August 14th, 2018 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “crafty”

  1. a person can be crafty and another word for crafty is creative!

    By olive URL on 08.14.2018

  2. crafty craft me
    frack the unfuckable
    burn the water as it drip drops
    like tear stained flip flops
    compose me
    safe me in your draft folder
    only to be thrown away in spring cleaning
    clinging to this last hope
    hunting for the ghost
    staring the dreams in the face
    as they laugh back at me.

    By matt m. on 08.14.2018

  3. She’s crafty, she gets around. She’s crafty, she’s always down. She’s crafty, she’s got a gripe. She’s crafty, she’s just my type.

    (cowbell solo)

    By Jacob on 08.14.2018

  4. 1crafty = Creative Reality Accessing Fine Truth Yupp’irs.

    By Garz on 08.14.2018

  5. Crafty? Haven’t heard about or seen this word in a while. I guess I can say, my mother is quite crafty in her quirky but loving ways. She has a vivid imagination and creates great projects for her store. Writing wise, I guess I can say I get it from her. Talent wise but smartness not really.

    By Andrew on 08.14.2018

  6. He had underestimated her, just as everyone in this small town had done her whole life. Little did they know the more they pushed her, taunted her, the more it simply motivated her. The warm crimson of his blood glistened upon her pale skin, as she leaned towards his limp body…admiring her kill. This would be one murder in which they would never find the body. No one knew just how crafty she could be if needed. They were about to find out.

    By Cat on 08.14.2018

  7. Somehow, you remain as crafty, as cunning, and as conniving as possible. Your solutions to problems don’t so much make amends as they burn bridges. And yet, here I am, handing you another Molotov cocktail. You hurl it toward the heavens and laugh as if you’ve caused God’s domain to burst into flames. As if your deity Herself could ever self-destruct.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.14.2018

  8. She always was good at making do. She knew what to use if she did not have the real thing, she saw things and immediately knew what she could use them for. But this here puzzled her. What the (insert imaginary place) should she do with a coin?

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.14.2018

  9. ‘This needs to change, and this; you don’t need this either.’
    As she walked around the artwork she grabbed and drew out one swatch after another, moved and resized images, and changed the focus of this crafty piece of work I had lovingly collated.
    ‘I know you have done this before,’ I said. ‘But, I’m new to this work and want to make my own decisions, even if they are mistakes.’
    Her parting words as she left were: ‘You don’t know enough to make decisions.’
    What was left after she left was a minimalist display of black, charcoal over a large background of white. My anger no longer had a place on the board, even my tears were wiped out, I had become one-dimensional.

    By Meredyth URL on 08.14.2018

  10. Crafty heartache and whirlwinds go. Sick of the wrongs and you not letting it go. Twisted all the ick into some sick show. Magically throwing shade to all that the sun has tried to grow!

    By Luchador Lavender on 08.14.2018

  11. Does the value of the rejection of a pause in writing and not being able to think clearly explain the reason of the crafty sense or merely a full ending.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.15.2018

  12. You think you’re so crafty, manipulating us like this to fit to your every whim. How could you? After everything we’ve been through, after everything that had happened.

    By Hes on 08.15.2018

  13. Crafty lady, got your glue gun and your knitting bag, your crinkled scissors and felt scraps, bags and bags of whatnot, coupons to the craft store. I know you are proud of your cards, your stamping, just like I am proud of my songs. I wish I could appreciate it more, but I do appreciate it a little. So thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with me.

    By loveyou on 08.15.2018

  14. Craftiness is the art of being a total dick, but to your friends. An enemy wouldn’t call you crafty, they’d call you a dick. But your friends respect you enough to let you know you’re a dick without ever having to call you a dick. But let’s face it, they still do.

    By Tommy on 08.15.2018

  15. “OKAY, time to get started. Let’s all get out our scissors and pencils.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.15.2018

  16. crafty little m
    hello sunshine
    nothing negative to say
    i cant be a poet
    im okay
    like never before
    i love life
    and everything it brings
    im older and wiser
    goodbye to everything
    that doesnt want me
    i love life

    By too stable on 08.15.2018

  17. We should not be crafty instead chose to win by honest methods in life . Being craft doesn’t get us anywhere .

    By sne on 08.15.2018

  18. she was crafty and sneaky.

    By Brayden Smith on 08.15.2018

  19. clever

    By Sarah E Walsh on 08.15.2018

  20. My mom loves to be crafty. When I was little we would buy all sorts of things to do crafts together and it was always a great time. We now refer to all of the old craft stuff as crap stuff, which we think is hilarious for some reason. I still like to craft sometimes, but I don’t find time for it as often as I did when I was younger. I think that crafting helps build the imagination in kids and that is super important. It was definitely a large part of my childhood.

    By Erika on 08.15.2018

  21. Crafty, not a word she would use to describe her daughter. When she found out she was having a girl, she started having dreams of the two of them sewing together, dresses, doll clothes, even tiny socks for tiny feet. Yet by the time her daughter was 5, she could tell that crafty was not in her cars. At least not the crafty she envisioned. But her daughter was crafty, just not in the way she thought of crafty.

    By GmaCis on 08.15.2018

  22. Bob is crafty. He paints and

    By Nitasha on 08.15.2018

  23. If you want to be crafty, make sure that you can be crafty with a smile on your face, because craftiness without happiness is just sneakiness.

    By Not Sorry on 08.15.2018

  24. the seagull pecked at its cage anxiously. Its eyes told everything. It was scared, but resourceful. It grabbed the twig given to it for a nest, and pushed into the lock. the lock clicked, and the saegull set out to get revenge.

    By T Greene on 08.15.2018

  25. Being a good chess player means being crafty. My nature is to wait until something is right in front of me, look at all of the information, and then decide what I should do from there. In chess, it is best to plan for a goal and then try to guide the situation to match up with the end goal. That does not come naturally to me. I tend to accept things for how they are instead of trying to put the pieces where I want them. I have to work on my long-term strategizing if I want to be a good chess player.

    By okayfine on 08.15.2018

  26. There once was a girl that lived on Silver Lane, she was very loved. The people called her Crafty Cathy. She was always getting ideas to help the town with her crafts.

    By unicornlife on 08.15.2018

  27. “Be crafty. Look around. What do you see? A lamp. The lamp has a bulb. I could break it; use it to cut the rope. What if I cut myself? Look around. Look.” With difficulties, she contorted herself to look over her shoulder, hair falling like a veil over her sight. Through the strands of wet hair she could see a tan jacket draped over the desk. “He left his jacket.”

    She takes a deep breath then shimmies to give herself leverage. The heat of the attic caused sweat to drip down her back.

    “Be crafty. Don’t make too much noise.”

    By Josy on 08.15.2018


    By John Cupples on 08.15.2018

  29. I stitched her up halfheartedly; I moaned as I stitched, moaned warm, wilting air into her sole.

    By Zoe on 08.15.2018

  30. There was little doubt seeping from the intensity of her upturned, crafty smile. She’d been on the receiving end of her world scrupulously ravaged, and it was finally time to turn the tables on the chauvinist chaps. There might be stronger terms, but she would rather save them for when it came to the chopping block, figuratively.

    By Issie Kay URL on 08.15.2018

  31. I’ve never been as crafty as my mother. At least not in terms of arts and crafts. But I like to think I’m crafty in other ways. More subtle ways. It’d be fun to knit or scrapbook or make papermache…whatevers. But I think my brand of crafty is more useful, and I’m glad that if I could only be one type, I’m the type of crafty that I am. *Evil laugh*.

    By Abby Jelly on 08.16.2018

  32. Crafty is a word that I rarely use. I guess it can describe the behavior of an individual in both positive and negative ways. Crafty can mean creative. It can also mean sneaky or manipulative.

    By Evoice Sims on 08.16.2018


    But yeah, crafty is a great word to use in dialogue I think, but not so much as a descriptor. I like it though.

    By Bug-chan on 08.16.2018

  34. The raccoons are crafty nocturnal creatures. I love the way they wash the morsels they steal from the cat’s bowl while they look around to see if anyone’s watching.

    By Susan Berg on 08.16.2018

  35. Oh man I didn’t expect this to go so fast uhhh I think i’m really crafty with the way I present myself, I disguise myself as this quiet shy person so I can get close to people and then show them my loud side as a way of being like “BAM I’m pretty cool right!!” to make them stay and that’s how I make friends, plus I do cosplay with Keaton.

    By Skyler Beraz on 08.16.2018

  36. Sly, sneaky, and witty. Reminds me of a fox, or myself. I love foxes, and I don’t think they deserve all of the trash talk about them. Yes, they are crafty, and that is how they survive. They are smart. And adorable. Besides, if you were a fox, and you were hungry, don’t you think it would be fun to raid a chicken coop?

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 08.16.2018

  37. i got crafty at nanas i made foxy an from five nights at freddy

    By Aaron on 08.16.2018

  38. motivation

    By Maria Medina-Muniz on 08.16.2018

  39. Crafts are the way to my heart, They make me feel happy inside.

    By unicornlife on 08.16.2018

  40. Craftiness is just a part of being me, I also just had this word yesterday, do they not change it?

    By unicornlife on 08.16.2018