February 7th, 2017 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “educated”

  1. i dont no what it means beacause im just a little girl not named lilly i faked that

    By lilly URL on 02.07.2017

  2. I am educated. Being educated is a huge privilege, as many people in the world don’t have the opportunity to experience being educated. I am grateful to be educated, and you should too.

    By Naomi on 02.07.2017

  3. We strive to make sure our people are educated. Education gives people an edge, and ability to discern between hype and facts. And yet, while it’s on everyone’s wish list, it’s not so clean and easy. It’s political and those in power would prefer that only their own class gained an education.

    By Alia on 02.07.2017

  4. Find me another word
    this one doesn’t fit over my shoulders
    over skin, over color
    over tangled roots
    and brave new obstacles
    like roadkill in my future.
    Can a Girl get a definition,
    a synonym?
    Can you use it in a sentence for a Girl?

    By N.J. URL on 02.07.2017

  5. Rasping pencils across sun-stained paper
    Soft whispers across a hall, faintly echoing between walls
    of stone and dust
    A light breeze from pages flipped
    An airless rom filled with voices,
    repeating mantras of formulas
    and grammar
    Repeat, practice and preform

    Repeat, practice and preform
    Slides of speaches with knowledge barly spread
    Marks on walls, arms, books and minds
    Lectures faintly spooken
    A common breath of air,
    a wish for luck,
    a begining,
    an end

    By green-ink on 02.07.2017

  6. I want this country to be well-educated. I want children to feel like they are given the most, and best, opportunities to succeed. I want public schools to flourish and teachers to be paid what they actually deserve. I’ll give you a hint: They deserve a lot more than what they’re given now.

    What my government has decided on today is a slap in my face and in the face of educators and students across every state. This may not be a piece of flash fiction as per usual, and I may be spoiling the fun on this website, I have one word (appropriately enough) to say to the United States Congress for confirming Betsy DeVos – an unqualified, plagiarizing master of political bribery – as Secretary of Education:


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.07.2017

  7. “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

    By Oscar Wilde URL on 02.07.2017

  8. Educated people are full of shit. They think they can dress up their aims in fancy, ten-syllable words when the truth can be said in a single word: asshole.

    By SMB on 02.07.2017

  9. As an above average person with regard to many forms of education, I must disagree with the one that wrote “NOTHING” worth knowing can be taught. Observing any and all humans and most large animals, one finds that the tools to survive are learned and not all instinctive. If one does not survive first, then one doesn’t exist to accomplish anything of any value. Therefore your very continued existence proves the value of what you have been taught, but surely you would do well to be more educated as we all would. Some more than others.

    By Patricius on 02.07.2017

  10. There’s educated as in having degrees from a school and then educated as in actually knowing a lot of useful information and skills that are practical. I value those of the latter much more and businesses that want the best people should know that not all are taught in schools. Often musicians are self taught on piano drums etc. The same is true for investing, computer programming and other things. I have worked with many “educated” idiots as in graduated some university. Many guys pass classes then forget even the basics in the real world.

    By Klay on 02.07.2017


    By DaSMARTUS WUN EVAR on 02.07.2017

  12. educated
    i’m smarter than you
    my i.q. is paramount
    it is my god
    i am it’s lord
    cerebral spirit
    my trinity
    I rule from on high
    you mean nothing to me
    a pawn, a tool,
    an ant to my eye
    doesn’t matter if you live
    probably better if you die
    save the oxygen for the rest of us
    after all, what can you add

    By poetwarrior on 02.07.2017

  13. I guess we’re all educated, I mean, all experience is in itself educational. I like to think I’m highly educated…

    By yokastara on 02.07.2017

  14. I already wrote about being educated but it seems to have disappeared into the Internet ethernet. I am educated and I’m proud of it. I don’t want to lord it over others to make them feel inferior. I try to treat everyone with the same respect whether they’re idiots or genius. That’s the way of the world.

    By michaelbuzz on 02.07.2017

  15. A good friend once asked me which I believed is more important: a good education, or a kind heart. After pondering this for a while, I decided that education can be obtained, anyone can become educated at any given point in time. But having a kind heart and good character, it isn’t just easily taught, it’s a gift. And he who has a kind heart, and accumulates joy out of serving others will live a life far happier than the most educated man.

    By clayang on 02.07.2017

  16. “and, in conclusion, that is why i believe that the architecture of these ruins and the historical significance behind it needs to be preserved and maintained, not– not used for something like–”

    “mikleo,” sorey murmurs, pressing him into the wall, draped with vines, and kisses him. any further objections are lost in the pleased noise he feeds sorey and the hands that loop around his neck, an open invitation to keep going.

    By Shannon Corbo URL on 02.08.2017

  17. “and, in conclusion, that is why i believe that the architecture of these ruins and the historical significance behind it needs to be preserved and maintained, not– not used for something like–”

    “mikleo,” sorey murmurs, pressing him into the wall, draped with vines and dripping with beads of dew and untouched by anyone for decades upon decades, and kisses him. any further objections are lost in the pleased noise he feeds sorey and the hands that loop around his neck, both a blatant contradiction to an obvious excuse and an open invitation to use this place for anything his heart desires.

    By 17th. on 02.08.2017

  18. the time i got educated on animal planet, it turned my life upside down, i stop eating red meat and joined PETA

    By Elie F on 02.08.2017

  19. He’d been well educated in the ways of the outside. No matter where he went, he always stood apart.

    By Brooke on 02.08.2017

  20. I have no poem for educated other than this
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Without education,
    We’d all be stupid like you

    By Shasta on 02.08.2017

  21. She glanced around the rooms and her heart sank. Everyone in here was pulling out notebooks and pencils and they look eager to learn. Which normally would have been a good sign. But she stared down at her own paper, already full of notes, and realized she had come with a different purpose. She wanted so desperately to be right.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.08.2017

  22. People always thought that Stella was educated. The other strippers were in awe of her, the way she would talk in big words and walk peacefully, as if in her own world. They would whisper how they would have wanted to be like her, if they had the time and money to go to school.

    Before going to the club, where she went would have surprised them. Without her makeup on, and with a scarf covering her head, she would spend the morning in a cold, damp room, sitting with her tutor and sounding out the words in a primary school reader. For a brief time, she would forget the cold brutal world outside the classroom and immerse herself into the lives of Dick and Jane. At the end of the morning, she would close the book, put it into her purse and thank her tutor and enter the gray drizzly world.

    She always wished that she could have a dog like Spot. Maybe later, when she learns how to read better.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.08.2017

  23. glacial haiku

    Weather this, you say
    my dropped glass hopes
    sliding under, disappearing

    We would sleep in the storm
    for a quiet minute standing
    in sunlight

    Born under heavy snow
    I knew only the endless curve
    of winter

    a man in a cold room
    slowly pressing keys
    against the night wind

    By david URL on 02.08.2017

  24. Educated educator no longer educating. Taught teacher no longer teaching. Did my time.

    By Paul on 02.08.2017

  25. She didn’t know how the world worked, but it educated her. Sat her down in the front row, gave her too many assignments, bent her back with the load she needed to carry from lesson to lesson. She was lost in the hallways, trying to find counseling.

    By Serene URL on 02.08.2017

  26. i was educated for math

    By Tyler on 02.08.2017

  27. Did you know that the good professor received a rare education underneath a deep-sea vent? She wears a white band on her wrist as a token of the lessons she learned from the lava and the survivalist crustacean economy.

    By linet on 02.08.2017

  28. educated is like learing
    taking in

    By jayden riley on 02.08.2017

  29. you can read and write
    you can speak
    you have a job
    you go to school

    By Bre'Yona Jones on 02.08.2017

  30. I knew he was educated but I wish he actually didnt choose to show off that he was. There are many that walk with us that haven’t been that privileged and it does no one any good to keep reminding them. Besides inferiority is all in eye of the beholder. We are all people and that should be what counts.

    By Elle on 02.08.2017

  31. All my life I’ve grown up getting “You’re an oreo” or “You’re but a normal black girl, you sound white”, but what does white sound like? Are you confused because I pronounce every syllable in a word? Or is it my lack of slang? Maybe its because you’ve never seen someone ‘my color’ make it past the 10th grade. It’s so foreign to you that a black child could be educated. That we put down our fried chicken and sat out fat asses down long enough to read a book? That i can do more than be a ‘trap queen’ or a trophy wife. Can you even comprehend that I am a 19 year old BLACK and EDUCATED college student?

    By VEH on 02.08.2017

  32. you can read a write
    you can speak
    you have a job
    or you go to school

    By Bre'Yona Jones on 02.08.2017

  33. learning

    By xavier URL on 02.08.2017

  34. i am educated be cause i went to grades k-8 so far and im not very good at this whole school thing

    By ian URL on 02.08.2017

  35. I be edu-me-cated and is smart.

    By Excaliber on 02.08.2017

  36. educated means that you have knowledge that is very smart

    By Mya Buckins URL on 02.08.2017

  37. Education can help you to be a social studies teacher. It can also help you to be a translator in the military when traveling to foreign country’s.

    By xavier URL on 02.08.2017

  38. Social studies educated me and taught me about history.

    By Amariya on 02.08.2017

  39. social studies educated my me on money today

    By chyua squires on 02.08.2017

  40. someone who is smart
    someone who has went to school

    By camryn on 02.08.2017