June 18th, 2014 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “duct”

  1. like the word duck which makes you have luck which wouldn’t suck and eat a pie

    By Solomon Granger on 06.18.2014

  2. Like an air vent up in the roof, i settle down and stare at it and see a duct that looks like a sewer.
    I view the duct and in vision a maze that never ends.
    A duct can also be like ab-duct-ed you have been taken away and an-duct-ed.

    By OLEEBRAAH on 06.18.2014

  3. Steven with his old mate Johnson ducted down to the open quarry and had a swim to escape the burning sun and cool off from a long days work

    By johny t URL on 06.18.2014

  4. the air duct snapped shut and i started to cry now i was stuck inside a stupid airtight room with only 30 seconds of oxygen ad some tnt. I was stuffed. I guess thats what happens when you start exploring a factory. Now i was going to die. And then i died.

    By none of your business bolo URL on 06.18.2014

  5. duct can be used in many words. it can be like “duct tape”, used to kidnap people, an air duct or a “abduction”, like aliens taking people into space.

    By liam on 06.18.2014

  6. The duct otto realised, waking with a start that may be his key to escaping H.O.P.E.

    By Jordan Walker on 06.18.2014

  7. On an unusual night a scetchy man by the name of Duct was seen dragging his suspect across the road who was silenced with duct tape on his mouth. He was then hauled up to Ducts face where his face intensified. The suspect thought he was going to get a beating so he instantly closed his

    By Max URL on 06.18.2014

  8. “It’s there in the duct” cried out Samantha as she looked down all sweaty from running. “There is nothing there said Freddy” that’s what she said…

    By Tyran Talamaivao on 06.18.2014

  9. ‘yuck’ i thought as i crawled through the air duct ‘this air duct is so full of cobwebs and dust that i can hardly breathe’.

    By matt on 06.18.2014

  10. As he swam through the duct he began to feel tired and exhausted he then realised he was drowning. In panic he swam to the surface and gasped for air remembering how close he was to death

    By Dennis Nieuwenhuizen on 06.18.2014

  11. the duct tape which ties someones hands behind their backs to take them away or over their mouth to disable their cry for help. ducks r cool…

    By Beadle on 06.18.2014

  12. Air ducts can be used for many purposes in the world of espionage it can be used to administer gases, crawl through to enter or even escape a building.

    By Jordan Walker on 06.18.2014

  13. hi there….. :) jesse next to me is… well… g… no i won’t say that

    By The Cat on 06.18.2014

  14. your mum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Shion Alizadeh on 06.18.2014

  15. Lol I died.

    By Max on 06.18.2014

  16. Like an air vent up in the roof, i settle down and stare at it and see a duct that looks like a sewer.
    I view the duct and in vision a maze that never ends.
    A duct can also be like ab-duct-ed you have been taken away and an-duct-ed.


    By OLEEBRAAH on 06.18.2014

  17. duct. pucky ducky lucky sucky mucky uppy

    By Solomon Granger on 06.18.2014

  18. duct

    By little fella on 06.18.2014

  19. …… Shame has brought down to me. Staring off into space I see him. His merorizing eyes that glen in the moon light. Well was I wrong, his looming figure stood before me, before I could make a peep he gets it. He gets the duck tape. And DUCTS it onto my face.

    By Mimi on 06.18.2014

  20. duct. pucky ducky lucky sucky mucky puppy duppy ducky duck duk du it yur own self

    By Solomon Granger on 06.18.2014

  21. if i can think of one word to define you
    tear duct
    what the fuck
    with all your crying and places stuck
    forever never lasting and lonely’s enough
    take it easy, my former lover
    i’ve become ethereal waiting for you
    you’re a wish that never came true
    thank you.

    By matt on 06.18.2014

  22. “I can’t get it in.”
    “What do you mean you can’t get it in?!”
    “No, I’m telling you, it won’t fit!”
    “The hell do you mean it won’t fit?”
    “I’m trying, but…”
    “Didn’t they teach you anything in med school?!”
    “Well yeah, but there’s only so much I can force the damn thing, I’ll tear the duct.”
    “Holy… you DID go to a crap school, they’re called arteries, not ducts… This is the last time I help you on a lab… crack a fugging textbook for once, alright?”

    By Claire URL on 06.18.2014

  23. “Okay, so what you’re going to have to do is go in the ducts, all right? Go in the ducts, attempt a back flip, continue, and then you’ll see a wall,” he said.
    “Wall? In the ducts?”
    “Yes, now stay with me now. So you see a wall. Look up. There will be some ducts.”
    “No, ducts, dammit David, stay with me. So you see another duct, climb up the duct, and then drill a hole when you can’t climb up any further.”
    “Okay, then what?”
    “Then, you get in the building, steal the cake, and leave the same way you came in.”
    “All of that for a cake?”
    “Of course, it’s cake.”

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.18.2014

  24. The duct tape around my mouth got rougher and rougher as I struggled to break it, trying to gather it in my teeth. I could feel layers of skin being rubbed off as i moved my mouth trying to get it into the right position.

    By Hope on 06.18.2014

  25. Scratch scratch. “What was that?” asked Jimmy. Scratch scratch, “there it is again!”. “I don’t hear anything”, said Samantha. Then they both exploded violently.

    By Tastyninja64 on 06.18.2014

  26. im walking up the stairs and get a text . “send this to 10 people in the next 10 seconds or you will find a girl dead on your bed.” I walk into my room. my girlfriend is in there.DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Shion Alizadeh on 06.18.2014

  27. My tear ducts welled with the salty mixture of betrayal and lonesomeness. 15 people. 15 close friends. For a whole day they were together. 15 peas in a pod for a whole day. Not a single one said happy birthday.

    By carls on 06.18.2014

  28. “Meredith…” Elijah makes his voice sad, sad and thick and all kinds of pathetic. “I have an awful headache.”

    The sound of tape being peeled off it’s roll rips through the room. Meredith looks down. “I’ll make you tea. When we get home.” He tears away length of tape with his teeth.

    “But I have a headache now.” Elijah rubs his temples and sighs loudly- hopefully loud enough that it’ll drown out the sound of shoes scuffing the floor and that annoying, blasted whimpering-

    “Could you PLEASE be a little more quiet?!” He barks at one wide-eyed, trembling man currently bound on the floor. The poor thing freezes, then nods slowly. “Thank you.”

    Elijah smears a hand over his face, and watches Meredith snort and apply more tape over the man’s mouth. It’ll be a long night.

    By kristen URL on 06.18.2014

  29. The wind was rusting through it like a tempest. Nothing could stops us now though, not when we knew what was at stake should we fail. Everything hinged on us making through this gap into HIS office, and not even a supercharged air duct could stop us.

    By Nicholas Bowers on 06.18.2014

  30. I was always told duct tape could fix anything. When I was little I would put it on my arm when my brother punched me. I used it to fix my bumper. There came a day in high school when I put it on a broken heart just for the comfort. I guess it does fix everything.

    By Delany Lemke on 06.18.2014

  31. I can’t even think of the word duct. It’s a duct. It could mean tape or a pipe of some kind. I came here to be creative and feel real and anonymous again all at the same time. Prompts be damned I want to feel something again. I want to feel like me and cry hard and love hard and I haven’t felt that in years. not since him.

    By whitney on 06.18.2014

  32. The sewer ducts, long since covered and clogged with unidentifiable muck, were well known by all residents of the Undercity. They were used as dropzones and safespaces, places to hide things you might need: clothes, blankets, shoes, medicine, if you were lucky, and opiates if you weren’t. Never perishables, like food, but pretty much anything else could be found there, if you were willing to get a little dirty.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.18.2014

  33. I was crawling through the ducts. He can’t say i don’t love him now. He CAN’T say that. I’ve crawled through all of this and his office is just around the corner and a floor down. He knows I love him. He has to know. has to. has to know. he has to know. my love he knows. he has to know. I love. I love him. my love. ilovehim. he has to know he has to.has to. has to. just one more air duct.

    By La Rosa del Libre on 06.18.2014

  34. They put me in the duct.

    The one between the kitchen and the library. A piece of burlap was thrown over the top, so I could see out and no one could see in. I had to be hid, you see, because no one could know I existed.

    At least, that’s what they told me.

    I’m scared. So very scared. I can’t stand to be found. I can’t find be hidden. I’m afraid to live and I’m terrified to die.

    Terrified. Scared. Afraid. I don’t know. This is confusing.

    I’m not sure when I started asking them to hide me, but I wish that I hadn’t.

    By Sara H. URL on 06.18.2014

  35. tape sounds like a duck is grey airconditioning duct ducted heating duct tape fixes anything what even is duct wait what

    By Jade on 06.18.2014

  36. Each of the wide, flat stones that made up the roof had a groove carved in the middle of its upper surface, – a duct, intended to channel rainwater outward from the center and down to the next stone below it. Using this simple mechanism, the roof had resisted the rain and kept the inner chamber dry for over five thousand years: A claim no other roof in Ireland could make!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.18.2014

  37. hey are you alright, britt?
    yeah, I’m fine.
    really though?
    yeah, I’m fine you didn’t get me that hard with the soccer ball.
    It’s just a soccer ball…
    yeah but I don’t ever want to hurt you
    I love you
    and I love you

    then I woke up, my dreams never seem to become a reality, especially these days.

    By Lillah on 06.18.2014

  38. duct is used with the word duct tape which is a type of grey, thick tape used for sticking things together.
    By forth I bring our hearts together with using thy tape. I call it duct tape. To mend a broken heart forever

    By Peyton on 06.18.2014

  39. Aqueducts in Spain are structures of defiance and glow. Too many for us, too few for you. Why did we believe her when she lied? There were so many to come, so, so many. May I one day see you again.

    By Laura on 06.18.2014

  40. I screamed internally as I saw the little avian quacking at me. I couldn’t begin to fathom the anger that was pent up inside. I swear I was clear. My instructions were precise and I’m sure I’ve written it down.

    But the moment he came in and said “DUCK”

    By mitch on 06.18.2014