November 6th, 2013 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “european”

  1. I love the European live style. It is so much more exciting. They use the Euro and have a more relaxed time at meals. I think I would like to live in Europe some day. I will use public transportation when I live there. I will dress in black and not floral prints. I will eat more healthy food there than in the United States. Do you know anyone who I might be able to live with?

    By jill URL on 11.06.2013

  2. The air of politeness suffocates a man with crooked teeth. His fingers cover his steaming cup of probably tea. He lifts his little, crooked pinky up. Using the free hand to balance the cup in between his palms. He looks over to his mate and smiles drinking in the view of London.

    By Rubber Duck on 11.06.2013

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    By Haze URL on 11.06.2013

  4. European means someone that is from Europe. I would love to visit Europe, I wish I was still a European. I once was, because I was born in Spain. Someday I pray that I will get to go back to where I was born, and see Europe. I believe that European ppl are better off than Americans, at this point in time.

    By CeeCee URL on 11.06.2013

  5. He showed up in the doorway, his tiny figure illuminated by the shadow of the tree. He didn’t knock nor call; he simply waited until I noticed his presence. I reached for the handle with caution and peaked out the door. He immediately smiled wide, revealing an English set of teeth. His eyes were big, blue, and kind.

    By Simone URL on 11.06.2013

  6. His mouth was stuffed so full of European candies, she had trouble understanding him.
    “Wait, what do you mean? And where are you going?”
    She was met only with the image of his retreating back.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.06.2013

  7. straight noses. pale skin. beautiful. beautiful. and you. you with hands the color of the earth. dirt they called it dirt. they told you. that you would never be compared to the moon or the stars. but you are of the velvet darkness of the sky. and you were born in the soil.

    By Bee on 11.06.2013

  8. I have always dreamt of living in a European City. Where the 4 season run across the days of the year just as swiftly as they sweep the street with different colors and temperatures.

    By Maha AbuRumman on 11.07.2013

  9. The man from the other side of the world called himself European. I called him weird, but he brought fun toys. Momma says the toys are the playthings of fools, but I don’t mind. There’s these little toy soldiers made of tin, and I Iike them the best.

    By LCDRformat URL on 11.07.2013

  10. They were going on a cruise but couldn’t decide where to go. The Mediterranean seemed a good bet for weather and it would be good to visit other European countries.

    By Alexandra on 11.07.2013

  11. You can tell when you are surrounded by people of taste and the desire to look they best. The european exhibit these qualities and are not ashamed to flaunt there inhibitions.

    By victor URL on 11.07.2013

  12. The life one stays in europe is simple and rich. One needs to study the european people if one wants to have a normal and an beautiful life. These days the european countries are good at football

    By prathmesh on 11.07.2013

  13. european and I am finnish. running through streets wearing only fishnets and a parka, yet nothing has been caught. i keep fishing for compliments, but only come up with unshaved legs and nostalgia. who decides what stocks the shelves and which color is the new black?

    By Ali on 11.07.2013

  14. Many Americans think anything that is European is somehow mystic or romantic. I’ve been there twice and I just get depressed. Yes, some cities have beautiful churches and museums but on the whole the entire continent makes me sad. Maybe I wasn’t with the right traveling partners, maybe it was my frame of mind. Who knows.

    By just a girl on 11.07.2013

  15. In our first semester our first paper is about european literature, specifically Greek and roman literature like homer, sophocles and plautus.

    By ananya on 11.07.2013

  16. I’ve yet to visit any country in Europe. My mother always wanted to go. It carries an air of majesty, romance. Something about the continent feels so regal, like it’s the getaway where you can realize all your dreams.

    By Ashi URL on 11.07.2013

  17. 1/2

    By hailey rose on 11.07.2013

  18. When I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, “A European.”

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.07.2013

  19. well la di da. she’s so european, she said. i for one was thrilled. so new to us, this young lovely with her unique look, her hairy legs and armpits, the way her lips curled when she spoke english with that lovely accent.

    By Lee on 11.07.2013

  20. I do not like Europe.

    By jrusch on 11.07.2013

  21. Everything is exacting and tailored. Steps and sips are small. There is effective navigation of the cobblestones. One takes the time to drink from china. Lipstick lines the rim, but is meticulously washed, and, for her part, artfully reapplied.

    By Elisa on 11.07.2013

  22. I stood on the edge of the famous fjords, looking down longingly at the rushing torrents below. I know it’s cold, and salty, and it’s a death sentence to jump, but I felt my feet shuffle their way forward slowly, silently, my mind abuzz with every wrong thing ever said, ever heard, every reason to jump. The air rushing up my head was exhilarating, and my eyes closed as the water sank into my pores, finally filling the emotional voids.

    By Samantha on 11.07.2013

  23. Like sports cars
    Or men that dress well
    With slick hair
    And slick shoes
    Accents and coffee
    Cigarettes and travel
    European adventure
    Eastern different feelings

    By Lauren on 11.07.2013

  24. European, im supposed to be european and not american, I swear it! my love for soccer, my appreciation for theatre and my hatred of baseball really leans towards european and not american.

    By Kayaus on 11.07.2013

  25. “A swim cap is required for all swimmers”. With this neon blue condom stretched over my skull, I’m feeling European. I could get used to this.

    By asavas on 11.07.2013

  26. My daughter has been living in London for over five years now. Five years when you are in your twenties feels like a choice. When she lived there for the first couple, it felt as though she had chosen to be European, and rejected us in the States. I think that’s just being young though.

    By Rose on 11.07.2013

  27. Every country was in his face, Asian and European, American and Australian. In the sun he seemed darker; in the dim lights of the pub at evening, darker. For all the years they had wandered together, not once had he ever looked the same.

    And not once had he ever, ever, looked so happy or so hopeful.

    By Anthony StClair on 11.07.2013

  28. She stood so tall. That her head blocked the sun. Her skin was a deep bronze and her eyes swallowed you whole. I had fallen for this women on first sight. She didnt even look at me.I wanted her I wanted her to be all mine and no one elses. I couldnt possible think of being another moment without her. I would make my move, I couldnt let her go.

    By Diamond on 11.07.2013

  29. Europe is a big place; it is annoying when people refer to something as European. It is a very large place with many different cultures, countries, religions, ethnicities etc. Therefore, yes, something may be European however it will also have much more specific roots. ie. I am very different in every way from someone who is from say Turkey, or Lithuania or Spain. As I said; Europe is a big place.

    By insanity rambles on 11.07.2013

  30. foreign person came to our our contr scared didnt know what to expect

    By grant on 11.07.2013

  31. I am not European,but I would like to visit Europe.

    By Allison on 11.07.2013

  32. “With the thickest brushstroke, I paint the midnight blue sky with steel grey train gray.”
    The Mightiest Line from The European, Tales by the Western Vagrant

    I pen the European
    certain that I’ve been
    clear in completion, but since then

    I’ve killed animals and
    eaten children
    Tis the season?

    Just the hunger.
    games I tell myself
    believable reasons

    No, just
    inconceivable. Really.. it’s a
    Murder spree
    so murder for me
    spin my victims full circle
    immolated by the third degree
    Thanks, psychotic pedigree, I
    chained the cats and the kids
    together, my satanic filigree.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 11.07.2013