November 15th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “employees”

  1. She looked around at her fellow employees. “What am I doing?” she thought to herself, “I don’t belong here. I don’t want to be stuck doing the same boring desk job, with the same boring people, with the same boring life. How will I ever find out who I want to be if I don’t try to find myself first?” The first step seemed obvious. So, when the elevator door opened to her floor, instead of getting out, she hit the button for the main floor and headed back down to start pursuing her dreams.

    By Maddie on 11.15.2012

  2. I’m not an employee. I respond to no one. I work for my share and that is all. I am my own boss.

    By neen1794 on 11.15.2012

  3. They’re people who stand around at the water cooler. They talk about work, life, what to do later, but really, they’re just passing time in the grey office world til they can leave. People are friendly. Who knows, maybe one friendly person will meet another person there and something special could happen

    By NifflerFlight on 11.15.2012

  4. Seething, stewing, working.
    cooking, boiling, frothing.
    slipping, hurting, annoying.

    By ardent bowel on 11.15.2012

  5. the professional track employees at the race track helped get the fallen horse back up on it’s hooves, after it tripped sent the jockey flying off, who happened to be ok :)

    By zoe lewis URL on 11.15.2012

  6. he will need to hire employees to be sucessful in life as a pizzaria owner.

    By Jayce URL on 11.15.2012

  7. They cried. there faces were terrified as i fired my employees.

    By epicdeath12 URL on 11.15.2012

  8. Employees raced back and forth trying to calm the shoppers but only help in creating chaos and panic. Some yelled for water some fanned the fire, some tried to get the shoppers out of the store all together. None really acomplished much.

    By stripes URL on 11.15.2012

  9. Most employees are so lazy at work sometimes i would probably one of them.

    By iconic girl URL on 11.15.2012

  10. i need employees for my work out of school.! (:

    By SydneyRae(: URL on 11.15.2012

  11. i will be employed in mcdonald if i was manager ill fired everybody.

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 11.15.2012

  12. Employees should be treated with respect… They need to be respected and not abused

    By poseidon619 URL on 11.15.2012

  13. I hope to own a store with a few employees!!!!!

    By embell URL on 11.15.2012

  14. Employees work really hard everyday!

    By fancy girl URL on 11.15.2012

  15. I like that I’m the only employee working at the Planetarium.

    They only need one person, and I can just sit here, write and get paid (minimum wage, anyway).

    Right now, the museum is serene and peaceful. It usually isn’t because of the large field trips that we have!

    By MollyJ on 11.15.2012

  16. I had a lot of employees be rude and talk back the whole time!

    By vb4life URL on 11.15.2012

  17. Running haphazardly through winding streets and passageways
    Working tirelessly, trying so hard
    To make everything better, to make it
    Okay. Nothing is okay anymore.

    By Poppy on 11.15.2012

  18. They help around, stock the shelves will carry out your groceries. he offer their help and wander all around while organizing and perfecting everything.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 11.15.2012

  19. They help around, stock the shelves will carry out your groceries. They offer their help and wander round while organizing and perfecting everything around.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 11.15.2012

  20. Megan is a bad employee. Because no one wants to employ her.

    By jillj on 11.15.2012

  21. At the Krusty Krab sponge bob is one of the employees, but he works the grill making krabby patties.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 11.15.2012

  22. Sad offices lined with poles , and windows, and potted plants, they witty ad they busy. But they don’t move limbs


    They pop to Tesco express

    For lunch


    Oh to be employed

    By Rachel Glenn on 11.15.2012

  23. Employees are a bitch to manage. Nobody in their right mind should ever want to be a manager. It’s like having kids except with less hope of them ever leaving.

    By Inge on 11.15.2012

  24. We learn when we’re young to share and get along with others and teachers used to use the term “plays well with others,” well it was all for this. All for the employees around us. Those that work with us, those that work for us. Because I suppose technically employees implies someone working for you.

    By Katie Zoe on 11.15.2012

  25. When the goal of life seems to be to get higher and higher in a company, I can’t help but wonder, when does it end? If I am your slave, and you are again his, and he is the slave of his mortgage, for whom do we all exist?

    By Alma Apt on 11.15.2012

  26. employees are the boring ones. they wear blue and white and are all neat and pressed. their hair is slicked back and they click their pens incessantly during meetings, waiting impatiently to go home and do the very same thing.

    By clare on 11.15.2012

  27. Disgruntled employees. Seems like more and more are growing each day. It’s the economy, stupid, they tell me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s more than just that. Maybe we can’t just blame everything on some intangible numbers. What about treating people with respect? What about understanding that these are people’s lives that we are affecting with every pay cut, pay freeze, or lay-off? I understand that times are hard, but how does that make it any easier for the person who has no choice but to go on food stamps?

    By Joe on 11.15.2012

  28. All the employees seemed just as glum as usual. Except for Peggy. You can say extremely negative things to that girl, but she always maintains her bright, beautiful smile.

    By alliekaley URL on 11.15.2012

  29. frack it. i’m an employee, you’re en employee, we’re all an employee. it’s monotony. it’s repetition. it’s a form of slavery.

    you work, you breathe. it’s a form of success.

    but without the happiness.

    By Matty M. on 11.15.2012

  30. People walking
    People talking
    People saying
    The same things

    People crying
    People dying
    People questioning
    The same thing

    We are part of a global network
    We are part of society
    We are one in a way we don’t realise
    We are the world’s good employees

    By Perri on 11.15.2012

  31. The smoke curled up to the stars, but my eyes were on my friends sitting around the fire. I watched them, too employed by the wonder that was illegality to pay attention to my voice. I found as my throat formed words, no sound came out. They couldn’t hear me, but I wasn’t so sure they’d listen if they could. I stood up, and their forms flickered, vanishing before my eyes. I felt strong; alone, I felt powerful.

    By Marissa URL on 11.15.2012

  32. co workers boos he offic steve carel will ferell andy jess ginger hermoine harry potter dragon mythology greek gods and goddesses roman mars venus planets pluto no a planet? dwarf, earth

    By Corissa Hollenbeck on 11.15.2012

  33. Employees. The basis of the capitalist structure. Well, not really, that would be capital in general. Anyway, I digress. Employees are important to a prosperous economy.

    By Nathan on 11.15.2012

  34. This is the term used for those who work for a company or organization. They embody essentially the entire work force of America, and every other industrialized country in the world. Without employees to do the work for a company, companies would never be very large. It is through man power and ingenuity that creates wealth and economic growth.

    By Adam on 11.15.2012

  35. make me think of work and the fact i’m working for someone else, this bothers me. its stressing me out

    By Katie Long on 11.15.2012

  36. thinking of employees makes me stressed, because i am one. i hate the fact that ii’m working for someone else, that what i do isn’t really for me.

    By Katie on 11.15.2012

  37. Employees re people that you usually end up hating because they try to kiss their bosses asses and steal your job. there is always going to be a competition in the workplace no matter how friendly they seem to be. they secretly hate you. They just pretend to put up with each other for the sake of their own asses.

    By Natalie on 11.15.2012

  38. Our employees are happy. You can see the crew together daily, with smiles on their faces. They work hard, and feel good about what they do. For that reason we are able to achieve effective communication, and cooperation.

    By Nadia on 11.15.2012

  39. They are supposed to be your friends too, right? Why can’t we build relationships that are deep and meaningful with those we work with, especially the ones that are “below us”. It’s one of the main reasons I would never want to be in a managerial positions. I would miss out on having great relationships with wonderful human beings.

    By M Proudfoot on 11.15.2012

  40. To think that sometimes
    I see you there
    flitting by the clothing racks
    or racking up change
    or leaning on the counter
    with a cloth wound in your hand
    And I want to be there
    a busboy- girl
    or a barista, a tired sexless waitress
    or strutting the runways
    bordered by changeroom doors
    hands weighed with other people’s shit
    I want to be there, watching
    humanity as it needs and clamours
    and lives

    By Ellen Hagerman on 11.15.2012