September 12th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “dysfunctional”

  1. weird, like my family, hmmm, no function, reminds me of Cheaper by the Dozen, I don’t know what else….

    By Sydney Dixon on 09.13.2012

  2. not easy, not convenient, difficult, not simple, in the way, unorganized, my room, messy, relationships,

    By Kirsten Sharpe on 09.13.2012

  3. My family seems to fit this word to a T. I’ve received this word a lot after telling people how my father used to sing me lullabies, well, ‘Boyz N The Hood’ with a light tune added to make it appropriate for infants. I don’t understand how that would make me dysfunctional…

    By Samantha Moliis on 09.13.2012

  4. Unorganized, out of order, not functioning correctly, unable to work right, broken, out of order.

    By Zach Sansavera on 09.13.2012

  5. Most families are dysfunctional in that they all come from broken homes and backgrounds. They don’t work together properly and the atmosphere is almost always bad.

    By Kaila Pinit URL on 09.13.2012

  6. Dysfunctional what I feel write now about this word because I have never done this before and it’s crazy. Um examples dysfunctional families they are pretty crazy and not focused on the same things. I am almost done so ya

    By Hunter White on 09.13.2012

  7. not normal, not easy, hard, difficult, not simple, messy.
    My soccer bag is very dysfunctional

    By Erin Settle on 09.13.2012

  8. not working. working incorrectly. dysfunctional family. improper. not functional. incorrect.

    By Rayme Anderson on 09.13.2012

  9. family
    not working
    not functioning
    no team work
    not working together
    need of problem solving
    helping other people
    not wholesome
    missing peices

    By Jasmin Thompson on 09.13.2012

  10. your face.
    Family guy is a dysfunctional family. i think of them and people who are weird in a funny way like my family
    dysfunctional is amazing because it is and dysfunctional means my family. my family is crazy and weird but in a good way! dysfunctional is awkward sometimes

    By Amanda on 09.13.2012

  11. Dysfunctional families. Families who fight a lot. Don’t get along. Maybe some people get kicked out. Families that argue about everything or parents are divorced. Children are out of control and don’t listen. Parents may drink or do bad things. Bad influence. Not all right.

    By Jessica Cannon on 09.13.2012

  12. I think of family and friends and relationships. Especially family and relationships. I also think about my toilet because somehow the handle broke.

    By CT on 09.13.2012

  13. family; my friends; life in general; pet; animals; earth; sky; dead people; dinosaurs

    By Natalie Walker on 09.13.2012


    By BASED GOD on 09.13.2012

  15. not working. wrong. has a problem. not good for something. dysfunctional relationship/group.

    By Daisy Gatton on 09.13.2012

  16. A clock is out of order and ticking off time throughout the hall. It is broken. The owner’s of the clock have to take it to a speciality store and get it repaired. The repairmen informs the owners that the clock can never be fixed. ever.

    By Corrina on 09.13.2012

  17. Family


    Not normal





    By Courtney Vesey on 09.13.2012

  18. These computers are really dysfunctional most of the time. The first time I tried to type in the box and submit it, it screwed up. Maybe that’s just the internet being dysfunctional. Now it’s not working again. WHY ISN’T IT WORKING?

    By Thiphaphone Arounlangsy on 09.13.2012

  19. dysfunctional is a great way to describe my family. We’re not average. My immediate family might be, the ones in my household. But the ones outside of that are most definitely dysfunctional. There are a lot of us, and our family line goes crazy. We’re rockers, writers, and so much more.

    By Zoe on 09.13.2012

  20. Mot everything in life is supposed to be functional, you will see many dysfunctional things to. But don’t forget that also have functions but you persive them to be dysfunctional looking through your perspective.

    By Tufan Karaca on 09.13.2012

  21. That would be the best way to describe my family. We are not functional not by a long shot. We love each other, we depend on each other, but somehow we’ve become so integrated into each other that we’ve forgotten that there are other people too. Sometimes it’s hard.

    By Axel on 09.13.2012

  22. I am dysfunctional. It means youre weird, different, out of control, crazy. To be dysfunctional is to be not boring. I think there is different levels of crazy people, and this could be good or bad. Do what you want, say what you please. be Wild, different, unique, colorful, etc.

    By Rocklite on 09.13.2012

  23. my family is dysfunctional and i love it. my dad is nuts my brother is a jerk and my step mom is a crazy btich sometimes but we all together and we make this family that is dysfunctional and happy. we are perfect for each other.

    By rb on 09.13.2012

  24. The people who are the most dysfunctional don’t get a lot done in their daily lives. Like my friend Bridgid she doesn’t ever get anything done ever, and she never does her homeworks because she is a total brat who talks non stop. Her head is also full of macaroni and cheese.

    By Meredith Simmons on 09.13.2012

  25. Her hair was Dali’s giraffe, yellow on fire, eyes bleeding want like a paintbrush dipped in red. Her nails were bullets as they scratched down my back and I keened, a cat in the rain. I licked a river in her Sahara neck and pulled flamingo legs over my shoulders; we rutted against each other as screen doors in hurricanes. She came first, and I chased her like thunder does lightning but never succeeded. If I were a god we would have stayed there, just like that, a test shot, a reject, pinned to a cork board and forgotten.

    By isa on 09.13.2012

  26. when do we know when someone is dysfunctional, in my opinion everyone is functional. Everyone and everything has it’s own function in this world. So lets terminate this word en live a happier and meaningfull life of amazement.

    By Neal Penners URL on 09.13.2012

  27. Dysfunctional families often cause psychological problems for the patient. I would recommend therapy at least once a week for six months, followed by an evaluation. If deemed appropriate, treatment should continue for 1-3 years. I do not believe that one can be healthy in a dysfunctional family, not truly, at least.

    By Stephen on 09.13.2012

  28. I feel that my life has become somewhat dysfunctional. I’ve let too much grime to get in the gears and now that I’m taking a look at things, im overwhelmed in what I feel will be a lot of work to get myself back into full functionality. But part of the problem that I’ve had has been pushing the pedals in the first place, so here we go. Time to clean, time to pray, and time to push the pedals and go for a long ride that will prime me and hopefully keep me from falling back into disuse.

    By grapplerschool on 09.13.2012

  29. Dysfunctional means it isn’t functional or doesn’t work, in this case it means it needs to be kicked or chucked out a window because it’s a pile of shit. Another thing to do with this is try and flog it to somebody by saying it works properly and then run off to a different country and hide. :3

    By Michael John Weeks on 09.13.2012

  30. Every thing in the middle east are dysfunctional , we want a change not on the countries but in the people themselves ….. everybody are negative

    By TeMooo0 on 09.13.2012

  31. My family. Don’t do this, don’t say this. That is what they do. And yet, someone has it worse than I do. Someone has is so badly that they pray each and every day for it to get better. For that, I am thankful. I am thankful that my life isn’t as dysfunctional as it could be.

    By Amara on 09.13.2012

  32. You are a ragtag group. All with different interests, different personalities.
    You are like a family; a dysfunctional one. –Yes, even if some of you ARE related loosely.
    But you all seem to enjoy this: being together.
    You are the Allies, and you are a dysfunctional family.

    By hipstercat-girl URL on 09.13.2012

  33. Broken. The opposite of functional. “Boy that guy is not functioning properly”. A group of people (i.e. family) who’s interactions destroy rather than create.

    By Travis URL on 09.13.2012

  34. My family. Don’t do this, don’t say this. That is what they do. And yet, someone has it worse than I do. Someone has is so badly that they pray each and every day for it to get better. For that, I am thankful. I am thankful that my life isn’t as dysfunctional as it could be. And I am disappointed that this world would have the option of making it the possibly worse and for making people’s lives terrible.

    By Amara on 09.13.2012

  35. someoone who doesnt really have any control of themself. No grip whatsoever. Or a situation like that. chaos. no beginning or end.

    By Nisan on 09.13.2012

  36. dysfunctional perfection.

    By emkay URL on 09.13.2012

  37. They are a dysfunctional family. Normality was never a choice.
    They are personifications of nations. They can never be normal.
    If they were normal, what would the fun in that be? They have to be abstract.
    They’re abstract because they are made of many people. People have different opinions.
    It makes them dysfuncitonal, as a personification AND a family.
    But they like it that way.

    By hipstercat-girl on 09.13.2012