December 7th, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “pointer”

  1. “Don’t mind Simon,” I laughed, as my old hound snorted by my leg. “He’s quite the sniffer.”

    Riley smiled. “My dog’s quite the pointer,” they replied. “She just loves to just freeze up in that pose, as if she’s leading us to a grand new destination.”


    “Definitely love dogs.” Riley gave me a look. “You’re okay with cats, too, right?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.07.2016

  2. He used a laser beam as a pointer. Pointing here, pointing there on his rainbow colored chart. His hair was a mess in a good way, he was tall and lanky, the audience was in awe. I pointed my pointer finger at him, he looked my way, I grinned, he grinned back, and then he yelled out, “She’s the one.”

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.07.2016

  3. POINTER disappoints
    Not a word to inspire
    instantly as hoped

    Lowly internet
    what was born to incite
    intelligent thought

    rarely results more
    than rhapsodic, retarded,
    ridiculous rants

    also relentless
    rancid, repugnant, redone…

    as all these ‘R’ words
    clearly crude, clumsy,
    a cacophony

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.07.2016

  4. maladroit minefield,
    meandering miscreants
    with misguided minds

    Idiots unite
    in reading, listening and
    learning about life

    shutting the hell up
    until full of wisdom’s share
    and voice worth a care

    think well before post
    of your capricious comments
    and deeds ill purposed

    and no more lament
    my excessive usage of

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.07.2016

  5. Snip’ clip’ ‘quit’ ‘crip’ ‘skits’ tips are you for real wtf is that shit you need a bigger vocabulary Like Me I have more words then a libray I can bomb you like the military this flow is extraordinary your flow is only ordinary your stay here is preliminary as long as I am here you will always be secondary maybe you would get more to listen if you did not talk like pictionary your so called skill is imaginary to have you in this group is unnecessary I’ll make you see more red then bloody Mary how can you win when im your social secretary effecting your heart and lungs like cardiopulmonary when im done you will have zerro proprietary & equity I will dissect every extremity from the Beasts body as if it was a hobby you can’t stop me you will never make me brake I will show up for the Battle so early that im actually Late let me brake it down for you people that don’t see stright on how I demonstrate I would send a invite to Beast for a battle night on stage then soon as I see the opening of the drapes I will exspose your a fake and watch you flake when I squash you like a grape with your mouth silenced as if it was wraped in tape these words paints a landscape that you can’t Excape I can lock a beast in a gate when my words resonate I’ll make your brain feel like it was just Fucking raped im the strain in your brain that makes you complain I am fare from miley my words are ranked highly the O’ Mighty It’s not Miley It’s Mikie from Jax and Op every body knows me you are a abomination to all of creation and the nation you are puzzled on how to handle this configuration with It’s disputation keeping you locked in isolation An to answer your question No I never quit because Im to quick and I don’t give a shit watch how the vote go’s two for me and none for you like twix breaking your Beast 666 Just like I do to dirty politics shots fired with bannana clips I move through inconspicuous im anonymous with a bite like a hippopotamus

    By mike ford URL on 12.07.2016

  6. Pointer
    That dog will hunt
    Another boring meeting
    Boss and the stupid red laser
    Twitching my index fingers
    Like puppets conversing
    Need a little help
    A tip or two

    By poetwarrior on 12.07.2016

  7. I guess the first image is of a ginger and white dog, expressive but far-off expression, right front leg raised, tail erect. Magestic?

    By sharon on 12.07.2016

  8. ill give you a pointer.
    don’t. i said.
    well i thik you should
    DON”T i repeated. don’t fucking give me advice when i havent asked for it. well i didn’t say that but thought it.
    you need to
    blah blah blah!” i put my hands over my ears like a petulant child. then i started laughing at myself for being so ridiculous.
    mother had a frown on her face. she didn’t see the joke.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.08.2016

  9. I think I was a pointer. I aimed so high for the things in life that I felt so direct and aimed at you like an arrow preceding time.

    By wenjinq on 12.08.2016

  10. you used to always point out how inferior the things i loved were. you used to always point out the infancy of my thoughts and my attitudes and belittle them like i was a passing child struggling on a bike. that power of yours to keep pointing and pointing and scraping at my insides only thrives when i remain here for you to ridicule. my power is to gift you that, or to take it away, pointer.

    By wenjinq on 12.08.2016

  11. The pointer on the screen? Pointer. What does that even mean? This is is a hard one. I mean where is my life pointing? where is my life pointing? Maybe if I had a pointer over my head it’d make life easier?

    By Rhea on 12.08.2016

  12. Pointer. Zielen. Die Dinge auf den Punkt bringen. Leere. Wesentlichkeit. Nicht mehr abschweifen. Nicht mehr mein Leben füllen, mit Büchern, mit Bastelmaterial. Mit Essen. Mit Eile. Mit zu vielen Dingen, zu vielen Menschen, zu vielen Ansprüchen. Stattdessen Leere. Schlafen. Sitzen. Gehen. Schreiben.

    By Lisa URL on 12.08.2016

  13. The pointer rested on one word. The professor tried to move it, but his hand wouldn’t obey him. He and the class stared at the word. What point had he been trying to make? He swallowed and felt sweat dripping down his face.

    The word was “Liar”

    By chanpheng URL on 12.08.2016

  14. They heard the majestic ripples of the ocean kissing their boat. All of their unflinching gazes were fixed on the starry night sky, determined to find Dhruva – their Pole Star, the one who could lead them back home.

    By Rums on 12.08.2016

  15. They called her the Pointer. She was the whistle blower of the group. Always pointing fingers at who she knew was responsible for every mess up, no matter how small or minuscule. One day that job would give her lovely end of laying face down in a ditch with her throat slit.

    By Elise Rivera on 12.08.2016

  16. He moved the laser pointer around the room, showing off more than anything. The lime green light burned peoples eyes. They couldn’t say anything because of his position of power. You usually reprimand a child. This was not an instance where that was an option.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.08.2016

  17. “Oh look at that!” exclaimed Monty. He was walking on the beach with his mother’s help. Sun was setting, shining bright in his last moments. That seemed like a pointer to Monty’s life’s last moments. Monty was shining brighter than the sun!

    By Akshatha URL on 12.08.2016

  18. I move the pointer over your name.I keep caressing your Facebook profile picture.

    By someoneyouusedtoknow on 12.08.2016

  19. “I’ll give you a pointer Gary,” Ellery said pointing accusingly at her mentor. “Never even think about hurting a harmless animal unless it’s a spider or a mosquito or a tick or a cricket or a…”
    “Fly?” Gary said smiling.
    “No,” Ellery narrowed her eyes. “Never hurt a fly, especially one I have named.”
    “And you DON’T want to get on my bad side,” she warned, shaking her finger.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 12.08.2016

  20. The Civil Rights Movement

    By Dora Uribe on 12.08.2016

  21. I became a pointer in their life. You know, that person who everyone goes to for help, for comfort, for even just a bit of your love and attention. But when you start giving them your help, you’ve already pointer in the direction of the answer for these people.

    By Y-LAI LE on 12.08.2016

  22. Allow me to give you a pointer, the snake said to the rabbit creeping through the overgrown yard. I may be poisonous and you may not be inclined to heed any warning I might offer… but I do warn of other poisons disguised as food. They’re scattered throughout the yard ahead of you. Beware!

    The rabbit scoffed.

    By Lee on 12.08.2016

  23. That kid is a pointer. He points at a lot of people. he like to point at people with his pointer finger.

    By Simon Woodard on 12.08.2016

  24. “Well, come here, dear,” she said, gesturing with her wrinkled pointer finger. There was no way I was going anywhere near that witch. Just last week, two of my friends came up missing. I’m here for answers, not to become missing myself. “Cake?” she offers. “I hope Hansel didn’t fall for this,” I thought.

    By srhsrhsrh on 12.08.2016

  25. Miles struggled to put aside his hatred. Of course it was easy for everyone else in the class. They all had two friggin hands with which to build their stupid bridges. Miles looked at the pile of popsicle sticks in front of him and then glanced over at the twins. No surprise there, Mia and Leaf had pooled their resources and already had quite the bridge built. Leaf caught Miles’ eye, winked and whispered,
    “Let me give you a pointer, the taller your bridge…”
    “The easier it is to break.” Finished Mia.
    As if to illustrate their point, both pushed down on the middle of their bridge and it immediately fell to pieces.
    They smiled at him, “The bigger they are…”
    Miles cracked a smile. “The harder they fall.”

    By Connor URL on 12.08.2016

  26. dicks. dicks. dick.s
    sdsdsi would love to feel the sweet release of death right about now.

    By bitchtits on 12.08.2016