February 23rd, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “emperor”

  1. a king is the ruler of a area and also I think there is an emperor penguin and a king is bossy I thinks and he has a wife also known as a queen and they usually have a princess but for some odd reason the stories never say they have a boy its always a girl that’s weird and a king also wears a big cape and has a stick with a ball thingy on the end

    By Riley on 02.24.2014

  2. like a king but different. it’s like the same thing only different. they rule basically the same way a king and a pharaoh rule. when they die they pass it on to their son or daughter. the emperors new clothes was a good and funny story.

    By cody on 02.24.2014

  3. big king that love to eat big elaphats and they have pretty tiras because the cant were crowns because the daughters wont let them an they sit on the floor beace there dog ate the trown and they don’t really know math or science.they make me look smart there wives are the smartest in he palce.

    By Kaylee on 02.24.2014

  4. once apon a time there was a emperor and he was very greedy, he took every thing from them and never gave them anything.

    By kala on 02.24.2014

  5. Yolo swag and joe got hit by a train and got aten by a giant oreo and henry

    By Ben on 02.24.2014

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    By sydney on 02.24.2014

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    By cody on 02.24.2014

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    love Kaylee Curtis yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy

    By Kaylee on 02.24.2014

  9. the emperor stood on the bare throne. his bare feet on the cold bare floor. ruler of nothing but nothingness. Finally able to see the error in his psychology, his brain now as empty as the kingdom around him. The sky cleared a bit ad clouds broke over a warm sun. The emperor looked up to see himself peeking down from the clouds. A tear flowed down his cheek.

    By Neal Thibedeau URL on 02.24.2014

  10. Minds assume the roles of an emperor. King over all decisions, but maker of none.

    By Stefan Smith on 02.24.2014

  11. I’d like to be an emperor. They are, well,emperioius, grand, regal and full of themselves. We all should get to feel like that. Sometimes, that is. Otherwise, it would be pretty obnoxious, even to ourselves. And boring.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.24.2014