on 06.25.2009

  7. come one
    come all
    to the grandest thing
    to ever grace the stage,
    said the man.
    gather, friends gather,
    he continued.
    and everyone did.
    little did they know
    the best part of this show
    was the setup.

    By NuSol on 06.25.2009

  8. The party never happened. It wasn’t just that Lisa wasn’t there. No one had been there. I had been missing nothing. Just wasting my time wishing.

    By AC on 06.25.2009

  9. What was the deal? I wondered what it was all about as I walked down toward the ferry. My day had begun normally enough, although I did not realize I had forgotten to brush my teeth.

    By Jason on 06.25.2009

  10. The event was utterly atrocious. The lighting was all wrong and the company more then annoying. I would rather eat a cup of sand.

    By air on 06.25.2009

  11. July first is an event that I do not want to miss. There will be friends and fireworks and no nasty parents around to control our adolescent urges. We’ll sit near the water, with glo-sticks and cigarettes and enough junk food to feed Nigeria. It should prove fun.

    By Stef on 06.25.2009

  12. Can you practice what you preach? Would you turn the other cheek?

    By Radi Hindawi on 06.25.2009

  13. an event is going on in town tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can’t make it. But it has all the mkaings of a fine event, one that has plenty of things to do. It has a bouncy booth for kids (always wanted to try one of those…), and a cofee house for the adults. It has a band playing, one that I really enjoy. The event really looks like a lot of fun, but unfotunately, I’m due tomorrow for jury duty. Gotta love court procedings, eh?

    By ellie b. on 06.25.2009

  14. Event. A happening. A doing. A seeing. The beginning of a becoming, or the end of one. Fruition. Reward, or punishment. The end of an epoch.

    By spike on 06.25.2009

  15. I had an event for my birthday. It was so much fun. It wasn’t really anything special, but all my friends came over and we went to eat. Then we did a scavenger hunt because I dont’ drink, so we couldn’t go play bar games like a normal 21 year old. But it ended up being a lot of fun, and my team won.

    By Savannah on 06.25.2009

  16. happy times in the summer racing boats being rowed by men with hangovers.

    By hugh on 06.25.2009

  17. There’s an event coming up that I can’t wait for. Nobody in their right mind would spend so much money, so much time, and nobody’s friends would spend so much of both to be there if it weren’t a very, very special event. It’s a wedding, and hopefully it will be a one time event, but with the way that our world works now, the only thing keeping most couples together is that its too expensive to get a divorce in this economy.

    By amy on 06.25.2009

  18. something that takes place somewhere concert ect.

    By shar on 06.25.2009

  19. It was a calculated event. One she’d been planning months in advance. And calculated was an understatement, and meant literally. Mary was a math major in university. It meant less to her now that she was a full time housewife, resigned to her husband’s work. But it still showed up in her everyday, taking into account every factor, every number, every moment of her planning the surprise party.

    By T on 06.25.2009

  20. event planning sounds like so much fun. Really you get to plan but not go to all the great events. An event but not for you for someone special.

    By Chris G on 06.25.2009

  21. The event was being held in a gym and all the necessary had been invited. It was a cold day and all the guests were relieved to be in the warm space. They huddled in groups discussing the events potential disasters.

    By libby on 06.25.2009

  22. In the event of a water landing, chances are we’ll break up just as surely as if we had landed on a runway, flaming and screaming and rushing salt water to bring pain to your wounds. And if we’re lucky, there will be sharks to clean up our mess, to carry away the blood and gore of man’s hubris in the face of maintenance schedules and drunk driving records.

    By Mushi on 06.25.2009

  23. What event is this?
    Oh god. Okays.
    I am going to talk about night.
    The night is a quiet time I love to think about.
    Because it is silent and I seem to be the only person living here. ..
    Do you love the night?

    By Rainintears on 06.25.2009

  24. the inward expression that you fail to see
    the embodiment of all that I am

    who is this man that hides beneath my skin
    musing to himself, thoughtless of my display

    the emotion that is displayed on his face
    dances behind my eyes, showing me what I am

    Is this the happening of which only I am in attendance
    Introspection through the mirror, vivifies my thinking,

    Do you see him, the me inside of me?
    or is it simply, I, the lone attendant of my own event?

    By Tommy "Canvas" Smith on 06.25.2009

  25. i love parties!

    By melissa on 06.25.2009

  26. an event is something that happens. it is not boring. it is not static. and event is something worth mentioning, often like “hey did you see that ___ yesterday?” yep, an event is cool. like an event horizon. not exactly sure what that is but I think there was a movie about it. though I don’t think it was very good. in any case, I’d like to hold an event at my place, hell we’ll even call it a party.

    By katie on 06.25.2009

  27. Der Boden war nass, kaltes Gras, dunkle Farben, kein w

    By Galinor on 06.25.2009

  28. By the time the door shut I knew it was done.
    All of these, bloody tears and I,
    can’t hold myself back with thoughts of reconciliation.
    She always held the key to him,
    I’m just a doorway to pass thru
    I hope I led you into

    By Cheyenne on 06.25.2009

  29. In the event that someone reads this message. Please tell my family I love them.

    By MichaelO on 06.25.2009

  30. an event should be exciting. if u decide to go that is. I love to go to music and poetry events. I have great fun if so

    By stephanie z on 06.25.2009