July 13th, 2014 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “earrings”

  1. the earrings added everything. so much so that she question who she was—WHAT she was without them. she felt basic—in the most strippening way. she felt the beauty had been taken away. they held her confidence.

    By Safon on 07.14.2014

  2. I got my ears pierced when I was just four years old. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world, and for weeks on end I marched around, parading my tiny diamond studs as though they were the most beautiful things in the world, and that I was a gorgeous princess blessed with these shimmery jewels.

    By isabelle on 07.14.2014

  3. Her earrings were laying on the foyer cabinet. They were exactly how I remembered them, haning off of her lobes on the day everything changed. She would have no need for them now. Would it be so bad to take them? After all, she’ll never use them again…

    By Julia on 07.14.2014

  4. dangled from her ears. Her red hair only slightly covering them. She pushed them behind her ear. Perfect. She was nothing but gorgeous. Perfection, nothing else.

    By Aishwarya on 07.14.2014

  5. Her earrings we’re the cutest things she owned.
    They weren’t just clay polymer cartoons, attached to her lobes.
    They were an outward depiction of her inner child, the freedom she once new, before the darkness of life took over ; forging the bleak soul that she is to this day.

    By Dav Matthews on 07.14.2014

  6. Her earrings we’re the cutest things she owned.
    They weren’t just clay polymer cartoons, hanging from her lobes.
    They were an outward depiction of her inner child, the freedom she once knew, before the darkness of life took over ; forging the bleak soul that she is today.

    By Dav Matthews on 07.14.2014

  7. “you like my earrings? Josh got them for me, aren’t they stunning?”

    sam was looking at me expectantly, wanting me to be excited with her. but I wasn’t focused on her shiny new earrings. i was more focused on the fact that I hadn’t heard from Eli in over 3 days. was he alright? should i go to his home and see if the leader of the Elite will speak with me? i hated leaving this up to fate.

    By Jas on 07.14.2014

  8. She was so sad. All she knew about him wasn’t the true. Now, she doesn’t care about anybody. But she like him,

    By Rose on 07.14.2014

  9. ihave wonderful earring in my room, i like the yellow one more than the red one.

    By Mohamed ismail on 07.14.2014

  10. The earrings hung from her lobes, sparkling in the sun. He enjoyed seeing them on her.

    By Jerri on 07.14.2014

  11. I don’t like earrings. I never bloody like earrings. What am I, a Christmas tree? I on’t want to hang things off myself. Still, it’s a valentine’s present at all. Again. I could really do with a new set of allen keys.

    By Tiree on 07.14.2014

  12. They pierce. They impale. They drive through the skin, causing searing pain to swell to unbearable intensity. The end result, however, is that beauty is created. Through the pain, attraction follows. Shimmering and sparkling. Was it worth it? Perhaps.

    By Jimmy on 07.14.2014

  13. She had fake earrings. and that was stupid. I don’t get why people fake having earrings. it seem so…stupid. basically. and it fucks my mind. we expect people to be honest with us and we fake something as mundane and simple as earrings. really.

    By Andrea on 07.14.2014

  14. Her earrings sat untouched on the bathroom counter. She wanted to wear them, but what would that mean. Would it mean that she was in love? Would it mean that she was an extravagant lady. She never wore earrings, so this would be a change and people would notice.

    By Crystal on 07.14.2014

  15. Schau in den Himmel,
    genieß es-
    Schau dir die Farben an,
    genieß es-
    Nimm dir Zeit,
    lass dich treiben.

    By Anuri URL on 07.14.2014

  16. Those pretty earrings, when I see them hanging in the shelf of the shop,I imagine them on your beautiful ears. You make them look so valuable when you wear them.
    You deserve those earrings. Those pretty, butterfly shaped earrings

    By Aer on 07.14.2014

  17. She had the most beautiful earrings for a no-humanoid alien, they hung from a body part I yet to see in another other creature.

    By Valentino on 07.14.2014

  18. i don’t think i’ll be giving the circle ones back. figured… that sweater that you adopted of mine, well, it was new and i let you borrow it because you were cold. so those cool 80’s peppermint earrings? i’m going to adopt them and just get passed the passive aggressive comments.

    By Fiona on 07.14.2014

  19. her earringdroped onto the floor with a slight clink. Which, becse earrings are the smallest little things, caused a wave of panic to rise in her. Those were a brthday present from her mother!

    By Nancy on 07.14.2014

  20. I saw her earrings. Dangling hopelessly like the challenge of the love we share. Yet still, I could only imagine that these metaphors, that double as earrings, were pointing downwards to the ground that we both stand on, both fight for, and I could only comprehend that it was symbolising that we must fight for each other

    By Charlie on 07.14.2014

  21. Staying up talking to you made me realize my worth
    made me cling to an idea rather than a moment-
    kept me going for days.
    Im more thankful for the stars now,
    but i cry every night when i see them,
    because it reminds me of who i used to be.
    She always reminded me: you are made from the same matter as the stars,
    so infite and spare all at once:
    You are never weak.
    For days i tried to make sense of distance,
    Asked myself whether knowing someone was really knowing them at all.
    Prayed to the moon’s far side that three years wasn’t too long.
    I didn’t find an answer, but i started to find hope in the little things.
    I left a lot of things unsaid, but more things spoke clear over time.
    Communication and balance came with long walks and swimming in the creek.
    I always knew it was key, i never told you.
    I have a new perspective on summer now, how always oppurtunities strike when the asphalt is burning: my brain does too. It makes sense of things for you. Makes sense of them for me.

    By Hayden on 07.14.2014