May 25th, 2014 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “educated”

  1. Ooops, logged on to early again! Although I am very well educated of course.

    By Alexandra on 05.27.2014

  2. I have been educated like a
    gentle and kind and lovely little girl
    with good manners and such fine attitude;
    I’ve never jumped into a mud-puddle
    in all my life, I’ve never run under a cold rain,
    I’ve never been different from who my parents wanted.

    But now I pretty like to think
    I’ve grown up; I’m a little bit taller, you know,
    I’m a little bit more talkative and maybe even moody;
    but I walk under storm and thunder,
    I speak my mind freely and I jump into puddle of feelings:
    and I will fall for whom I’ll like.

    I have been educated like a princess
    but, in reality, I’m a gentle warrior:
    I read, I write, I feel, I live.

    By gargouillis on 05.27.2014

  3. He wound the rope once more, the slipknot curdling at the top of his knuckle. Behind him, stood a young guard, who blustered “twenty minutes, my lord”. Funny, there were many knots an executioner had to know to be considered “educated”, twenty ironically, and the slipknot was the first of them.

    By Austin on 05.27.2014

  4. He seemed well educated but it was to early to tell. Maybe it was just the glasses, that sort of thing always fools me into thinking that someone is smarter than they actually are. Nevertheless, he certainly used a lot of big words.

    By vince URL on 05.27.2014

  5. I can’t try to live up to something that I did not choose for myself. Even doing that is hard at times. I can learn through touch and not through reading things some old white guy wrote to make me feel things i did not choose to feel.

    By micheline on 05.27.2014

  6. Broken and shattered, on the corner of nowhere, stands the educated man. What had happened to his heart; why had it become so splintered. No amount of intelligence or well earnt gold, could bring him a warmth that he knew was true – only by the ever present lack. Harder then entering through the eye of a needle seemed his chance of ever knowing life abundant. So he turned, signing a check of all his wealth, he gave it away.
    On that day a warmth spread in his heart that eclipsed even the brightest if sunrises. Only the beginning it was, life had much more for this man to give. This educated man, now had so much more to learn.

    By Jose on 05.27.2014

  7. For an extremely educated person, I feel like I could easily get stupefied by the thought of an infinity. I know and understand the concept of a ‘universe’ but I still couldn’t imagine the lack of existence of a boundary.

    By d a n a on 05.27.2014

  8. I thought I was smart. Knew all sorts of shit about myself, others, the human condition. I had no idea that to be truly educated one must kill the self over and over again.

    By lara on 05.27.2014

  9. Consumed by a need to fix this insipid boy with a firm scolding on self preservation, he stilled himself and told his conscience instead that it wasn’t the nature of an educated misanthrope.

    By Peskiper on 05.27.2014

  10. She was educated, but not nearly enough for her liking. She felt inadequate in this world she lived in, dumb at times, and unworldly to what what going on around her. Yet at the same time, it was probably a blessing.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.27.2014

  11. She was educated. She was lucky. In a society where girls were not allowed to exist, her parents helped her learn to read and write in secret. If they were found out, her family would have been killed. But they did it anyway. It was their proof of love.

    By EG URL on 05.27.2014

  12. She wanted to sound educated, and act like she could contribute to what was going on around her, but it wasn’t that simple. The deep-rooted desires in her mind had nothing to do with outreach, or any kind of intellectual contribution…instead they had everything to do with selfish, unproductive activities. She wanted to have money and not work for it. She wanted to travel and not document it. She wanted to be flawlessly beautiful, with no pretentious costume or face supporting her appearance.

    By Alex on 05.27.2014

  13. She thought she was educated, just because she’d been to college, but she hadn’t actually attended that many classes, and when she *had* been in class, she’d spent most of her time doodling in the corners of her notebook pages.

    She hadn’t raised her hand once, and she hadn’t actually received a degree. But she’d been through four years of college, so she was educated, right?

    By Kimberly on 05.27.2014

  14. I was well educated in the art of being a lady, everyday we had our My class our class on how to walk and talk. My favorite class above all the others was the one that would have turned my mother’s head had she know about it. It was called understanding the male species. To the parents it looked like the young girls were taught how to speak to and please them men in their life in order to land a husband, but this class was less about that and more about how to make a man happy in the bedroom. Learn about sex at a school that was supposed to teach me how to be a young lady was very interesting.

    By Bethany Herrington on 05.27.2014

  15. Yes, sir. Oh my nails in Pip’s pocket. Why you dance like that, white boy. You look like feathers on a night stick. Like a dancer of lake time.

    By Pool Bar Jim on 05.27.2014

  16. I’m currently pursuing an education at a small private college in northern Arkansas. After I complete the requirements established the the college administration, I will be considered “educated”. What is “educated” though? Anyone can learn what they need to learn to survive. I consider everyone “educated”. We’re all just educated in different fields; from football, to farming, to flattery, we’re all just educating ourselves as we go through our lives.

    By Jonathan Lee on 05.27.2014

  17. Stiff piece of paper
    a name
    a signature
    B.S., it says,
    failing to mention
    the couple thousand lines
    of debt
    created to–supposedly–say
    “I’m educated”

    By Chelsea on 05.27.2014

  18. Educated and trained. I was in the middle of the night. Virgin forest and the blazing red leaves of the trees shimmering in the dark glow. The door closed behind. Creeping forward, I exhaled a gust. Cocked, loaded and ready. The closer I got, the more I felt the man’s evil. Three lightening flashes and three violent thuds followed by a chemical scent. Over. Finito. An evil empire crushed.

    By Dave John on 05.27.2014

  19. Can’t think of anything because I’m uneducated.

    By Bunni on 05.27.2014

  20. Well educated people aren’t just those who’ve been to school. My friend dropped out just last year and they’re the smartest person I know. I use the term friend loosely. In reality they’re my wife. Funny how that works. That small label changed how you perceive both them and me.

    By Hank on 05.27.2014

  21. I don’t think public schools are the answer. Education should be separated from government simply because government is force. Education is thought. They can’t mix.

    By Blair on 05.27.2014

  22. It was the first day of school and I was in kindergarten. I was really nervous. School was really hard because I didn’t know a lot. But at the end of the year i felt very educated and ready for anything even first grade. It really made me feel good.

    By kaitlyn URL on 05.27.2014

  23. Welcome to the real world.
    Qualifications are as follows:
    25 years of learning
    a bleak outlook on life

    By Catherine on 05.27.2014