September 20th, 2013 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “efficient”

  1. nfkjrbdfnm

    By Anna on 09.20.2013

  2. I strive for efficiency. To save time. No wasted steps. Direct lines to everything. If you save that time and energy you can do more with the day, your life… What will I do with my extra time?
    Sleep is efficient.

    By Billy Allen on 09.20.2013

  3. throughro, fast, saving, saver,

    By Marsella on 09.20.2013

  4. With factory-line precision we file into our rooms. We are rows of goslings blindly following mother goose home, made efficient in our inability to think for ourselves. Just the way they want us.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.21.2013

  5. Ahh to be efficient. To get things done without being distracted would be wonderful. I would have long since had my website done. I would have painted many more paintings. I would not have contemplated the wind in the garden and the Buddha at my alter. But distraction is the bane of my existence. Do I go with the flow or do I honor my intention?
    If I go with the flow am I following another intention? Who am I? I am not a finite entity. I am a part of the whole, contiguous within a fluid movement.

    By Mishcka URL on 09.21.2013

  6. What a failure. Months he had been planning, months! And yet here it was, a few dangling parts and a coffee stained blueprint. He was never going to get the research grant for next year; the funding board was far too efficient.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.21.2013

  7. I want to finish this for once. I want to finish this for once. I want to pick it up and put it in your hands and say, “Look what I did”, like a child. But I’m not a child. I can’t finish anything with pure determination and passion. Now I need incentive. And I hate this world for it.

    By marcie on 09.21.2013

  8. I am not sure how efficient I am. I am actually a procrastinator. Efficient is a word that was meant for someone else. Of, course, I would like to be efficient, but it’s not in me genes. I have been a procrastinator all my life. And I feel, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    By cheryl on 09.21.2013

  9. I like to think that I am quite efficient. I get things done in good time. Our heating is quite efficient too!

    By Alexandra on 09.21.2013

  10. ‘Is this an efficient use of resources?’ she asks.
    No, I want to say. It’s only a nice use.
    But instead I actually say, ‘Increased happiness makes them all more efficient.’
    She looks at me as if I’m mad.
    ‘There’s nowhere on the form for “nice”, only for “efficient”.
    Well, that ends that discussion.

    By E A M Harris URL on 09.21.2013

  11. I am not efficient, that is the problem.

    By Tiënor on 09.21.2013

  12. Every little thing he does works out. With the efficiency of sun piercing thought night, with the efficiency of water quenching the thirst of a rose. From the precise plan he has for you, to the beautiful plans he has for us. Every little thing he does works out.

    By Jose on 09.21.2013

  13. hello

    By khaled URL on 09.21.2013

  14. the power to get things done, and done well. To be efficient is to preform in a manner which is organized, well planned, and executed effectively.

    By Trace S on 09.21.2013

  15. I’m an efficient worker and helper. But only for others. I often put my efforts in to being the best that others need, that I forget to put in my best toward where I’m in need. I need to be an efficient human. Then I am unstoppable.

    By R URL on 09.21.2013

  16. I like to believe we all function efficiently under certain conditions. Sadly, where I live everything seems to go to freaking hell when it rains and guess what… It is raining right now. Everything has come to a standstill and not in the beautiful poetic way people in movies lead you to believe. Nope. I hate this place. =\

    By Shreya on 09.21.2013

  17. Her manner was crisp, efficient to the point of brusqueness. As she gathered the papers, sorted and stapled them, she wasted no movement, spared no more energy than was absolutely necessary, and yet every stack was pristine, as if assembled by a machine.

    By mrsmig on 09.21.2013

  18. the best way
    but is it the fun way?
    what will make me stay?
    you get to say

    By Aley on 09.21.2013

  19. Working without distractions, quickly, but still completing said task throughly.

    By Cassandra on 09.21.2013

  20. I knew that he was moving but it was farther away. The cities between us grew larger, they grew wider. And now there would be more of them. From the plane I know he could see the concentration of lights grow, extending past the boundaries of ordinary cities.

    By Lauren on 09.21.2013

  21. The problem was that I wasn’t-efficient. The other’s eyes were eclipsed by theses and write up. Their eyes these scanners, brains computers, hands endlessly moving machines. But I, I just sat on my couch absorbing the Top Model Marathon. Who can resist Tyra’s fierceness?

    By hailey rose on 09.21.2013

  22. Clean and efficient
    Do it
    That is that
    Now on with life

    By Aesa URL on 09.21.2013

  23. There’s nothing more boring to write about than efficiency. Corporate buzzwords invade my mind, harkening to such thoughts as efficiency quotient, how efficient an organization is, what type of return on investment can be optimized by increasing efficiency. What about the human element behind efficiency? It means someone doing their job better, working together with others better, producing a better product. So even such an antiseptic word or concept can be expressed in its underlying human terms. It’s Joe talking more to Anna, it’s Frankie taking more care with her work, it’s Josefina being proud of the work she’s doing. Conversely, lack of efficiency can also be expressed in human terms: the management is crap, so people’s morale is low, and efficiency suffers. People are treated poorly, made to work long hours, to ostensibly increase efficiency; but paradoxically, the longer they work, the more the quality decreases, and thus efficiency goes down. I’m pretty sure it’s been longer than a minute at this point. What a lame word to be given. But look at those words; it’s true, even with such a mind-numbingly boring word, I got the engine started.

    By Mike Strickland URL on 09.21.2013

  24. One could be more efficient at work if first one focuses.

    By JO on 09.21.2013

  25. Ice

    In chemistry, it follows a law of thermal dynamics. Stirred or shaken, it’s about bringing down temperatures to a thermal state of equilibrium. Or entropy if you take the long view.

    By Intuition on 09.21.2013

  26. Oh! But it’s so complicated! Because there is also the weather, and the hour, and the lunch, and the shower, and the.. Only excuses. To be efficient is to be now.

    By happyrabbit on 09.21.2013

  27. Making something work right versus just work. I like efficiency because it makes me feel respectful of others when I do it and respected by others when it is done for me. Time is the only real valuable commodity you should always be able to choose how your spend it not waste waiting for someone to do something poorly or inefficiently. Knowing it is efficient is not always possible in the course of normal events but knowing when something is not working well is usually fairly clear because people start to think this is taking a long time. They only do that when they feel their precious time is being wasted by a poorly done thing. I am grateful to be able to think this efficiently because it helps me enjoy being alive. It helps me respect myself and show it without being obtuse or obvious.

    By james URL on 09.21.2013

  28. a lover a day
    the mortality away.

    – succubus motto

    By h. b. on 09.21.2013

  29. She ran her fingers down the column while she shoved a burger with her other hand into her mouth. The phone rang, she clicked on the button of her earpiece, “hello?”
    Her brow furrowed, her finger froze on the last number, the burger sat cold and lumpy in her mouth. She swallowed hard, “I understand, where is the body?” Tears trickled down from the corners of her eyes. “I can be there in 15 minutes. Don’t move him until I get there.”

    By ann on 09.21.2013

  30. Load. Aim. Fire. Fast. Gotta keep the rhythm going. It’s not going to get any better, girl, if you stop and take your time. We’re under attack. Do you want to be taken down by the Valkyries? How about B311’s assassins? No?

    Then learn. Go go go never stop, never try to do anything else than best.
    Forget everything else and just MOVE.

    Don’t wait up, don’t wait for him.
    You know you can’t.
    So why do you keep trying.

    By Phee URL on 09.21.2013