November 15th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “employees”

  1. The employees of the factory were on strike. Unfortunately, you can’t be on strike and work at a weaponry factory during a war. They will kill you. And that’s just what they did.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.15.2012

  2. Employees are never doing what they should do in Shop Rite. Either they are talking on their cell phones or their talking crap about the previous customer to the next. That’s not work ethic and will never be. Sometimes I wish I had their job so I could school them in it.

    By Nikki on 11.15.2012

  3. I have employees. I work at a company. But I don’t really treat them as employees. Aren’t we all employees. Employed to do what, though? What to do in this life? Is this life a job? Or is it a career? Are we free to do as we please? Do we need to earn our keep? What is there to do? Employees working for what? What is our paycheck? What is our pension? Do we get a bonus?

    By fichtion URL on 11.15.2012

  4. we are thinking we are nouns we are insipid, also flowery juicy and ripe. we can’t help but be what we are unless we are willing to be bosses which we aren’t usually. we can dig in dirt or dream up landscapes but that is not enough. we can house ourselves with this meager compensation but also daringly daringly toll final bells.

    By Chesa Peake on 11.15.2012

  5. I think of all the tiny golden placards Stephens name has taken up over the years. He doesnt even do that much, I think he just has a knack for telling when someones watching; and what would impress people the most. Other people like Dorothy never get employee of the month because theyd rather go home and look after their sick child or do a good deed without accidentally having a microphone attached. I like Dorothy, but I usually always talk to Stephen, or Steve as I call him.

    By Disillusioned on 11.15.2012

  6. Grudging.
    Take (n) advantage of.
    All sorts.

    By Melody URL on 11.15.2012

  7. are lazy no one wants to work. work is a joke, there is so much more to do than just keep working and working. employees are fictional characters. fuck order and positions.
    you are your own boss.

    By Monika Minnigerode on 11.15.2012

  8. are lazy, no one really wants to be working lets be honest. The work traverse is what I like to avoid. Work is a joke, there are so many other things to be done.
    be your own boss.
    employees are fictional characters.

    By Monika Minnigerode on 11.15.2012

  9. No one should be an employee. The world would be better. Noone would have a gripe or a grudge. Some would be busier than ever. Others would lie in hammocks. Balance.

    By nannan URL on 11.15.2012

  10. The employees were frantic. News had arrived that the hurricane would come in less than two hours, devastating everything they had discovered, everything they had planned for. They knew countless facts about human hybrids, but failed to construct a secure building to carry out their experiments in.

    By Kristina URL on 11.15.2012

  11. An employer named Mark for Atrius Industries hated his job. He decided to go up to his boss and scream at him. He threw down his pencil, briskly walked up to his boss’s office and yelled “Fire me!!!”. His boss, Jack, laughed “Oh, Mark…you’re one of the greatest employees in my company. I cannot fire you!”

    By Trevor on 11.15.2012

  12. Being an employer for Dunder Mifflen prepared me for nothing but sitting on my desk. Until today. I heard a woman screaming for help, which wasn’t unusual considering Anna, my colleague who whines and complains about basically anything. But…it turns out, Anna was being devoured by another colleague of mine, Joe. I didn’t want to think he was a cannibal, but didn’t want to think about the most ridiculous and insane thought that I had in my mind just then… that my best friend and colleague, Joe, was a zombie.

    By Trevor on 11.15.2012

  13. Employess can be good, bad and indifferent. I have had employees but would never go down that path again. Too hard. Managing staff is not an option I would choose again.

    By Helen T URL on 11.15.2012

  14. Employees, business and intelligence. Hard working and hardly paid the amount that they’re due. Always diligent and under appreciated that’s what we employees are. Door mats to society. Wipe your feet on us on the way in.

    By Eva on 11.15.2012

  15. There’s a world that is not the world we all know. The world of an employee. It’s like that of a superhero. They’re like us at the start of the day looking as normal as can be until the step through the portal to their world. Then they become the employees.

    By Mami on 11.15.2012

  16. bees
    swarms of mindless pods
    they work for her.

    By gwen URL on 11.15.2012

  17. are good, hard workers, busy for the moment, well payed, efficient,

    By s on 11.15.2012

  18. We rose up in defiance against the one in charge. He was no match for us. We stormed the building and never had to do any of this boring crap again.

    …I wish…

    By Bizzle URL on 11.15.2012

  19. We were all employees squashed under the boot of our manager.

    By Jess URL on 11.15.2012

  20. … either work hard, or not at all. They may hate their job, or view it as a way to earn money and do what they enjoy.

    By Rae G on 11.15.2012

  21. Employees – there they stand, sweating, burger flippers in their hands. McDonald’s drive-through. Gathering between customers, commiserating. No one wants to be there. The manager strolls by, and they all straighten up for a moment until she passes, then they complain again.

    By Ariel Moore on 11.15.2012

  22. Employees of the bee kingdom. Slaving on and on, sucking the blood of flowers.
    the vampires of nature
    honey, she cried

    By ella URL on 11.15.2012

  23. They work in a office, factory, building or anywhere possible. They can do simple little jobs, no one knows about, or you can be an employee at Kit Kat’s Factory. They work under one person. They are not the boss. They do what their employer tells them to do.

    By Erica on 11.15.2012

  24. I hate my boss.
    I hated being bossed around.
    Ever since I was young, I’d laugh at my elders and sing-songingly say that I’ll be my own boss. That didn’t work out. I don’t have any employees, I’m the employee

    By Endless Waltz URL on 11.15.2012

  25. The last one into the interviews.

    She’s scruffy, underdressed in both clothes and qualifications. I ask her what she was thinking of, dressing like that to a job interview.

    She replied that she didn’t have the money for any better clothes.

    I hired her on the spot.

    By Callie on 11.15.2012

  26. As I walked in I looked around the store and wondered what strange compulsion caused this woman to only hire blonde, petite employees and why she had hired me. They all looked similar, with round dimpled faced and smiles that seemed to never falter but never seemed to reach their eyes either. As one of them approached me with a huge smile I self consciously tried to fix my badly dyed hair which at certain situations could pass off as “fun” or “interesting” or even “quirky!” but surrounded by these little blonde girls I looked like a really tall smurf. OH MY GOSH ARE YOU THE NEW EMPLOYEE? I’M KENDALL. I wondered if my eye was twitching like on the cartoons. Immediatly I admonished myself for being so judgemental. I smiled nervously, Yep. Hi. Nice to meet you. Anna.


    By steph URL on 11.15.2012

  27. As the owner of a small business, I have to deal with many problems. However, never in my wildest dreams would i have thought an employee uprising would be one of them. The employees killed my family and set fire to the whole town.

    By Matthew Gagliardi on 11.15.2012

  28. A slave job, something you are once you learn how to heed to every order of a superior. Idiots, why don’t they just make their lives useful? Like travelling….

    By Asha on 11.15.2012

  29. employees should be loyal to there employer. but in our world that isn’t always the case… these days.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.15.2012

  30. He had enchanted and employed a number of her garden ornaments, including a plastic flamingo that now took tickets, charging admission for letting people into his backyard. She grumbled as she dug through her garden; why couldn’t the stupid wizard enlist his own garden ornaments?

    By Joy URL on 11.15.2012

  31. They have lost faces, turned pastel and
    putrid, tired and puckered and lined
    and and and
    there’s nothing left for us here.

    But a dodgy overpriced soggy sandwich.

    Someone help me
    help me spell
    help me find a job
    help breathing.

    By steve on 11.15.2012

  32. The employees sat in their boxed-in cubicles and plotted what to do next. It was grey. Everything was soft, and stale coffee lingered on their clothes. Their boss had locked himself in his office and refused to come out for the rest of the day.

    “Should we just go home?”
    “Or should we try to drag him out of there?”

    They eyed the clock and thought what a nice afternoon it would be outside..

    By heather on 11.15.2012

  33. employees? there are two kinds. some who steal shit, some who just dont really GIVE a shit at work. idk, i guess theyre whatever. i wouldnt wanna hire some shit employee if i knew they were going to do poor, so i guess its kinda whatevahs. i hope this isnt gonna be posted on line. lawlz. now THATd be interesting.

    By Jenn on 11.15.2012

  34. people who work for other people duh? the people you love to associate with and hate to be with. working together to achieve the goal, however mundane or impressive. the boss man’s frenemies. forever the underdog, doing all the work, building up the resume maybe? enjoying the $$ unlike the unemployed.

    By christina on 11.15.2012

  35. Employees
    Shark Week
    Uhh… Panic..
    Gimme a raise!
    A few seconds left.
    Last chances.
    Regrets. Mistakes. Choices.
    The end.

    By Lee Wright on 11.15.2012

  36. those who work under another.
    our comrades and companions.
    yet, those we love to hate.
    it is a mundane word to some,
    but the proud words of a victim of layoffs.

    By spohn11 URL on 11.15.2012

  37. the proletariat. The working person. People do services for other people, often in the employ of others. There are many employees where I work, but my job is to make others work for me. Maybe I should call my students employees. Would they work harder? Take more initiative?

    By Rachel URL on 11.15.2012

  38. The employees were working hard, with each of their fingers beating away at the keys. It was five minutes till time to go home on a Friday, and they were hurriedly completing the last bit of work they had to finish before the weekend began.

    By Kelsey on 11.15.2012

  39. i want to trust my male employees, i want them to be my friends, but something is holding me back. probably because they all hit on me like i’m only a prize, a trophy. i have substance. i’m more than a pretty face.

    By kate on 11.15.2012

  40. My fellow employees had personalities comparable to rocks and boulders.
    Not very lively fellows.
    Not the kind of people you would expect to work at a Nursing home.
    Bitter adults taking care of even bitter, even more adult people.
    Not so gusta.

    By AngelDuCiel on 11.15.2012