August 5th, 2010 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “escape”

  1. She lay still, music playing softly in the back ground and the lights dimmed. Her body was sore after having been roughly worked over for the last hour. “Mmmmmmm,” she said, “A massage is always the perfect escape.”

    By Heather URL on 08.05.2010

  2. My first thought was the cliched, “I wish I could escape.” But that’s not even true. I do not wish I could escape. I like my life.

    By Loruu on 08.05.2010

  3. Oh, for god’s sake. I spend the week looking forward to this trip and now merely packing is just as bad a chore as everything I’m escaping from.

    By Lauren Scharf on 08.05.2010

  4. 1 week without speaking to you is like an eternity of evolution. Does evolving mean I shouldn’t hope you’ll be there when I’m fully grown? The great lakes are lonely.

    By Alexandra URL on 08.05.2010

  5. leave this house. go away. sleep. dream. leave. run. air.

    By boogerrr on 08.05.2010

  6. I took the earliest airplane out to the island to escape the monotony of my life. I could almost feel the sea breeze rustling in my hair as I lounged back in my first-class seat.

    By Ali URL on 08.05.2010

  7. Sometimes you just want out. What you have in your set little box is just to much for you right now. You have some much going on you cannot breathe…you reach out but there is no one to help set you free…

    By Cookie URL on 08.05.2010

  8. I’m safe here
    Cuddled up, arms around my legs
    Nestled in the cockles of your heart
    And I would never think
    Of slipping away into the night
    As I’ve done so many times before.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 08.05.2010

  9. i whent in a house and i had to ascape quick becuse it was scery.i am never going to do it agean.this is a fake story

    By kiyha URL on 08.05.2010

  10. At this point, escape seemed all but a dream. Three dreadful months she’d been locked in that tiny room alone. Three months she’d been fed little. Three months since she’d seen the sun.

    By chantelle on 08.05.2010

  11. He wanted to escape. The room was dark, the shadows stifling him, confining him. In actuality, he didn’t even know if he was trapped in a room, or in his own mind. The darkness was his only captor.

    By Theo Spendekas on 08.05.2010

  12. A deserted island at sunset.
    A good book.
    A new album.
    A walk in the park.
    A day with him.

    By Lindsay Rae URL on 08.05.2010

  13. Well this is interesting. Escape, what is it, truly? Those of us who try to escape are sometimes trapped instead. Is there ever really an escape or is the idea merely a disease. A disease of the mind to trick us humans into the philosophy of a greener grass on the other side.

    By Detia on 08.05.2010

  14. Lights made me escape from here – they always escape there

    By jason URL on 08.05.2010

  15. i look down. nothingness, for an eternity below me. all around is like this. emptiness. humanity, my own beloved humanity has turned on me. I need to escape, to get away. away from the nothingness that consumes me.

    By David Brandon on 08.05.2010

  16. “There’s no escape” roared the demon, the flames rising higher as Ted entered his Wal-Mart. “Rampant consumerism had captured your soul.” Ted cried in anguish as he threw another handful of cheap plastic doo-dads into his cart, feeling the burn on his flesh.

    By richpee URL on 08.05.2010

  17. For a second it was hard to tell that I was awake because It was so still and pitch black. I thought “This can’t be happening, not to me, this only happens in movies.” I sat there tied up in a chair, stiff as a board, my head aching, barely breathing, trying to hear any sign of the man. I listened closely and made out the sound of crickets so I assumed I must be near the woods. I sat there for what seemed like forever debating over whether I should even move to try and escape. The ropes around my hands weren’t very tight, as if whoever did this wasn’t expecting me to wake up. With great effort and sweat and blood on my hands, I managed to wiggle them free. I untied the ropes around my legs and got up from the metal, rusty chair. I felt around the dirty wooden floor and cut my hand on something, it was a saw. Next to it was a hammer and some other tools and garbage bags. I picked up the hammer. I felt around and found the door. It was locked from the outside but I bashed the door handle off. I ran out into the dark dense woods. I ran in one direction to get as far away from the shack as possible. I ducked under branches and dashed over fallen trees. I only ran for about 5 minutes and then I saw the headlights.

    By Ryan Mulhern URL on 08.05.2010

  18. God, I longed to escape this stifling classroom. I wanted nothing more than to be done with this stupid exam and to get on with my life. But no, I had to stay there, for integrity or some such shit.

    By LIndsey on 08.05.2010

  19. Run far away. I want to go home. This isn’t home, not like I wanted it to be. I want to be with him and with him I am happy. It is nice… love

    By andrea jennifer URL on 08.06.2010

  20. This is simple, just take one man put him in a box. Then take him out without telling anyone how he did it or how it happen.

    By Henrique on 08.06.2010

  21. My escape was so near.
    Almost. There.
    Their hand clamped down on my shoulder, shocking me like an icy bucket of water, leaving me gasping in panic.

    By krystal URL on 08.06.2010

  22. different quality of food

    By teena on 08.06.2010

  23. For me escape means going to our holiday place at St Leonards on the Bellarine Pennisular. it’s a small sleepy seaside town that had nothing special but it’s quite.
    It’s about 1 and 1/2 hours drive from home so not too far for a quick getaway!

    By kkitten URL on 08.06.2010

  24. i had to escape that evil that night,
    jump the fence in cold bare feet, salty tears wetting my clothes and body in pain.

    By caroline on 08.06.2010

  25. I tried to escape how I felt about my last relationship. It wasn’t easy. To this day it is still somewhat hard. I wish I could escape into another world where I can live a different utopian life, but we all know life isn’t perfect. We make mistakes so we can learn.

    By chloe URL on 08.06.2010

  26. you are my,
    and we will,)
    & temporary confines
    of on-lookers reading
    between the finest lines-
    our fate is our own,
    & our faith is strong
    whether or not we belong,
    it won’t be long before our eyes
    close as hard as we kiss.

    By doc. URL on 08.06.2010

  27. I tried to escape from my kidnapper clutches, but I got found out.My plan leaked out.Who leaked it out?! I didn’t tell anyone about it..

    By Caris on 08.06.2010

  28. I just cannot escape from the guilt of what I had just done.It was totally devastating and…
    Salty tears came out of my eyes.I can’t take this in.It is too big for me.

    By Caris on 08.06.2010

  29. The escape route was rocky and mossy. In the darkness, many of them slipped and fell, soaking themselves in the creek’s freezing cold water. The women, clad in their sheer cotton dress, began to shiver, and the men wrapped themselves tighter in their cloaks.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.06.2010

  30. How soon is too soon to say to someone “When I’m with you for an extended period of time, my smiling muscles start to hurt”? I love the time we spend together, and I love giggling along with her while all the world lay sleeping under starlight. Nightly, there and then, we suspend our disbelief. It’s my escape and hers – we’re more than fine with that.

    By fishiesinthesky URL on 08.06.2010

  31. Escape. Nightmares, thoughts, feelings, attitudes. We all try to escape from something in our lives, maybe a hurtful relationship.

    Me, I’ve found that I’ve been forced to escape. I hate it. I don’t want to anymore.


    By Taylor URL on 08.06.2010

  32. I have so much to do today. I just want to escape from all of the stress and pressure, but nah. I wanna know how things will turn out. Oh, curiosity.

    By Tralalala URL on 08.06.2010

  33. There is no escape from the drudgery that hangs over each day like a drop cloth, absorbing and absolving any joy that might splatter from a distance.

    By gino on 08.06.2010

  34. I need to escape from this place. Few people here understand me and the people I love are far from it. If I ocould take them withme I would be happy.

    By jonas on 08.06.2010

  35. I could escape. I knew it. I could see the opening, see where they had failed to cover. They closed in, their leering faces anticipating the fun they were about to have. Or weren’t about to have.

    I sprinted–but I was wrong. I couldn’t escape. They caught me.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 08.06.2010

  36. Understand this.
    I have choked before in timeless mists.
    I escaped them then, I’ll escape them now
    Back away your time has passed.

    By Aaron on 08.06.2010

  37. I stared out my window and wondered what it would be like to escape. To feel real freedom.

    By april93 URL on 08.06.2010

  38. wolken und wasser
    wellen aus luft
    körper kein käfig
    atmen lernen

    By c/o URL on 08.06.2010

  39. I must find an escape from this chamber! I still feel their cold hands gripping my arms, tight like iron vises. It smells of rotting flesh in here, and I can’t see a thing. If If I light a flame, will I see dead bodies lying about me, like dozens of scattered stars?

    By miatetangco URL on 08.06.2010

  40. I thought that I would escape myself. I reflected too long on the past, hoping to find the solution to the way life had been. Then one day I opened my eyes to today, and realized I could not escape myself. I would rather make the same mistakes hundreds of times instead of changing the fundamental me.

    By Evesreflections URL on 08.06.2010