October 17th, 2012 | 403 Entries

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403 Entries for “entrance”

  1. I would put the rabbits in the entrance but Cassie next to check on the door and the poppy pills aren’t working yet … don’t want them chewing the cardboard ! It’s noisy ! … and messy.
    They ate the cables though…

    By Kim on 10.18.2012

  2. entrance
    we like to enter into the abysmall fortress known to mankind as earths most uterlly worst time to burst exploit and disperse into unity community fluently productively protracting reaction to fact with zero fact and bias to opinion based on limitancy of imitancy please end me if you dont want to use me

    By Dan URL on 10.18.2012

  3. gate pass for entering into a building or any other place with boundary.
    entrance examination

    By vidhula on 10.18.2012

  4. The first time he went to her place, she was painfully aware that she didn’t have much of an entrance. Just a grubby foot mat encouraging a nice day all round.

    By alleycat on 10.18.2012

  5. the door was open and the ants were all darting through as if their lava colored skin was effecting their speed. How meekly the girl stood at the door, watching the ants trickle past. They were like a wave of fire and she was terrified of being burned. As her eyes widened, she became faint and wondered about fears.

    By Michael Bryant on 10.18.2012

  6. Enter… Proibition. Restriction. New friends. new ways of seeing life.

    By Marina on 10.18.2012

  7. She squeezed her hand between the rockface entrance scraping the skin off her knuckles

    By visage URL on 10.18.2012

  8. An entrance is simple. A tiny thing that opens up into endless possibilities. Creates a million different opportunites, a million relationships, a million smiles. It can tumble you into a world of love or hate or sadness or happiness. It’s a gateway into the unknown.

    By 15edorsh on 10.18.2012

  9. The entrance to my heart is closed
    Never come near or you’ll be locked out
    Feelings will be hurt but never will I mean it
    I could never love you
    She could
    Why chose me when I’m incompetent
    Others love more
    Chose them, not me
    No experience and none have loved me before
    Let me go.

    By Amarie URL on 10.18.2012

  10. The neon sign was captivating, and for a good fifty seconds I stood and stared, captured by its warm inviting glow. There was something hopeful about it, something exciting, like a glimpse of a future with flavours of reminiscence, nostalgia, the familiar. I was lost in the feeling until the bouncers ushered me in…

    By Barber on 10.18.2012

  11. door handle heaven stairs store exit ent emt ambulance trance mystified fortune teller hawaii five o revolving door double door red massive hotel chandelier lobbies couches receptionist

    By PS on 10.18.2012

  12. “There it is!”
    Parker and Steven inched through the swampy muck and moved toward the dark opening in the towering stone wall.
    “Are you sure this is the entrance?” Steven questioned with an uneasiness that both boys felt.
    “It has to be,” Parker stated.
    He pulled out the yellowed paper they’d found in his Aunt’s attic and studied it again. He glanced up at the wall and noted the odd-shaped stone that stuck awkwardly out from the rock. He pointed as he gently elbowed Steven.
    “There’s the marker.”
    They both grew silent as their eyes lowered again to the dark opening. Steven swallowed.
    “Still want to do this?”
    Parker nodded.
    “Don’t get chicken on me,” he whispered.

    By Cim on 10.18.2012

  13. Like Lee explained Pete found the entrance after the third tree on the left. The forest was thick with trees and bushes it’s amazing he even found the little green wooden door. He knocked and waited. A cold breeze was blowing. Suddenly something slippery and furry hit his neck. He turned around and just then the little green door began to open.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.18.2012

  14. The entrance was blocked by the throbbing mass of people. She could feel a droplet of sweat making its way from under her bra wire down to her belly button. The young couple in front of her was canoodling, oblivious to the hullabaloo that was surrounding them. She felt sick.

    By ashoge14 on 10.18.2012

  15. the doors open, I am undecided to go in or stay. entrance? exit? where to? why?

    By Rachel URL on 10.18.2012

  16. Entrance. Entrance to what? Why am I going somewhere? I’m already where I need to be. Some places have an entrance that is awesome while others have an entrance that just makes me want to keep walking. Awesome entrance: Rainforest Cafe. Awful entrence: any mall I have ever been in. If you want people to go into your store, you need to make it so they see the entrance.

    By kyleprust on 10.18.2012

  17. It’s covered with weeds and webs, ant trails and sawdust. He was a carpenter, now he’s just a bum. He sits there, collecting copper in a cup at the foot of my entrance.

    By Nico on 10.18.2012

  18. You could touch the stars, my friend, if only your toes weren’t nailed to the floor. Our entrance to heaven is covered in clouds. Legs that try to walk only stumble, wrists are shackled, our weary hearts are matted with scars. But power is not in a steady hand, it’s having the fear, the terror, and still walking into the flames with your heart wide open.

    By genahtastic on 10.18.2012

  19. She was given a set of brass keys to view a new flat. She felt excited. She arrived at the entrance after checking her A to Z.. It was 11 am. Her boy friend stood with her for support. It seemed like a friendly neighborhood. It was a blue door with a gold knocker. She noticed the immaculate front garden with a small cluster of red roses. She pulled the keys out of her hand bag. She put the key in the lock and turned slowly. Would this be her new home?

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.18.2012

  20. Noun:
    Where you get in

    Making room for yourself to get in

    Slight changes in pronunciation
    can really change everything
    you know.

    By icfasntw on 10.18.2012

  21. Last night she dreamt that she visited heaven. She saw the outline of the entrance. It was amazing. All she could see was this amazing white light and beautiful beings that seem to hover then vanish. She heard her name gently called. Her body shook. She wanted to wake up then she felt herself being guided through the entrance. She struggled to see. She felt overwhelmed with pure love. A voice said, “Don’t struggle. Just be”.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.18.2012

  22. A gateway to another place. Leaving behind never looking back, walking forward in it’s entirety. A entrance will not always be a rustic door, leading you to stairs on your way home, but can be a person or a place as well. Leading you forward in life.

    By Jeff on 10.18.2012

  23. There is no doorway to this entrance I see.
    No doorway, but a gate.

    For I can see through these wrought iron bars, reach a hand through, and feel the whispers of what could be on my very fingertips.

    And yet it remains locked, a entrance that I cannot take.

    By Alysn Forbes on 10.18.2012

  24. the entrance to heaven will be like no other. i will be in awe, it will be more than fantastic. words cannot describe how the burden of this life will be lifted. something better than this place.

    By ralphiegoesgrrr on 10.18.2012

  25. The lads arrived at Disco Mania at 9 pm. The queue was massive. Kim and Cleo were waiting for them inside, dancing to, “Get Down On It”. Two powerful looking bouncers stood at the entrance with their walkie talkies snug against their thick waists. One bouncer spoke sharply. “Only 20 more people allowed in, after that. No more”. Jeff and Mark looked at each other, already resigned. Would they get in?

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.18.2012

  26. by what means can i get through?
    there are no holes and tell tale cracks with light seeping through.
    lead the way, even of we must go around in circles
    but when i find the exit, remember it is the entrance to someplace else.

    By Abhineeta on 10.18.2012

  27. Entrance go inside there’s is juice and you will love life. All to the ugliest is it uncommon to do so? Can we be along together as one. Impossible. To love is to hate, most of the time. Don’t cry it isn’t that serious. Well it I but what can be done. Nothing special just relax and let the rise take you because this is all you have and then there is nothing silence darkness entrance to another nothing possible I hope there is but I know thre isn’t

    By Elle Niel on 10.18.2012

  28. The entrance to the graveyard looked so lonely, looking for victims to wander in. Surely no good could come from a place like that.

    By Zachary Williams on 10.18.2012

  29. Large and open, the door was more magnificent than anything he’d ever seen. Faced with the choice, he would’ve preferred to merely stand and study the detailing on the wood, as well as every chip and crack he could find. It added to it all; it made the magic real.

    By Miah URL on 10.18.2012

  30. im vulnerable to this point …. i have knocked they have answered… i welcomely enter… this is a daily life of the city of sin a friendly environment…. please let temptation show you the way and we will be there. Your curiosity is our entrance.

    By OnlyMy2Cents on 10.18.2012

  31. A path to life and a entrance to heaven a entrance to life is a entrance of hope a entrance to a path is a intrance to your voice!

    By Hope on 10.18.2012

  32. The entrance way was blocked. I could not go in the entrance way soon opened up.

    By Destiny on 10.18.2012

  33. the entrance to a house could be big and small ,but the entrance to my home is one I’m looking for ward to at the end of the day.

    By michelle on 10.18.2012

  34. The entrance to the office building was very big. The doors were black with gold handles. People were walking through the entrance.

    By Madison on 10.18.2012

  35. the entrance to the that house has a lock on the front of it.

    By luis on 10.18.2012

  36. as i watch so many people go in and or out though a door sort of an entrance.

    By wyatt on 10.18.2012

  37. in the entrance of my room there was standing my dad:)

    By Kilee on 10.18.2012

  38. I walked to the entrance of the store and saw a puppy!

    By Rebekah on 10.18.2012

  39. The entrance to hevan is at my saviours feet. I love him with enticing love. People are saved by his love and abandions every sin. the sinners wish to enter but they can not get by the lords feet.

    By Rachel S on 10.18.2012

  40. The entrance can be anything you want it to be. It can be the entrance to somebody’s heart. Or the entrance to the world.

    By Sierra on 10.18.2012