August 18th, 2017 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “earbuds”

  1. Piped into the ears, what is this I hear? Dissonance, oh yes, echoes in the shell ask me “what the hell?” Amid the clanging of the tower bells. Through a spy glass I see a tall bridge succumbing to the rising seas. Then ten girls danced through the frame each another kind of wonder.

    By Earbuds URL on 08.18.2017

  2. I locked my earbuds into my phone and ears, but to my surprise, they kept on falling out of my ears.

    By Crystal on 08.18.2017

  3. She walked down the street, pausing only to push her earbuds further into her ear canal. She let out a grateful sigh as the music enveloped her, taking her to a faraway place, away from all of her problems.

    By Livia on 08.18.2017

  4. I listen as hard as I can. I don’t want to listen to anything else. My earbuds are my escape.

    By DraconianWriting on 08.18.2017

  5. She has her earbuds in, so she doesn’t hear me come down the stairs, despite the loud clicking of my heels. She moves with ease around the kitchen, knife in one hand, bread in the other. Perfectly at home here. Comfortable.

    She places the bread into the toaster and twists the knob so that the bread will come out lightly browned – the way I like it, not blackened to death like her father and sister both do.

    I sigh loudly. Does she know that the way she makes toast is what makes me feel like her mother? Genetics mean nothing to me anymore. Not since she first smiled at me as an infant, and I knew: genetically, she was my husband’s child, but I would teach her the ways of the world, and she would always be my daughter.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.18.2017

  6. Walking down the street with my earbuds jammed so far into my canals that I think I’ll go deaf before I hear the last symphony on my playlist. I’m drinking up the air like it’s thick enough to be a milkshake, and my whole skeleton rattles from the external beat, resulting in a very internal rhythm. I think I’ll swing by the bus stop and beg for change again, though not for a cigarette this time.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.18.2017

  7. the earbuds were growing well this spring. last year’s crop didn’t turn out after the late freeze and early drought. Henker felt that these would blossom into his best crop of ears in years and the market was well poised to take as many as he could harvest. Next to to last year, this was going to be quite profitable.

    By JimRuby on 08.18.2017

  8. The first earbuds of the spring were pushing their way out from the branches. it would be a good year for them, not like last year where the late freeze and early drought really harmed the crops. But this year Henker knew that he would get a good harvest of ears and that the market was poised to buy all that he had to sell.

    By JRuby on 08.18.2017

  9. earbuds are my only escape
    they are there
    when no one else is
    earbuds put music into my ears
    it vibrates my eardrums
    and makes me feel less alone
    but i am still alone
    there are kids around me
    i have my earbuds
    and the music that explains me
    better than i can
    i have friends
    but are they really friends
    if they ignore you
    are they really friends
    if they stop to tell you their problems
    but dont stick around long enough
    to hear yours
    they dont understand
    i am only the real me
    when i am alone with earbuds
    and my voice
    or when i am on stage
    entertaining people
    relating to people who
    relate to music
    earbuds are my only escape
    but maybe one day
    there will be someone
    who needs an escape
    and they find me
    and they play my songs
    or read my writing
    or see me act
    and they realize
    i am just like them
    i need an escape too
    because everyone is broken
    but some people
    found their escape
    while others are still searching

    By sammy on 08.18.2017

  10. It’s 3:37, cheap plastic earbuds are mashed into my ears while my eyelids drift downwards every ten seconds.

    The neighbors dogs are howling outside and my father is snoring all too loudly across the hall but I can’t tell. Not with my earbuds in. Not while I lay there sleepily questioning my existence whilst the bass line of my least favorite indie rock album blares into my ear simply because I’m too tired to skip it.

    By Mayang on 08.18.2017

  11. passeio

    By Leila Nancy on 08.18.2017

  12. The earbuds hurt. Sarah tugged them out and laid them on the table by her chair, sighing. She’d been listening to music for hours but she didn’t feel any calmer than when she’d started.

    Maybe some things couldn’t be fixed, she thought. Maybe it was better just to leave it alone.

    By Arahyacinth URL on 08.18.2017

  13. They keep the sound out. Yet, they keep the sound in. See, there are two sides to everything. All you have to do is listen.

    By the librarian on 08.18.2017

  14. When I think of earbuds the words that come to mind are,,,escape, free, imagination, quiet. Earbuds take you sometimes from a dark place =. They can take you to a quiet space. They block the world and allow entertainment to flow across your brain.

    By Jacqui D. on 08.18.2017

  15. Kiss me. I taste like sugar and limes.
    My music echoes in riddling rhymes.
    Lime are the wires that run from my ears down my chest. Around my side and down my back. Heart shaped pockets lead to one end. I caught you gazing there. I know what temptation draws you near. Never fear. Come, fall, embrace. Your face always did endear. Too many years. Too many separations, forced by my hand. Taste this sweetness; my reparations when I come back to land…

    By throughthelens URL on 08.18.2017

  16. Long dangling strings blast music through her ears. She cannot hear what they say. She cannot hear what they call her. She is happy.

    By Emily Nelli on 08.18.2017

  17. Earbuds blast sweet music into her ears. She cannot hear anything else. She cannot hear them. She cannot hear the things they call her.

    She is happy.

    By ADreamInTimeGoneBy on 08.18.2017

  18. earbuds are objects that you plug into you ear to listen to audio with on yours devices such as MP3 players, computer, phones, etc. They are commonly used worldwide

    By Justin URL on 08.18.2017

  19. too much on and this morning as long as my following my nose, close my eyes and listening too a instrument that quells my noise of distracting the clear blue happening like yellow earbuds.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.19.2017

  20. another try to help me decide the difference between a gradual amount of this earbud and this sensual reptition of a plane of coffee filtering or people chattering or a spoon in a bowel clattering.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.19.2017

  21. I had the earbuds in and I guess that’s why I didn’t hear the din… I didn’t hear the glass break, the shards sprinkle to the ground… I didn’t hear my mom scream, didn’t hear the gunshot muffled by a pillow.

    By Lee on 08.19.2017

  22. Earbuds in, fucks off. That’s what Charles thought as he sat in the back of the bus, feet up against the worn plastic of the back of the seat in front of him – his usual routine, of course, designed to drown out the idiotic screaming of the rest of the passengers. Because, after all, no one was as smart as him, and they didn’t have as good a musical taste as he did, either… his metal blasting out of the earphones, it wasn’t until he felt a tap on his shoulder that he was pulled out of his reverie.

    By Maddy on 08.19.2017

  23. She put her headphones in and leaned her head against the glass. She inhaled deeply and tried not to think about everything she was leaving behind. The bus began to fill behind her, but no one sat next to her, luckily. No music came over her headphones and she barely noticed she had never pressed play.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.19.2017

  24. I didn’t think we could make it happen, but he actually grew new ears. They grew from the buds we’d planted, from where his old ones had been burned away. We couldn’t believe that the technology had worked: what were the odds that you could grow a new set of ears from a couple of corn seeds?

    By Excruciata on 08.19.2017

  25. So for my first “one word,” I get earbuds. Interesting. First of all, earbuds hurt my ears. I have yet to find a set that are comfortable for me. However, I am glad that most of my students can use them comfortably because they come in very handy when they are using their devices with apps that require sound.

    By Beth on 08.19.2017

  26. I was standing on the subway platform in Queens, NY, waiting for my train, as I did every workday. Without even thinking, I reached in my purse for

    By nicalady on 08.19.2017

  27. Have you stopped to hear all the languages around you? Can you hear the flowers laughing and the whistling of the trees? It is worth it to take a peek into the world you live beyond.

    By puddin on 08.19.2017

  28. I like to watch the world with earbuds in
    even (especially) if no sound comes out of them
    listen to the world around you, without it knowing that you can hear it
    what do they say?

    By Pandyfish on 08.19.2017

  29. See my first thought about earbuds were the device we use to listen to music, but then I thought maybe this is referring to cotton earbuds — the kind we clean our ears with. Also, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

    By BrightStars on 08.19.2017

  30. podcasts
    listening to music
    allows for privacy
    being inappropriate in public
    personal preferences

    By Danielle on 08.19.2017

  31. You know when you always have that one annoying kid in class? yeah, and the only way you can drown him is out is with a heavy base and earbuds…..guess who forgot to bring theirs today -_-

    By Emily on 08.19.2017

  32. He gasping and struggling made it all that harder to pull him back, the earbud chord wrapped around his throat. It shouldn’t have come to this, but his heavy body hitting the ground with a thud gave me little time to feel remorse.

    By emilygreen on 08.19.2017

  33. Earbuds are helpful, they are used to listen to music or talk on the phone. Earbuds are made from different materials either cloth or rubber.

    By Cheyenne on 08.19.2017

  34. man i lost my frickin earbuds again i hope my cat didn’t eat them because if it did that would be the 43w848343t8934t3th pair of earbuds it’s eaten and the doctor said if it eats one more i’m gonna get a stress-induced heart attack and possibly die which is kinda worrisome!!! oh well. earbuds are bad for your ears anyway, last i heard they can make you go deaf! before i went deaf

    By Estevan URL on 08.19.2017

  35. Testing

    By Lauren on 08.19.2017

  36. Earbuds are an escape for him, an escape from me. I’m not enough so I get shut out. I want to rip them from his ears and tell him how I feel. One day.

    By JacquiD on 08.19.2017

  37. thump-thump-thump. she could hear the muffled sounds outside her bedroom; erratic and peculiar, just unpredictable enough for her to wince every time the sounds spiked into the room. she closed her eyes. the tinny sounds of michael jackson squeaked from her long-abandoned earbuds, but she had long given up on drowning out the noise.

    By cherryohs on 08.19.2017

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    By rem cua binh thanh URL on 08.19.2017