December 6th, 2016 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “erase”

  1. erase Ersase, Es war und es wird sein. Man kann versuchen, es auszumerzen. Aber wahrscheinlich kommt es wieder, wenn es sein soll, wenn die Zeit des Verschwindens noch nicht gekommen ist. Es ist da und das heißt, dass es zu irgendwas gut ist. Also muss ich es annehmen, weil ich ja sowieso nichts dagegen tun kann.

    By Lisa URL on 12.06.2016

  2. I wanted to delete everything from my life. Erase it with a metaphorical wad of rubber and leave the eroded graphite behind. But everything was in ink, and unless I burned it, the story would remain. And I did not want to die by fire.

    Sitting by the bus stop, I drank from a lukewarm bottle of champagne and contemplated the events of the night. People shuffled past me, staring at my disheveled hair and tousled suit. Someone, they accurately thought, had been jilted.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.06.2016

  3. She closed her eyes and wished again fervently, desperately, that she could erase that memory. Her heart lurched in her chest and she couldn’t contain her thoughts, couldn’t stop herself from imagining it all over again. Familiarity hadn’t dulled the memory’s sting, in fact she felt like she was stuck in a rehearsed loop, reacting as she had before time and time again unable to keep her thoughts on the present.

    By Stella on 12.06.2016

  4. Erasing. it’s what I do a lot. I like to draw, and whenever I put my pencil down on the paper I always seem to mess up at least once. So my eraser is whittled down, and it’s blackened, but it’s beautiful and I love it still. Because it’s done so much good for me, how can I not

    By Casey on 12.06.2016

  5. It’s not possible to erase your past. To send it into oblivion, never acknowledging it. It forms you, becomes part of you, and you are who you are because of that past. You are the sum of your pasts. Every step along the way brought you to this place, today …

    By Alia on 12.06.2016

  6. The wind rolls through,
    Erase the SOS from the shore.
    The breeze blows in too…
    Cover up my cry for help
    A little more…

    Stare up into the sky
    Lie alone in the sand and shells.
    Watch the gulls soar by
    Wave to them “happy trails.”

    Yeah I suck at this. Not even going to use my real name this time.

    By Mitch on 12.06.2016

  7. “Gone” She thought absently as she witnessed the erasing of her brother’s mind. She smiled with a crazed look upon her face. “Soon I’ll be gone” She mused as the murderers hooked her up to the machine. “So much work, so much time, and for what?” She started to laugh. “To get erased! Ah, If they could see me now. They would laugh too. I think that they meant for this to happen, you know, that it would end this way.” She remarked. Her captors grunted at each-other surprised at all of the chatter their victim was making. “Oh, come on, does it really have to take that long.” She complained as the men were putting the last few wires into place. The man beside the control panel shrugged and inserted his I.D. card. The machine started to make the whirring, grumbling sound it did before when it took her sibling’s life. She smiled as the first few feelings of numbness came over her. Then suddenly she cried out. “No! I don’t want to die!” She screamed. “I know now! I know what I need to do!” The gang men struggled to keep her in her seat. “Call for help!” One of them ordered. “And get humiliated for needing help with this girl!” The other retorted. The girl suddenly went quiet. “There, told yer! That was easy!” The man said looking down at the body. “Yeah, well it was just in the heat of the moment.” Spat the other gang member sitting down. “Eh, whatever. Its done now. She’s definitely gone.” “Yep, erased” The two men left the room. But neither of them had noticed the pulled plugs, or that the body was breathing.

    By WolfHeart URL on 12.06.2016

  8. I was almost like they wanted me to take an eraser to all of my feelings.
    To start a new page in that journal,
    to write new stories on new lines;
    to forget you.
    And so, I picked up a pen instead,
    something none of their erasers could abolish..
    and I wrote the number five on the wall of my heart
    in permanent ink.

    By Lexy on 12.06.2016

  9. I want to erase my past. I’m tired of living in it, as I realized the past that I had was not a good one. I have been beaten and bullied, and no one, not even my parents stood up for me. I want to earn my past and start over, preferably if I wan never bullied to begin with.

    By Jacquel Chrissy May on 12.06.2016

  10. We want to erase the memories.

    The memories of hurt, regret and pain.

    Oh, maybe some happiness too.

    Because those who were part of those happy memories are no longer here.

    Oh well, that is how life works.

    If only there is a magical eraser to delete those moments.

    By DF on 12.06.2016

  11. If only you had an eraser for memories, for physical characteristics, for some people, and if only I could erase those words that are emblazoned in my mind forever : You are not enough.

    By poetgodfather on 12.06.2016

  12. There was a time when he wanted to forget every bad memory. If he could today, he would beg for even the worst to not be erased. When Alzheimer’s eats your memories…

    By Rums on 12.06.2016

  13. your hand was the eraser
    on my cheek, leaving
    behind the handprint shavings,
    and I forgot i loved you.
    i forgot you loved me.
    i convinced myself that
    love was pain, and that without it
    we couldn’t grow closer.

    belt buckles, blunt palms,
    fingers in my hair as
    they tried to steal the roots…

    don’t tell me we’re not how
    we should be: mother and daughter.
    you were the eraser, and you cannot
    just draw me into the complacent
    girl you wish.
    you cannot just erase the bad parts.

    and if you can, give me the
    stupid pencil, because i’ll
    be damned if i ever let you hurt me,
    him touch me, them leave me.
    i’ll be damned if i ever
    cry myself sick over things
    that weren’t my fault.

    By Pandatry on 12.06.2016

  14. you’re there, you’re gone
    you’re a moment in time
    you’re love lingers on
    even if no longer mine

    By smattc URL on 12.06.2016

  15. To delete something, get rid of, to remove, usually with and with variations of erasers. the prices removes the word but some traces might be left.

    By mehmet tatoglu on 12.06.2016

  16. Deleting, removing something from somewhere. Mostly a writing from a paper or computer; maybe a drawing.

    By Dilara on 12.06.2016

  17. He had written too much and he knew it. But he still sent the letter anyway. But when he saw the reaction to its message, he gasped. He knew that he should write so much when he was drunk and that he should have thought to erase everything he wrote. He faced his accusers and stood up straight. He was now committed.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.06.2016

  18. Erasing remembers me of a game that you need to “erase” to clear space for other games. And it remembers me of memories.

    By Bora on 12.06.2016

  19. i am so sorry. i wish i could erase all my disgusting impurities. i really was born this way. you love pure girls and that makes sense. i can never look at you with big innocent eyes. i have had sex and done drugs and i have not done much else. i am so so sorry i cant take it back for you.

    By georgia on 12.06.2016

  20. Erase to what. We can erase everything in our life. My habits, my love, my moments. I like forget everything by erase them.

    By Berk Saygın on 12.06.2016

  21. to delete what you’ve written before. It is more like correcting your mistake. You erase something to write something else in that place

    By Arda Kural on 12.06.2016

  22. Delete something on the paper by eraser, it is common used for deleting physically

    By lolololol on 12.06.2016

  23. How would our lives be if we could erase our mistakes in real life like we do in our writing? It would be so easy but life would be so boring as well. We wouldn’t be able to be better than the person we were yesterday. There would be no dynamism in the world.

    By idil on 12.06.2016

  24. Deleting a text or drawing from where it was it used more common deleting physically

    By lolololol on 12.06.2016

  25. Eraser, pencil, lab report, paper, word, mistakes, memory, tension, one, lead

    By Efe Gelibolu on 12.06.2016

  26. He looked down at his watch, then at his shoes, then met the gaze of his wife. He could tell she was disappointed in him, he only wished he could undo everything he said the night before.

    By Danny on 12.06.2016

  27. She never meant for the problem to blow up this big.

    She could swear to the whole world and bet every single penny she had that she never meant for the picture to be sent out to the whole entire student body. She thought that the little problem that they had would be erased by the private picture, except that it was more than just “private.” The picture was sent, unintentionally, to the whole student body in her school, and now, she was wishing for a power to erase the memories of everyone in her school.

    By Randompeepur on 12.07.2016

  28. You can erase so much different things. A writing, a drawing , mind and lot’s of different stuff. It’s basically deleting something that used to be there.

    By Efe Gelibolu on 12.07.2016

  29. Remember, during recess, the erasers, thwak thwak thwak thwaaaack. Against the west wall of our school, white chalky streaks, the feel of the gritty felt-side, the smooth camel colored chamois? The honor of inhaling all that dust and the 5 minutes of being outside alone. Without supervision, without anyone.

    By sharon on 12.07.2016

  30. Daily you hide it,
    or attempt to hide from it
    History fears it

    You would ERASE it’s past
    but my kind won’t allow that
    it is unbiased

    shows the real you
    and what you deserve in life
    “it” we call, “The Truth”

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.07.2016

  31. It’s Latin time!

    Si tu est recta,
    Ego vadam vobiscum
    usque exigo

    prudenter, fidens
    concero contra malum
    defendo mundus

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.07.2016

  32. remove, snuff out of existence. To forcible disentangle and liberate from the subconscious realm to alleviate the dysfunction of the abyss.

    By Matthew on 12.07.2016

  33. I quickly erased my wrong answer. I hate this job. O jeffery.

    By Jaedon on 12.07.2016

  34. erase

    By duhjufhfushafuhdf URL on 12.07.2016

  35. I wish I could erase myself from the world. I couldn’t commit suicide because everybody has memories with me. Everybody has pictures and letters and objects that are distinctly mine. Remember when Hermoine obliviated her family? I wish I could do that with myself.

    By Paige B on 12.07.2016

  36. I am going to erase my search history on google.

    By Simon Woodard on 12.07.2016

  37. I am going to erase my search history on google. It is a good thing to do so your parents do not see what you have searched.

    By Simon Woodard on 12.07.2016

  38. to take away … make no more … eradicate … need to correct. Sometimes we wish we could erase our past and rewrite it history. Too bad it’s not as easy as using an eraser.

    By Sandy Traugott URL on 12.07.2016

  39. white
    its dust falls like snow
    doesn’t it remind you of the ghosts on the road
    you used to walk when you smiled?

    naivety is your scourge,
    yet it blights you
    and it blights you

    this rubber shall not do anything.
    nothing will.

    By anothershadowbox on 12.07.2016

  40. To be able to erase all the bad programming in your brain and mind would be a godsend literally for your life. You could finally be aware of all the awesome things happening to you and around you every day. Be aware and be here.

    By trkstr67 on 12.07.2016