May 25th, 2014 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “educated”

  1. I am educated because I am a life long learner. Life long learning means that I will accept any challenged and I am always looking for this to do and ways I can learn the same content in a better way.

    By Karen McPherson on 05.26.2014

  2. To know how to think and to be willing to share your knowledge and experience with others is to be educated.

    By C on 05.26.2014

  3. I am educated and I don’t know that it ever helped me on lifes path. I have walked this path, and life its self has educated me more than anything I have ever learned at the hands of a teacher. Life itself has given me by far finer lessons.

    By Jessica on 05.26.2014

  4. I’m not educated enough, I don’t have the knowledge to do what I want to do, or the skills to get there without it. I am not educated enough and my family thinks I’m a joke but they don’t understand how hard it is, to be educated in a time like this where you’re always wrong wrong wrong, or might as well be because if you’re not the best the you wont succeed will you?

    By Becca on 05.26.2014

  5. Lots of people are being educated but some don’t have the money to. So, we should always be grateful that we have the chance to be educated in a good school with lots of teachers to teach us the unknown. Education is a part of life.

    By Najla Najib on 05.26.2014

  6. I don’t even care. How selfish. I have plenty of time to write whatever I want. But I don’t want to.

    Anything at all.

    By nabila on 05.26.2014

  7. Being able to learn and wanting to learn in a good school, college etc..

    By Izzy on 05.26.2014

  8. People are lucky to be educated,some families can’t afford schools to get their children educated.Which is why some children cannot read,speak or write about anything.

    By Muqri on 05.26.2014

  9. the people has been educated or learning some new stuff. it can be

    By Xin-Huey on 05.26.2014

  10. An education is a important thing in life. If you are educated the it means you are smart.

    By Nazmush Ahmed on 05.26.2014

  11. learning new things. Someone who is educated well and knowledge. When you don’t know something and you learn it newly. It can be anything. When you go to school or your getting schooled.

    By Nidhi on 05.26.2014

  12. despite the issue that he was educated at the worlds’ most elite school, he was still having troubles —–

    By munie on 05.26.2014

  13. Educated is all about what you have learnt in school, teachers teaching you!

    By Farah on 05.26.2014

  14. A person that is educated has studied. He or she should have good education and have a particular kind of education. They study beyond average.

    By Bridget <3 on 05.26.2014

  15. Educated is when you learn something from someone but can be from yourself too. Educated is like in school.

    By Amisha on 05.26.2014

  16. I sat amongst a pile of books, distraught at how much I still had to learn. I would never get the hang of calculus, no matter how hard I tried. The numbers began to swim in front of my eyes and I felt dizzy. This is pointless, I thought. I want to be a hairdresser, not a maths professor!

    By MissKerryH on 05.26.2014

  17. Education helps you in all kinds of things in your life. Education solves different kinds of problems.

    By Nazmush Ahmed on 05.26.2014

  18. Take an educated guess, they say. But it’s always hard for me to make a decision, come up with a hypothesis. Just that stupid, nagging fear of being wrong, looking foolish. Even if I’m as well-researched as an expert, informed as a journalist, I’d rather stay mum.

    By Ashi URL on 05.26.2014

  19. eduacted is someone whogoes or went to school and got good grades and paid attention in class. an educated person may be somene who reads or watches yhr news oand or reads many books that my be non fiction historical fiction or fiction. uneducated people go to school every dday too. they ust dont have anything to do with their lives and dont do anythign

    By Antonieta Lairet on 05.26.2014

  20. my mother grew up in Tennessee in the 60’s. she isn’t exactly understanding of anything i do. ever.

    By madeleine on 05.26.2014

  21. JIm was the educated one. He’d gone all the way to tertiary — but never worked a day as a professor. He used his credentials to get grants, and mostly, it worked.

    By Kelly McWilliams on 05.26.2014

  22. i fell educated when someone give me a smile and an A. So please give me that Sense of acomplishment.

    By Raul Medina on 05.26.2014

  23. Those that are educated convey their thoughts more clearly. When one is able to express themselves clearly they are able to share their thoughts more effectively and therefore share their education with others. This is how knowledge is power.

    By Laura on 05.26.2014

  24. “He was highly educated having completed his PhD after a decade of post-secondary studies.
    Yet he never managed to replace an empty toilet paper roll with a full one before exiting the bathroom.”

    By Wanda on 05.26.2014

  25. she was very educated
    she loved how there was school five days a week
    she always wanted more
    she also wanted no vacations; breaks from knowledge are never necessary according to her
    but then they limited the amount of education given
    only school three days a week?
    she was devastated and very very angry
    so she came up with a plan

    By Brittany on 05.26.2014

  26. well. my name is Justin.

    By Justin on 05.26.2014

  27. What did you just call me?

    By Justin on 05.26.2014

  28. from the school of disbelief
    lead to the life I live
    strained and filtered with
    what’s perceived as right or
    seen as knowledge
    filled with the light of
    someone concept of
    must be known

    By Protean on 05.26.2014

  29. educated
    like $40,000 dollars
    of debt worth.
    an effort
    to stay competitive
    snakes coming
    for your
    bread and butter.

    By Leah on 05.26.2014

  30. She stopped at the store, gazing inside wistfully. By habit, her hand reached into her empty pockets, digging around for crumpled bills that weren’t there.

    “Perhaps another time.” She thought. Another time, another place maybe.

    By argent on 05.26.2014

  31. To be smart. To go to school learn and engage in education. To learn new things. be well informed and knowledgeable about the world we’re in

    By Simran on 05.26.2014

  32. there’s nothing appealing about the words folded between thick paperboard,whenthere is so much beyond the walls. I know more than he will know, I can live off this land and at the end of the day when the Raiders come, there will be no contest between us. What does it mean to be educated? My mother says it is to go through the system. But we all do, and many still come back with only a piece of paper to show for it, and even more money that the government will want to collect. But she speaks of “opportunities,” things which she said are like gems, hidden in plain view, like the shapes that my father and I used to find in the clouds as we lay on Hessom’s Hill behind the village on Saturday mornings. I think mother is only wishing for the impossible.

    By Dara on 05.26.2014

  33. He wasn’t an educated man by any means. In his youth, he had been resourceful enough to use the pages of books as toilet paper or the fuel for a cooking fire. Now he stood in awe, faced with towering shelf upon shelf of books.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.26.2014

  34. She was a sex educator. She did what she loved so that other people could do what they loved safely. Her services were mocked, criticized, and shamed, but she knew in her heart she was doing the right thing.

    By Panty on 05.26.2014

  35. Dickie was an unusual name for a girl. She wore red boots and a long blue dress. Every day. No one had ever seen her parents. She came to school by herself, with one green apple, every day. Dickie sat silentlyat the back of the classroom and paid no attention whatsoever to Mrs Franklin. She preferred to look out the window; to watch the kookaburras and the white cockatoos. She liked to find faces in the clouds. Everyone assumed she was ‘not quite there’ as the principal put it, which is why they were astonished when Dickie stood up in class one morning and recited, quite eloquently, the first three chapters of Harry Potter: The Philosophers Stone.
    “Where did you learn that?” asked Mrs Franklin.
    “I educated myself” she replied.

    By bb333 on 05.27.2014

  36. “Oh, yes you do. You really don’t have to use so many big words, Callum, we get it – you like to read,” she laughed, throwing her head back in that way she so typically did, as if her being so in love with herself gave us all cause to.

    By grl on 05.27.2014

  37. He was highly educated. He had been to universities, graduated top of his class. He was one of the best and brightest. But suddenly it didn’t matter. Suddenly he was stuck, clueless, lost and alone. How did he get here? Did it even matter? That was all there was. Sometimes… sometimes you just don’t have all the answers. Death is kinda odd like that.

    By Jason on 05.27.2014


    By ANI URL on 05.27.2014

  39. This is not something you can become. Really. When are you ever done being educated? It is a process. A state of mind. An arrogant feeling. It might even be an illusion. What is education really? Life procrastination?

    By Sisse URL on 05.27.2014

  40. Learning and growing never knowing what life is like out there beyond the chalkboard walls of the square mind trap. The scent of stale chalk invades his nose like a thousand army ants carrying the trail of a boring life. What knowledge is it to know so much and so little all the same? The chalk leaves a stain on the brain until he goes outside to find the sun bright and smiles abide by intangible lust for life and freedom. Educated beyond….

    By Kind of Krazy on 05.27.2014