August 9th, 2011 | 622 Entries

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622 Entries for “driving”

  1. I’ve never driven before, but the idea of it kind of scares me. I simply don’t think I’m aggressive enough to drive. I\d always be getting cut off, or hesitating at the wrong moment. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do if I injured someone, and then one day I did.

    By Thomas Robertson on 08.10.2011

  2. when i was driving through nevada as a kid, i experienced a draw to the land that made me feel at home. At peace with myself and my situation. Happiness was experienced all by myself.

    By Lena on 08.10.2011

  3. One day I took my mom to get a shirt, I drove a whole 2 hours before we came to the right place. Seriously. Two hours for a shirt, no one needs to be so specific… Nonsense right? Oh well. This shirt was great and concert T’s aren’t exactly found in Target, at least we got 3 hours of music in the deal.

    By Keyly on 08.10.2011

  4. I really hate driving. I prefer for my husband to do all the driving which he really hates because he drives all day at work. The reason that I hate to drive stems from my beloved brother being killed by a drunk driver six years ago. I still miss him terribly and since then driving makes me very nervous. I hope that someday I can over come the nervousness but as of yet it is still very much present. I will only drive very short distances and not even then if I can avoid or butter up my husband so that he will take me where I need to go

    By Annette on 08.10.2011

  5. He leaned into the driving rain and propelled himself forward. The wind bustled and sheets of newspaper flew past him into a black gloom. It wasn’t his sort of weather to be out in – and it wasn’t even his life that would be in danger if he stayed.

    By DaveC URL on 08.10.2011

  6. car
    mc donald

    By benoit on 08.10.2011

  7. Driving really fast on a open road. Being able to feel the wind run through my hair as old school rock jams loudly on the radio. Nothing in life makes since but all that doesn’t matter when your peddle to the metal.

    By po-the-ad on 08.10.2011

  8. Freely roaming about town, Ted looked at places and people and things, not caring which turns he took and which roads were dead ends. His 2001 Buick revved under his foot, galumphing down the road.

    By Brittany on 08.10.2011

  9. difficult somtimes and i like it gives me freedom sometimes people get angry driving but i usually can handle myself sometimes i get nervous but i like being able to go fast and get places when i want to go and im scared ill hit something but i know i wont because im smart and i know i wont hit anything because im experienced.

    By amber on 08.10.2011

  10. Driving is something that I like to do, that is to be driven either by but or by car. However I would love to be able to learn to drive on my own. I have been learning to drive, but I have failed the driving test on two occasion, what a pity.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.10.2011

  11. I went driving the other day. Black raves came to sit on my hood staring at me with their red eyes. I said hello they yoyo mofo what’s down in the hood. I said the engine.

    By jakob on 08.10.2011

  12. cruisin down the street in the white shady van. couch in the back. goons in the front. hop in. don’t ask questions. drive. see the skyscrapers out the back window. where we gonna end up? who fuckin knows.

    By Justine URL on 08.10.2011

  13. I was driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly out of nowhere you appeared. Not in front fo my car, or from behind a bush, but clear as day, in my head. There you where. I groaned, “Oh no. Leave.” But you didn’t . “Come on,” I thought, ‘this is too distracting.” You stayed. “No more, go away!” I said aloud, you ignored me.

    By anne saan on 08.10.2011

  14. When driving up the hill in heavy rain, the road tends to be very slippery and dangerous. One has to be extra careful. There is also a risk of landslides.

    By Abu on 08.10.2011

  15. when im out in my car i sing along to the ryhythm it take me places i aint never seen, when im out in my car driviing along i see the beauty of it all whisp through her hair, its magic i see it in plain sight resign to it and hol

    By mark on 08.10.2011

  16. in a car. away. i don’t mind what I leave behind. I wish I could. Drive. I wish I could drive better. But I am not a good driver. Too easy get nervous. Don’t want to hurt anybody. But myself. No car will ever drive far enough away with me.

    By Maxi on 08.10.2011

  17. I sit. Eyes ahead. Hands on wheel. I see blue. I pause. Deep thoughts. Yet. Will I? Won’t I? Foot to floor. No going back. My car flies. Rocks await me.

    By Gary Hewitt on 08.10.2011

  18. The key clicked. The ignition turned on. The car roared into life as he firmly pressed the pedal. It sped forwards. It had been so long, so long since he had experienced this exhilaration.

    By adeline URL on 08.10.2011

  19. Driving, the road blurring with the horizon. It never ends. That’s the joy of it. That’s the worst of it. Driving.

    By Huw on 08.10.2011

  20. i need to learn how to drive a car because then i would probably drive all the way to the top of australia and camp there, or go to the desert and stay there for a while. fire and desert. not water. at the moment i have to take the bus, but i dont like the people on the bus sometimes. they are okay, but not my friends. is should fill a car with my friends. and go to the desert.

    By nina on 08.10.2011

  21. i want to learn driving soon

    By Kimberly on 08.10.2011

  22. The thick fog lay ahead of me as I drove slowly and carefully through the dark forest. My heart beat quickly even as I tried desperately to keep calm. I felt as if I was being watched, as if thousands of eyes were on me, as if they were lurking behind the trees just waiting to get me. I heard a second heartbeat loudly in my ears, one I knew wasn’t there. I heard the loud steady heartbeat and screams of my victim, of the body in my trunk.

    By Camila URL on 08.10.2011

  23. I see three guys blocking my way, but I faked and then dashed to the right. The ball in my hand goes up and down ready to hit that damn basket. My hands gave their best shot, but I only heard a thud at my back.

    By henshinger URL on 08.10.2011

  24. when I just can’t deal with something, in emotional overload, I drive, I drove out a tank of petrol the night we lost our home, a child sleeping in the back , Pete Docherty on the CD player and swishing through the rain, discovering wee villages than have lain undiscovered since the fifties, country lane to country lane until the dawn was breaking and the unerring instinct pulled me back to the coast and a new day and the spirit to meet it

    By geraldine URL on 08.10.2011

  25. I like driving although it sometimes feels scary and dangerous. I have a small car that will probably kill me in a crash and its sounds terrible at high speed but its mine and i love it. The stereo is crap++

    By martin on 08.10.2011

  26. When you drive, you sit in a car, or a motorcycle, or a truck. Maybe a bike? You need fuel to drive, which you have to buy at a gas-station.

    By lisa on 08.10.2011

  27. Driving a knife through a body must be painful. Even to the person who’s doing it. All the pushing and shoving through all the insides, knowing you were going to kill that person. Take away their life. The life they have. Just like your mom, and brother and sister have. Life. No Life.
    Maybe It wouldn’t matter, though. Depends on who you are killing.
    Living doesn’t mean you’re alive. Does it?


    By Tsemsie:) URL on 08.10.2011

  28. Driving me crazy with silly little games on the internet. Driving Miss Daisy. Driving into a lake with no shoes on.

    By Rob on 08.10.2011

  29. driving again, weird that i got it again, i hate this word, i hate driving well i can’t drive i’m too scared and i cant be bothered so there you have it this is stupid why did i sign up all the effort for a terrible empty word.

    By bird URL on 08.10.2011

  30. have to improve my social knowledge.improve skills as i like.

    By vinod on 08.10.2011

  31. You’re driving me insane. He didn’t say it, just kept his hands on the wheel and tightened his jaw when she clicked through the contents of his iPod again, likely searching for whatever preposterousness his roommates had loaded onto it when his back was turned.

    As soon as Lady Gaga flooded, the car, he felt his stomach lurch, but then she was tossing her said and singing along enthusiastically, so he let it go.

    He couldn’t believe his brother was marrying this girl.

    By Nagi URL on 08.10.2011

  32. driving is concentrating on the road and other cars around you and putting your feet on the peddles and goo. its stressful, but quite helpful to get around .

    By HALEY on 08.10.2011

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    By deniz on 08.10.2011

  34. im driving in my car. i crash cos im a shit driver. im no longer allowed to drive anymore. but who cares…my mother can drive me now and i dont have to pay for petrol…fantastic! no more speeding tickets

    By Holly on 08.10.2011

  35. Driving is the art of going from Point A to Point B. You are in control of this mighty magnificent giant hunk of metal, also known as your car. It’s your choice whether you want to crash it along the way or travel safely along from Point A to Point B. Alas, we can not conquer the inevitable; accidents may happen that are entirely accidental.

    By varsh URL on 08.10.2011

  36. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” Monica’s father yelled in panic as the car made several fast swerves and turns.
    “How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t know what I’m doing!!” Monica yelled back, almost crashing into the oak tree in Mrs. Hayes’ front yard.

    By Melanie on 08.10.2011

  37. driving is a very nice way to travel. Just put on some music and drive

    By Cindy on 08.10.2011

  38. I’m driving down the road. My mind is racing as my heart pumps blood faster and faster. The alcohol is setting in as my mind is somewhere else. The only thing driving me to keep going is the image of your face dashed with a taste of regret.

    By David Moniker on 08.10.2011

  39. I haven’t actually yet passed my practical driving test, which is very annoying, and even when I do I won’t be able to affor a car, so that’s even more annoying. Anyway, I’m sure one day driving will be very useful for me, but at the moment I’m just enjoying being a pedestrian and going placed by train.

    By Nathalie on 08.10.2011

  40. i never had the courage to learn how to do it because driving scares the heck out of me. lately, however, i’m beginning to feel that i need to overcome my fear of driving. it’s never too late to learn how to drive, right? :)

    By katsg URL on 08.10.2011