February 23rd, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “emperor”

  1. She screams at him. The patterns are crooked in the curtains. Little emperor emblems at slotted angles. Diamonds all disconnected. Even in the curvature of the linen he sees it is uneven. She screams at him again and he looks back with hesitation.

    By DMM URL on 02.23.2014

  2. The emperor equals to a king. Your majesty, your highness. Is not only an emperor but also a leader that peopke looks up to. Somebody who is strong, intellectually, physically, emotionally.

    An emperor leads, teaches people the way, guides them, has lots of ideas, smart enough to lead a whole army. Tough enough to carry himself. Is a good role model to anybody especially children. A peacemaker, who thinks of others first before himself.

    By roze_princess on 02.23.2014

  3. To command a whole group of people, the power one must feel. The pressure, the loneliness?

    By Quiet_Intensity on 02.23.2014

  4. I stood there, scepter in hand. I stared at the people before me as they all dropped to their knees and bent their heads to the floor. My father’s death had changed everything. He perished, and I, his daughter, rose to take his place.

    By Te'Bazile Eiryk on 02.23.2014

  5. Sanada was the emperor. That was a fact. But it wasn’t until the emperor went head to head with the prince that he learned a few things. 1) that you can’t always win. 2) that some things are worth losing for.

    By Kyoto on 02.23.2014

  6. The emperor sat perched on his throne like nothing could go wrong. His left hand, with bulbous and flabby fingers, gripped a golden metal spire that poked the polished floor.

    By Nicholas on 02.23.2014

  7. He sat next to his queen. I lifeless expersion on his face. She was his and that was enough for now. Jack stood and crossed the room to close the chamber door. She peered at him with fear in her eyes. She wasn’t sure how she had gotten herself into this situation. But she knew there was no way out now. Loneliness over took her heart and she took her chair. Jack watched her entently. Everything was going exactly to plan. He almost wanted to laugh. Almost. He took his seat across from her. Neither spoke, simply because there were no more words to be spoken.

    By Casey on 02.23.2014

  8. Sanada was the emperor. That was a fact. But it wasn’t until the emperor went head to head with the prince that he learned a few things. 1) that you can’t always win. 2) that some things are worth losing for.

    By Kyoto on 02.23.2014

  9. The man who led the people. Picked to rule the land, held responsible for each and every soul in the area. So much power, yet held accountable for everything that happens. The representative of the people, and ruler of his people. The leader, and decision maker.

    By Patrick Betters URL on 02.23.2014

  10. He held the tarot card in his hand and pursed his lips. He read the equivalent meaning in his guidebook:

    Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation.

    If reversed: Domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility

    This did not answer the question he had in mind. Not in the way he had wanted. He cleared the table with one sweep of his arm. The upside-down card stared back at him with a glint in its eye. His empire would rise again. His people would come to love him. It was only a matter of time.

    He snapped his fingers and they took the prophet away. No cards would tell him his rule would not bring glory back to this kingdom. His father had built all this up for him. He would not disappoint.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 02.23.2014

  11. an overpowered figure who doesn’t necessarily deserve to be in the position he or she is in. Is faced with a lot of judgemment and makes decisions based on that.

    By Micah on 02.23.2014

  12. director

    By Ece on 02.23.2014

  13. Emperor, is what they called me
    And I left it at that
    I never took the label to heart, because I felt there was more than that.
    In fact I knew it in my bones.
    The moving sidewalks beneath my feet couldn’t be washed any clearer
    The eyes watching my every move never were more dusted.
    And there I walked as one of them.
    But who I was,
    Was the emperor.

    By Anthony Ross - stopbeingsilly.blogspot.ca on 02.23.2014

  14. you there, out on the ocean’s end
    — the frozen white and blue
    I’d happily live so cold, dear friend
    — to be as free as you

    By Jem Page URL on 02.23.2014

  15. the emperor of bitches. yep. that’s him. He’s louder than a hag, more annoying than a slut, and above all, he made me fall. I hate him so much for making me love him like that.

    By Benjamin on 02.23.2014

  16. The Emperor was not wearing any clothes, but his quick-thinking Butler came to his aid Witham robe and some slippers.
    The point was that the Emperor is human like the rest of us, and this foible was a reminder that he may be royalty, but he needs the support of friends and a network around him just as much as anyone.

    By Keryn Binney on 02.23.2014

  17. I am the almighty
    kneel before my
    golden shoes that
    shine hot and bright
    and my eyes green and blue
    they shine too
    like my intentions
    of ruining you
    and everything you have loved
    or ever held close
    so hold me closer
    than anything else
    so i can find your center
    chew it up
    and leave

    By Charles Gardner URL on 02.24.2014

  18. The Emperor’s New Clothes was always one of my favorite fables. When I was little, it was just silly. Now that I am older and have had a few embarrassing experiences of my own it has taken on new meanings. Especially as someone who usually lives overseas in other cultures, I relate to the feeling of being absolutely certain of what I am doing only to suddenly find that I am the most foolish person in the room. Of course, this stings less the older I get.

    By Rebecca on 02.24.2014

  19. Although there are Chinese emperors from various dynasties I am also pretty sure that there is an emperor penguin too.

    By Alexandra on 02.24.2014

  20. He looked so splendid in his robes as he glided past the crowd. The feeling of elegance and pride came over him. How could he feel otherwise dressed in all that flowing colour. This was just the beginning though. Tomorrow, there would be no robes, no applauding crowd, no celebration. No, tomorrow his work: solving the problems of disgruntled, unhappy peasants who, only a day before, had been a cheerful crowd.

    By Tania on 02.24.2014

  21. One fun fact about me: I’m actually of royal blood.
    Apparently, if you go far back into my family tree, I’m actually directly related to quite a few queens of the Joseon dynasty. My father makes sure that I never forget this by constantly reminding me that I’m of royal blood. He also uses this fact to instill hope in me whenever I’m depressed.

    By thedarkestsheep on 02.24.2014

  22. The emperor Cesar was a very nice guy. He had a great idea to rule all the european continent, wich is pretty big, and he did it. He createt the civilization, the ocidental way to live by rules, and the roman empire stayed like that for several years.
    There is a movie with that word but I do not remember how to spell it in english, so fuck it.

    By Calvin Freitas on 02.24.2014

  23. The jacket hung loosely on his shoulders. He could feel the eyes upon him.

    By jar on 02.24.2014

  24. i am the emperor of lazy. residing over all things unmoved—unchanged—unmotivated—unnecessary. as emperor, my firs order of business is to rid guilt and all dissonance that fights to combat the land of lazy. this is war.

    By Safon on 02.24.2014

  25. There once was an emperor that ruled the land. He was very happy with the work that he did. one important thing that he did was to bring peace to the nation. When he arrived people fought against each other, and he created ways to get people to start appreciating each other, and not always be out to get eachother. He always loved the book… how the emperor got his groove bo

    By Heidi on 02.24.2014

  26. you aren’t the boss of me. you aren’t even a co-worker. what makes you think you can tell me what to do? are you the lord high executioner? the big kahuna? el jeffe? mr. big shot?

    By Lee on 02.24.2014

  27. In the ancient china it was thought, that one day an emperor shall come, that will bring peace and prosperity to the land and unite the people under one banner. People are waiting to this day.

    By Peter Písecký on 02.24.2014

  28. The emperor looked out over his wide kingdom. He saw that it was glorious. He marveled at its gloriouis potential. Then he burst into wailing fits of tears because it was time for bed.

    By Susannah URL on 02.24.2014

  29. High above, he ruled. They strained to see him, but only caught glimpses of gold reflecting in the sunlight. Blinded by the glare of his wealth, they stopped looking for the man, and simply obeyed his rules.

    By Soft URL on 02.24.2014

  30. you
    the ruler
    of me
    and my
    emperor of
    all that i crave
    and want
    but cant have
    because of life
    and it’s requirements, rules and reason
    but you
    bury mine
    and make me long
    for freedom

    By katiekieran URL on 02.24.2014

  31. Hello … this is an example about oneword. Write about the word “emperor” in a creative format. You can do this and utilize vocabulary words, various themes, writing ideas, and more!

    By rachel on 02.24.2014

  32. One who is willing to lend for others,no matter how poor and deprived he/she is,is fit to become the ideal emperor.

    By samantha on 02.24.2014

  33. Emperor of the farm. That is what the Rooster thought he was. He ruled the land, telling everyone when to wake and when to sleep. Even the humans listened to him. Little did he know, that when hard times fell upon the Crinshaws, they would have no qualms about cooking the Rooster up for sunday supper. And, as they tend to do, hard times came a calling one cloudy day in May. If only the Rooster had listened to the hen and ran away.

    By Trista URL on 02.24.2014

  34. Look, I know it’s horrible to even have this thought, because Liam is only two years old, but I really cannot stand your son. I can’t stand the way he shrieks, the way he spits his pacifier in the dirt, the way he parades around the room like a tiny, tyrannical emperor hellbent on making everyone cowtow to his latest whim.

    By lauren on 02.24.2014

  35. Emperor Hirohito might be an interesting guy to invite to a dinner party. Why? Because I know of his significance in world history and yet I know so little about what he actually had to say to anyone.

    By Jim Buckingham on 02.24.2014

  36. When I think of the word emperor I think of movies like Gladiator. Anything associated with the word makes me think of a cool color treatment, lots of grays and blues.

    By Diana on 02.24.2014

  37. Un emperador, galleta, hambre, quiero comer. y quiero ser como un emperor. Lo que quieren lo consiguen, quiero doritos. quiero ser flaca. quiero que mis hijos sean felices. y quiero ser feliz yo tambien. buen dia jejajaja

    By gaby on 02.24.2014

  38. Emperors are weird. Emperor penguins are pretty tight, though. I dunno what all I’m supposed to be writing right now. My brain doesn’t work as well as it once did, I don’t think. I barely got out a few sentences and time’s almost up. Hmm. I guess…what about Emperor Penguins? Happy Feet. Yeah.

    By Pinkman on 02.24.2014

  39. There once was a king that lived in the woods. They called him an emperor. He lived by himself, and never really came into the village of Pine River. One day there was a shortage of food in the village, so the people went straight to the emperor. They cried out to him for help. He said… my oh my…I AMD much too busy to help you. so they left him at once not knowing what to do next. What will we do? They didn’t know what to do. So they decided to go on a hunt for wild game food.

    By Heidi on 02.24.2014

  40. Once long ago there was a boy who wanted to meet the brave emperor that lived in the big castle because the little boy read a story that said the emperor had to pull a sord out of a rock and then he wanted to see if the emperor was strong.

    By emily on 02.24.2014