September 12th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “dysfunctional”

  1. Dysfunctional people does everyone have dysfunctional?
    Dysfunctional people dont always act like they are. hurt, alone, doesn’t work people relationships, doesn’t work, scared

    By Ellie on 09.13.2012

  2. Dysfunctional means that you cannot funtion. Relationships are often dysfunctional because they could be dysfunctional. Capps Crazies last year was dysfunctional because we did not reach our purpose. But this year we are working together and hopefully making a difference. When people fight and do not get along they keep each other from going towards a purpose and then they are not successful.

    By Sarah on 09.13.2012

  3. The world is pretty dysfunctional. Also my family is dysfunctional – most families are dysfunctional because no family is perfect. Even the world isn’t perfect so technically we can all be dysfunctional. To me, dysfunctional means not making sense all the time, not being perfect and normal all the time. Sometimes its good being dysfunctional – it can be fun! We have more fun when we are dysfunctional because we can all have different perspectives about the world.

    By Sara Rich on 09.13.2012

  4. powerless to themselves
    hard to understand

    By Samantha LR on 09.13.2012

  5. bad
    not able to function properly
    tumblr jokes
    This word is also not me
    I mean, I am perfectly functional but sometimes I can be ‘dysfunctional’
    What makes one dysfunctional?
    Stress, added stress, lots of stress.

    By Rachel on 09.13.2012

  6. .

    By shlob on 09.13.2012

  7. families, broken, not working, incorrect, “not functioning”, not functioning according to the rules of society

    By Nick Jordan on 09.13.2012

  8. My calculator is outrageously dysfunctional. Dinosaurs are currently dysfunctional due to the fact that they are all dead. This is a very dysfunctional paragraph because I have no idea what is going on. This website is also dusfunctional.

    By Andrew Smith on 09.13.2012

  9. cant work right not operating bad

    By Hks on 09.13.2012

  10. Dysfunctional is the state of not being able to function.

    By Hayley on 09.13.2012

  11. Just a perceived standard of skills that according to society are required for survival but some people don’t have. Cannot be really wrong. What is the limit?

    By Zaheen URL on 09.13.2012

  12. i like being dysfunctional. it’s fun and it save you a lot of trouble. I used to think it would hurt me. make me unattractive, or just a failure, but actually i was proven wrong.

    By O URL on 09.13.2012

  13. OK. I dont konw this word. Anyway, I am going to check this word up after the minute. But I am recently trying my best to learn as much new vocabularies as possible. My vocabulary base hasn’t expanded much since I was form one. I basically wasted 3 years until form 4 which I learn some science subjects but still not from language subjects. Well, I guess it is never too late and I hope i can recover at fast as possible.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.13.2012

  14. The opposite of functioning, but still maintains the possibility of being productive.

    My family. A lot of families. All families?

    By Alice on 09.13.2012

  15. she screams.
    he screams.
    miscommunication just like any other day.
    she wants something,
    but doesn’t care how it affects them both.
    when it comes to him,
    it’s one big ditto.
    but don’t they know that isn’t how real life works.
    don’t they know that
    is best left for Hollywood movies.

    By NuSol URL on 09.13.2012

  16. dysfunctional is how i would describe myself when i fell like i have screwed up on something big or small. it is a sucky feeling.

    By Ashton Goodnough on 09.13.2012

  17. trlalal. things happen, happens fast oo my dear grandma i’ll wait in the jungle for you with an orange juice in my hand

    By bancsi on 09.13.2012

  18. They did the same routine every day. He’d wake up, she’d wake up. He’d shower, she’d cook and prepare his breakfast so it was hot and ready when he came out of the shower. They’d eat together in silence. He’d kiss on the forehead and go to work. She’d return to the kitchen, and cry.

    By Soft URL on 09.13.2012

  19. “But it all works! We laugh. We love. We falter, yes, but you fit so well, here with your head on my chest.’
    “But the doctor says…”
    “The doctor doesn’t get paid when you’re happy”

    By emmystrange URL on 09.13.2012

  20. My circuts are dysfunctional, my core fried, my motor falling apart, I am, a broken cyborg.

    By Zachary Williams on 09.13.2012

  21. You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war.
    You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the doors.
    You and I get so damn dysfunctional we start keeping score.
    You and I get sick, and I know that we can’t to this no more.

    Good song.

    By aura.rayne on 09.13.2012

  22. shit thats my life. more like my family. there is no such thing as a functional family, because no one is perfect and no one can get along perfectly. my boyfriend is distracting me…. cant write…

    By Isabel Pinaud on 09.13.2012

  23. My life is dysfunctional and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My dysfunctional family may cause several fights, but I love them anyway. I enjoy hanging out with my dysfunctional friends, because they are much more fun then any normal person I know.

    By Azela on 09.13.2012

  24. The family, the thoughts, the thought of the thoughts, emotions, limp limbs, silence in the midst of a happy moment, purported grief, the disrespect of a function, when nothing has meant something, when false becomes true.

    By fattusb on 09.13.2012

  25. When he was born his father placed him into a bucket and said, “You will respect me,” and then rolled him down the stairs. He never cried again. When he was five-years-old he stole for the first time. He was caught by his father, who noticed his son’s pockets bulging. His father pulled out two packages of gum, an Arabic to English dictionary, a poem that would have brought world peace, and the cure for cancer. His father instructed him to place these items into a 55 gallon drum trashcan and then light them on fire. The scent of the gum, mixed in with the possibility of harmony, emitted a sweet rosewater smell that made the boy cry. Seeing his tears, the father made the boy eat the flame, and the boy never cried again. When the boy was sixteen he fell in love and was happy. When the father saw the boy was happy he intercepted the woman his son had fallen in love with and took him for his own wife. At the wedding, tears graced the boy’s cheeks. After cutting the cake, the father cut out the boy’s heart. He never cried again.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 09.13.2012

  26. I am dysfunctional in that I cannot handle stress, like an allergy. Someone who is allergic to milk, for example, simply cannot digest the lactase enzyme, and when it is eaten, their body automatically attempts to dispel from their body.

    By Taylor on 09.13.2012

  27. family. screaming. the way drinks work. Mom always said theer was a difference between having a drink and letting a drink have you, but daddy didn’t seem to get that rule. cause he staggered, and shouted, and sometimes puked out hateful words.

    By Zack Gonzalez on 09.13.2012

  28. The only way to describe the universe is dysfunctional. A chaotic dance of the imperfect, unprepared, and inadequate. Yet it would be so boring if all functioned as ideally as our dysfunctional brains imagined it should. Dysfunction is the spice of life.

    By Noah on 09.13.2012

  29. An amalgamation of insecurities and pride contradicts itself in the inner reaches of my longings. I can be anything? Achieve anything? What if I can’t? My identity vanishes slowly, slowly. Capricious thing, so delusional. So dysfunctional

    By Emily on 09.13.2012

  30. my life used to be dysfunctional but now its not! yeeeyyyy!!!!! but my roomate’s is. i think i gave it to her as it left me. NOOOOOOO!!!! go away dysfunctional. u no fun. everybody dance now bam bam bam bam bam

    By Brea on 09.13.2012

  31. I come from a dysfunctional family. I have not let let that fact get the best of me. In fact I have used it to my advantage in that it has given me insight in many situations.

    By Laura on 09.13.2012

  32. I come from a dysfunctional family, whatever that means. The word has so many definitions that who know what a real dysfunctional family is. Still, I know that the way I was raised did not conform with the stereotypical social view of the world. But I’m ok with that!

    By Pamela on 09.13.2012

  33. He tried to get up from the floor, thinking, “Hey, maybe I am overdoing stuff.” But of course he neglects the thought. Because countless, “Try harder,” “Do better,” “Hey you miss the timing,” will always remind him that it’s never enough.

    By Yein on 09.13.2012

  34. Something that does not function. It can be an object, a person, a family, an animal.

    By Ines on 09.13.2012

  35. I don’t know what disfunctional is but sounds it is not good.

    By Rose on 09.13.2012

  36. A/I Dysfunction report:
    Type 77_a

    Incursions of human related emotion, emulation of human emotion and/or imitation of human emotion in a manner deemed unacceptable by the Nevada International Artificial Intelligence Commission.

    Recommended Action: Immediate Termination

    By Lome on 09.13.2012

  37. I live in a dysfunctional society, I myself am dysfunctional. We all are, it’s “sad” but it’s true. What do I have to say? Nothing in fact, just something I heard behind the balcony at a girl’s 11th birthday party. I’m done with society.

    By Adam URL on 09.13.2012

  38. Does anyone actually use only the sixty seconds to write? I think we go longer, trying to polish our words. Now, that’s dysfunctional.

    By EmilyH on 09.13.2012

  39. It was the end of a highly dysfunctional summer, but what should she had expected given her highly dysfunctional family. At any rate, much as she loved them, she was glad that it was time to say goodbye and go back to school.

    By April on 09.13.2012

  40. Broken, incomplete, out of order, crazy, jumbles, mess, inconsistent, I dont know man, just not functional ya know.!!!

    By Briona on 09.13.2012