August 16th, 2018 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “edits”

  1. rewrite the rewritten
    recollection recanted
    remember the rejections
    defecation enchantment
    editor, edits me
    destructor, completes me
    always striving
    causing strife
    never completed
    reaching for a light

    By matt m on 08.16.2018

  2. He slaves away at his desk all night, the sweat collecting in strings across the nape of his neck like brand new hairs he doesn’t want. As his fingers cramp, he checks the time and realizes how long it’s been since he’s slept. Half a day now. He edits and omits and changes and adds until the world outside is dark again. And yet, he is not even a third of the way through.

    Data entry. He has to be the ghost writer for a memoir about DATA ENTRY.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.16.2018

  3. edit the word.all the words are edited from the screen.photo was edited by me.

    By venkatesan on 08.16.2018

  4. ‘And then he goes and he edits it,’ she said, her sense of outrage palpable. Even seated across the table I could feel heat rising for her in waves like steam off fresh bread.

    ‘But, isn’t he your editor?’ I asked.

    ‘He’s changed it; he’s changed everything. It isn’t the same story. He even made the hero a man.’

    By Meredyth URL on 08.16.2018

  5. She rubs at her tired eyes for what feels like the nth time in the last two hours. She’s been working on these edits for forever, and her brain is swimming with all the codes and files she has yet to re-order. If only she could take a break, then maybe her brain could actually start working again.

    By lithium_haze on 08.16.2018

  6. jo sirf apne kaam se matlab rakhta ho.

    By anamika on 08.16.2018

  7. every snip was perfect
    every cut was succinct.

    he knew he had it right.
    he knew it was perfect.

    an entire day in his life,
    condensed into one,
    short film.

    its all wonderful.

    By Lynn on 08.17.2018

  8. Make edits to the last few days? I wouldn’t really, would have been more disciplined in my writing, would have come through with more solid work, but I’m so grateful for this time, ok well I should have looked at my phone way less, ugh, but now I’m saving the edits for last like i’m doing now, just brain-dump.

    By loveyou on 08.17.2018

  9. I think a lot of people fear edits. I do to a degree. But I also love receiving them, because they’re aimed at making me and my writing better. I always learn from them. Even though I like to think of myself as someone who takes criticism well, and learns from all her experiences…I’m really not. I’m just good at internalizing things. But edits on my writing I’m weirdly okay with. I think it’s because myself and the editor have all the same goals — to make my writing as good as possible.

    By Abby Jelly on 08.17.2018

  10. It was quite difficult this entire business of editing and editing.The finesse of a report is based on thorough editing the editor always cooed . And then there are some things which cant be edited .In fact sometimes the stories have to be raw .true to every word.But then the world and sales graph wouldn’t be kind to those stories.Cause they are disturbingly true.truth so coarse that even the finest editing combs shall fail.

    By Gopika Nair on 08.17.2018

  11. edits backwards spells “stide” which is not a word, yet. I am going to declare that stide is now a word and stands for the process of going back over written materials and adding errors, pointless fluff, or otherwise unwelcome or unnecessary additions that make the material harder to read and less helpful.

    Example: “The teacher is going to think I’m cheating if I submit another perfect essay, I should go back and ‘stide’ this up a bit.”

    By Not Sorry on 08.17.2018

  12. I suppose there are many edits to movies, since nobody is perfect.

    By unicornlife on 08.17.2018

  13. Maybe heartbreak
    is an edit of the soul.

    Something is considered
    polished when there is
    no longer anything to take away.

    I am soft stone, deposited
    by the sea, and maybe
    it is for the better.

    Maybe death is the final edit,
    and one’s story will be bare
    and polished – a headstone.
    Life is simply amassing the experience
    to jot down – so you have something
    to take away from.

    By Pandatry on 08.17.2018

  14. The men crumpled the paper and threw it into the overflowing bin. Again, this could not be soo difficult, Others had gone through the process, too. He looked at the previous version, which he had to change. Some logical mistakes, some later changes – so many reasons why he should not keep this version.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.17.2018

  15. she pulls them down from the screen, line by line,
    like they are something she can scrub out,
    a life sentence she can undo:
    a dream, a date,
    a dry smile and bad wine, sat too little lingered too long,
    all of it, she will pull down,
    her fingers still stuck in the glue,
    pulling apart pieces by the gum of their seams.
    clean, clean, pristine and clean,
    she wires and writes and lives on the line,
    in a love she can’t satisfy,
    in a glass of bad wine.

    By featherb on 08.17.2018

  16. Movies have alot of edits. It must take a lot of work. I follow people on youtube and I remember some of them talking about how much work goes into editing a video. I tried it once. And it was indeed alot of work.

    By Jason Manuel on 08.18.2018