July 12th, 2014 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “violet”

  1. The townhouse was located within a hare’s breath of the busiest port in the world. Sleep was wrestled each night by the constant clashing together of giant containers and an ever present industrial din, pierced now and again by the horn of a freight train pulling in to unload. There was a view of the city from the lounge room which might be considered alluring in an industrial sort of way. The skyscrapers in the distance cast off a dubious violet glow. She wondered if good things happened there, or if they were just the same, only more purple. She looked back into the room, to her brother who was dying and to her father who couldn’t stand her, and she thought it may be worth giving the colour purple a try.

    By bb333 on 07.13.2014

  2. Violet roses covered the field like a thick, purple blanket. I lay among them, gazing up at the clear blue sky overhead as the hot sun beat upon my face. Closing my eyes, I breathed in deeply, filling my lungs with the rich fragrances which enveloped me. It was almost overwhelming, sending me into a dizzingly heightened state.

    By isabelle on 07.13.2014

  3. The colour of his eyes when they looked into mine, reflecting my simple expression back at me. The colour glowed and created a radiance of pure simplistic evil.

    By Lauren on 07.13.2014

  4. Violets are the first plants I remember not killing. They survived years in our kitchen – perhaps because they were so close to the tap. It was hard to forget to water them when they were practically under the water. Their leaves burned so easily; their petals were so fragile. But they survived a long time in that kitchen.

    By Ellie Ava URL on 07.13.2014

  5. Violet is one of my favorite colors. It may be more blue, or more red. Many flowers are this color. Almost like the night sky, its very dark but beautiful. Its a blueish purple. I like it a lot.

    By Someone on 07.13.2014

  6. She cares so much for her flowers. It’s as if she thinks they can think like she can, except without any of the bad thoughts and worries that trouble her. The violets are what she wants to be; beautiful, temporal, beloved.

    By mori on 07.13.2014

  7. It was the soul of the city
    That made me believe
    It was the heart of the city
    That made me leave
    I’m still looking for that violet light
    That beckoning signal in the night

    By Intuition on 07.13.2014

  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reminds me that you have to put effort into having a close family unit. Would my family get along if we all had to sleep in the same bed together?

    By mary on 07.13.2014

  9. Sounds like a violin,but the color immediately fills me with life!
    Imagine all
    Violet flowers blooming in the garden, how refreshing it is to have such a thought!

    By Aer on 07.13.2014

  10. The flower was amazing. It was the color that he always dreamed of seeing. Violet. Not too red, not too purple. It was just the right color to give to Amelia and he would. He’d make sure of it. Sure, maybe it wasn’t her favorite color but it held a special place in both of their hears

    By Talisha on 07.13.2014