November 1st, 2011 | 427 Entries

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427 Entries for “epiphany”

  1. something that appears out of nowhere in your mind. an idea.something brilliant.something you have been thinking of for a long time that just suddenly came to life in thought. like a light bulb on my mind. an awesome idea!

    By Paul Benzi URL on 11.02.2011

  2. hello ,u r a noob so extreme noob epic ly noob definetly not a pro hu confirm a noob epiphany

    By nobel on 11.02.2011

  3. hello ,u r a noob so extreme noob epic ly noob definetly not a pro hu confirm a noob epiphany

    By nobel on 11.02.2011

  4. Um… I may not know want epiphany is but I will use the word! EPIPHANY! EPIPHANY!

    By Twerewolf URL on 11.02.2011

  5. I had an epiphany during math class and got one-hundred percent on my math test.

    By Giraffe URL on 11.02.2011

  6. The other day I had an epiphany that I need to start being nicer to my brother. My epiphany was weird. My brother had an epiphany and finally figured out that he better do his homework or he won’t play sports anymore. Duh little bro.

    By bean! URL on 11.02.2011

  7. what does epiphany mean? does it mean that you find something out?something you can do? or is it something you can find at school? could it be a sudden reveation or answer? ot allof us know these things. we just need to find out what some wordss mean. lets look in a dictionary for the definition

    By mccrazy URL on 11.02.2011

  8. i discovered the epiphany in my life :D

    By Legit Llamas URL on 11.02.2011

  9. If the man didn’t have an epiphany he wound have commited suicide. The sudden epiphany showed the detective how to find the terrorist organization.

    By bowman URL on 11.02.2011

  10. I ahd an epiphany during linch today and had to finish eating fast.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 11.02.2011

  11. today i learned what epiphany means.it means that everything just made sence to you

    By Celliana URL on 11.02.2011

  12. He is a universe in himself. A galaxy in the empty cavity between ribs of paper. He’s changed and altered all of who he is, ripped apart his beliefs and reconstructed his soul. When he was younger he used to believe good things came to good people, that no good thing died. But the damned control our fates while the wicked rule our minds. And this awful epiphany made his existence. Death will cheat out of all you hold dear in this good world. So he reformed his mind and adapted to hostility. And the universe of him is all but a thousand different hims to change to. He is never one, he is thousands. He’s learnt to pretend in order to survive.

    By Saskia URL on 11.02.2011

  13. Sudden epiphany. I know exactly what you’re talking about. You know exactly what I’m talking about. But we both disguised it.

    By laughalot on 11.02.2011

  14. something that i actually wish i could experience. i think i have yet to actually have one of these. maybe one day i’ll get one. or not. who knows. i just want to be happy. it doesn’t have to be sudden. just has to come eventually. that’s all i really want. no grand realization. just to be able to wake up and feel content with everything around me.

    By nicole lopez on 11.02.2011

  15. When i had an epiphany i thought oh my god this is how i’ve been living my life?
    From that day on i started to live life to the fullest.
    You should too.
    Smile :)
    Everyone deserves happiness.

    By Noob on 11.02.2011

  16. A light-bulb over the head. A celestial realisation. And all around me white tendrils of mist illuminated by a sudden knowing of what was right. What I had to do. Finally. The knowledge was airborne and light and lifted me up beyond reality to a white perspective of pure truth.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.02.2011

  17. The idea came to her suddenly.
    “If I re-route the pipeline back into the coolant sector we can reduce the heat of the barium crystals and save the ship!”
    The android whirred with the calculations,
    “Where do ideas come from in humans? Organic spontaneity is hard to compute.”

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.02.2011

  18. I know what the word epiphany means. Or maybe I don’t becuase I’ve never felt it. I ae’nt felt a lot of things. I want to go trhough everything. I want to go through life. What is an epiphany? it sounds like elephant. I want ot have an epiphany. I want to live life and have fun. Maybe having an epiphany will amke me feel worth it?

    By Lathika Mouli on 11.02.2011

  19. so i had an epiphany the other day. it was a good one. i think it changed my life. my name is Tiffaney and i had an epiphany. oh now life looks so different. i want a different word. mmemehhh

    By Paris Kissel on 11.02.2011

  20. I had an epiphany recently, it was that my father has left, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I will never stop believing that he will return though, he will. I know he will, but deep down, I know he won’t ever come back. But I won’t stop believing.

    By Brigid URL on 11.02.2011

  21. Upon hearing my voice in the radio for the first time as I was speaking with a local RJ, I felt a strange kind of epiphany, a pseudo-achievement syndrome you might argue, but nevertheless a true experience for me. Speaking of “epiphany”, the first time I remember encountering the word was when I was studying industriously for my GRE exam. Following this I saw the word in T-Payne’s music album.

    By Arun on 11.02.2011

  22. we were in music at 7 am morning.

    By Terry on 11.02.2011

  23. i just had an epiphany, why not write something down? just for the fun of it? no sense, just my thoughts, all splattered out on this greyish area, in a language there isn’t even mine, so an epiphany? suddenly i get this great idea, and I do it. thats probably the most important thing.

    By Laura on 11.02.2011

  24. clearing of the variables of a situation showing the truth of the matter

    By LMO on 11.02.2011

  25. testing whether i can copy this after i write about epiphany. I have recently had an epiphany that others have blogs and I should have one too. I’m not sure what i will write about but it would be good to get my thoughts down in writing to keep track of things i’m learning through books, classes, at work, etc. Also general tech news updates. I could post to twitter and cace

    By Danielle on 11.02.2011

  26. it means to know. MY MOM WILL KNOW

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 11.02.2011

  27. I really don’t know what epiphany is so Im think it is becoming aware of something.

    By Frankenbob URL on 11.02.2011

  28. When you suddenly become aware of something.

    By elayna baca URL on 11.02.2011

  29. i don’t know what epiphany means

    By Mr.geek URL on 11.02.2011

  30. i dont know what it is but i think it is to do with idk!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Sydney URL on 11.02.2011

  31. I had an epiphany of crating a better place with no problems at all!

    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 11.02.2011

  32. now i know what an epiphany is . it is trying to solve a problem. i think

    By shminky URL on 11.02.2011

  33. i had an epiphany about when i just realized i hit a home run and didnt know it

    By Noah Gray URL on 11.02.2011

  34. i don’t know what this word means. i think it’s when you try to solve a problem or something. i don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i had a dictionary!

    By zoe lewis URL on 11.02.2011

  35. yesterday I had an epiphany, I woke up in the middle of the night and than it hit me! I wasn’t in love with her, I just liked the idea of being with her. It had never been more clear than that night, and I felt like I should act on it. So I got out of bed, walked to her house and told her everything.

    By Tess on 11.02.2011

  36. Like an epiphany, I discovered the truth. Like a lighting striking me, everything was very clear. Like a sudden burst of flame from a candle.

    By stripes URL on 11.02.2011

  37. There was the day I was walking through the field behind my parents house and down to the lake. He was lying there bleeding, gasping for breath, seeming to say, “do something!” So I did. I can’t talk about it now, but that was the day that put me in this place.

    By Bryan URL on 11.02.2011

  38. Epiphany. Epiphany. Epiphany. Epiphany. Epiphany. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Epiphany. Epiphany. Epiphany. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    By danielle scott URL on 11.02.2011

  39. I had an epiphany regarding the state of humankind while working retail. most people are self-centered. Not just regular “selfish” self-centered. But they’re rude and they don’t care about other people and they just refuse to accept the fact that they might just be wrong.

    By Elizabeth Weatherford on 11.02.2011

  40. A sudden epiphany and my mind was opened like the blue sky after a fresh winter snow. The answer was clear to me now; I knew what I had to do. With this epiphany in mind, I walked toward my goal: the inescapable consequence of truth.

    By Sara Ries on 11.02.2011