April 29th, 2013 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “enemies”

  1. The start as friends but then they leave you. You can’t trust them, though you want to. They want you to trust them, so they can mess up your mind. They trick you. No matter what they will never be there for you. They

    By Leana on 04.30.2013

  2. Sometimes I lay in bed at night, staring up at my ceiling and wondering about the people that cause harm. To myself, to my loved ones, or to the population in general. I know we all have our mistakes, our regrets, our losses. Are we all enemies of one another, then? Enemies of ourselves, even?

    By Gyarados on 04.30.2013

  3. Enemies. More often than not are friends one does not like. People who you smile at in person and scowl at in private. You spread gossip about them. You tear them apart. You hate your enemies, but your enemies do not know how much or if you even hate them at all.

    By Liz on 04.30.2013

  4. My personal enemies lay deep within me. The fear of having a bad day. Stepping on the wrong foot. Not succeeding in my efforts.

    By Angie on 04.30.2013

  5. foes

    By lace on 04.30.2013

  6. why don’t we make peace
    why don’t we go along instead of against each other
    why do we hack and slay away at our lives
    when we could improve them by cooperating
    why is my genome more precious than yours
    why would you and i merge to make something better.

    By berenique on 04.30.2013

  7. Enemies… what to write about enemies? We all have them, we all dislike them, but should we? I’ve heard people say the things you don’t like in other people are reflections of what you dislike about yourself. If this is true, should we get closer to our enemies or further from ourselves?

    By Isabel Pinaud on 04.30.2013

  8. Enemies
    What does that even mean, really?
    Every enemy I have now used to be the closest to my heart
    I could tell you about Evelin
    Evilin, is how I think of her now
    She was there for me until I needed her most
    Then slithered under a rock and never resurfaced

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca on 04.30.2013

  9. As much as I’d like to say I don’t have any enemies, I have several. And honestly, it’s my fault. It’s because of my flaws, and all I’ve got to do is accept it.

    By Katheryn on 04.30.2013

  10. are just cases of friendship gone sour.. They tend to know a lot about you like your friends and hate you at the same time.. And to me Hate is just love gone bad… So enemies are our secret friends who spice up our life by presenting challenges and obstacles in all we do, and yet are a necessary part of life. So just like we thank god for good friends, pray also for honorable enemies, for they teach you much more than friends do.. And also it means that you had the guts to stand for something worthwhile in life… period.

    By Sagnika Dutta on 04.30.2013

  11. sometimes there is no moral dilemma.
    sometimes the choice seems more like
    pitting a banquet against
    a single loaf of bread.

    sometimes we make friends
    out of shadows

    and cry when they’re chased away.

    maybe i never asked for a candle
    in my room.

    maybe i romanced the abyss
    before it ever even saw me.

    maybe i’ve always been blinded
    by the light
    and i pined for a reprieve.

    By hel bentley on 04.30.2013

  12. enemies are everywhere no one wants to see them to admit that they exist there are far fewer good people than bad crazy jealous intimidating selfish narcissistic assholes

    By Box of Rain on 04.30.2013

  13. He walks out of the science building, and I know it’s him right away. Hands in his pockets, head bent down. I try not to look, I try to walk past him, but he waves at me, and my sad smile stops me in my tracks. I keep making enemies left and right, it seems because I can’t keep my heart from screwing things up.

    By Marissa URL on 04.30.2013