August 8th, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “brick”

  1. She’s a brick house! Really? Really? Yes, I’m afraid that is EXACTLY what came to my mind when I saw the word brick. It’s a bit embarrassing I realize, but what is this wedding-reception-lover to do… it’s a crowd favorite! And much better to go the music route then the mortar route, don’t you agree?

    By rrmommy on 08.09.2011

  2. My home was built in 1820, and there are some brick work in the foundation that has horse hair and straw in the mortar. I love the history.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.09.2011

  3. The brick was red and the epitome of my existence because of that color. You see, that color was to me what sucking was to Justin Beiber, for I was more than aware that it was the color flowing through my veins.

    By Tess Sierra Paden URL on 08.09.2011

  4. You and I have built a wall,
    with each fight another brick goes up.

    By Jess URL on 08.09.2011

  5. Bricks. Your arms around me, your cheek pressed firmly against mine. All I remember from a moment that should have been so special.. was the bricks behind his head. My eyes fixed on their fading copper color and acted as a scapegoat for all of my emotions.

    By aureate URL on 08.09.2011

  6. brick brick. wait, i don’t know what i’m supposed to write. oh shit. D:
    i’m done typing…now what do i do?
    i wait?

    By tristen URL on 08.09.2011

  7. Brick by brick, I dismantle the wall. Each one heavier than the last, the slam of them hitting ground echoing in my head. A thud and a thump. My hands are bloodied but I won’t stop. Not when I’m this far. Not until I tear down the wall between us. The wall that I built.

    By siobhanmcl URL on 08.09.2011

  8. a brick falls and it’s the one that drowns and not she. i remember the song. and the houses made of this, blown down by wolves.

    By ananana URL on 08.09.2011

  9. another brick in the wall. we can just decide to be it. be a part of a big, functioning wall without ever questioning it. but walls fall. and maybe our truth as brick would only be fulfilled if he had asked ourselves what we had more and how we could have kept the wall standing, being more, better and stronger.

    By Carolina Noronha on 08.09.2011

  10. the wall stretched endlessly, as far as the eye could see. She knew she could never cross it, never go around it. It was impassable. But she couldn’t go back. That wasn’t just inconvenient, it wasn’t an option. She had to move forward, always forward. Never stopping. Never Pausing.

    By Bailey Self URL on 08.09.2011

  11. The brick crashed through the bedroom window. Shane and I looked at one another. “What the heck was that?” He asked. I stumbled for the light and cut the bottom of my foot on a piece of glass. “Shit!”

    By Lez on 08.09.2011

  12. Wall, pink floyd. being high, danger, mental health, psychology, university, life, future, the end, Harry potter, dumbledore, quotes, tattoos, alcohol, rule breaker,

    By cairinne on 08.09.2011

  13. brick a thick
    headed shtick
    whatever they nick of
    but fine,
    you throw heavy
    artillery at the heads
    of my ideas
    trying to build up
    buildings and
    tear down power lines

    By grace on 08.09.2011

  14. brick house pool inside tornado pool outside asparagus deer garden red chimney wish i had a fireplace time is running out hill trees all gone swing decimated

    By becca on 08.09.2011

  15. sometimes you feel like figuratively hitting yourself in the face with one.

    By Park URL on 08.09.2011

  16. The brick in the wall ages just as the hand of a man. It tells the story of where it was placed and what it was used for. It could tell stories of the people who walked by and revealed their secrets right near it.

    By Hannah S URL on 08.09.2011

  17. Bricks are the building blocks used to build structures meant to pass the test of time. They are usually red, some people paint them. They can be formed to create designs of your choice.

    By Beth on 08.09.2011

  18. Bricks are used to make a lot of structures. you can also throw them at people you don’t like. A lot of the time they are red but sometimes brown. I know a kid with the nickname brick. He’s kind of an asshole. That’s all.

    By Margot URL on 08.09.2011

  19. Bricks make houses. They’re red and they’re all over London and old places and I like bricks a lot more than concrete. They are more trendy and prettier to look at and I love history and bricks are just awesome. They make me think of Savannah, GA. In Savannah, everything is made of bricks and I love the brick roads.

    By Meaghan on 08.09.2011

  20. Bricks. What’s the point of bricks? Well, they hold everyone together. But they’re just stepping stones for everying else really. Cememnt really holds everything together but you can’t build anything out of just cement can you? No, I don’t think so at least. So it’s like teamwork.
    Wow this is pointless, Amy thought, looking at her paper. Bricks are weird.

    By Sarah on 08.09.2011

  21. Bricks are used to make lots of different structures. They can also
    be fun to throw. They’re usually red but can be brown or any other color you want them to be. I know a kid whose nickname is brick. He’s nice enough.

    By Margot URL on 08.09.2011

  22. the shallow incline on the hill revealed the waning foundation of the stewart house. each brick left of the front porch was a sad tear never to be wiped from one’s face. the begining wasn’t so sad, the begining was pleasant, maybe even happy; a whimsical breath of existance.

    By amy on 08.09.2011

  23. I already did this one. Can I have an older one? No? Oh well.

    Well bricks are cool. When I used to think bricks were the prettiest things ever, but I went to camp and everyone was ,ade of wok so I grew to love wood more because it was a holy place and besides the cross Jesus died on was made of wood so that too.

    By Sarah on 08.09.2011

  24. It was a beautiful brick house, with ivy vines growing up the left side.The house was old, as the bricks were aged. A beautiful garden lay in front of it, with an open stone walkway leading to the big red door.

    By Shannon on 08.09.2011

  25. another brick in the wall from a famous group that i love, bricks are also refered as an important thing to build buildings just like hard times are important to build your life

    By Faten on 08.09.2011

  26. Staring at that brick wall in front of me, I realized everything that separated us. An entire brick wall spanning countries and centuries. I am alone. More importantly I am without you. Each crack between bricks is also in my heart. Each worn spot where the brick has been rubbed two many times is also permanently scarred along my brain.

    By Sami on 08.09.2011

  27. wall. brcks buiding around me a wall that no one can get throuhg. wanting to find someone to break it down. come find me. i dont ttink you can.

    By Shelley on 08.09.2011

  28. Bricks build homes, and homes are places we should all feel comfortable and safe. It seems so simple, but it is one of the most difficult things in the world to find. Why is it that no matter where I am I do not feel at home. My heart cannot rest in one place. I hope that many do find their brick shelter, I hope that one day I do as well.

    By Alaura URL on 08.09.2011

  29. The bricks we’re hard. And they weren’t moving anytime soon. Trapped. In a cold, dark room. Surrounded. By brick walls, that moved upward in an endless fashion.

    By Julia on 08.09.2011

  30. brown, architecture, rectangler, hard, stubborn, red, building, base,

    By Tammy on 08.09.2011

  31. I felt a sharp pain on my head. “Ouch” I yelled! “Who threw this brick?” A small monkey smiled sheepishly. “Oh, small monkey. I can’t stay mad at you.”

    The End

    By Carly on 08.09.2011

  32. It’s the dream aspiration of man, a brick is. Deeply sexual. It entices with the dreams of tomorrow, of a home, of continuity, promising to protect from the ephemerality of life, it says, “I’m small, but put together many of us and you’ll get a home, a taste of immortality; it’ll ward off death, it’ll give warmth, house relationships and love that will make it worth everything.”

    By Harvinder URL on 08.09.2011

  33. A brick can make you feel secure, but it can also be a thing of violence in the wrong hands. I guess that’s true for most things, it can create or destroy. A brick is used for both these things. It’s also quite onamatapeaic, in that it sounds like what it is.

    By Alastair on 08.09.2011

  34. The brick house loomed over her. The brick was red….but it really seemed to emanate some sort of black. As she entered the shadow of the mansion the temperature immediately dropped and she shivered with the scared horror of a little girl in a new place.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 08.09.2011

  35. Brick, my word is brick, I enjoy bricks because they are down to earth and are always ready to be a small part of a big picture.

    By Rosie on 08.09.2011

  36. She picked up the nearest thing she could find…It was a big red brick. It would would do the job..she thought. She picked it up and hauled it through the window to break inside.

    By Carolyn URL on 08.09.2011

  37. I was originally going to write about the actual thing, as in the thing you build houses with. However, I thought I would be different and write about “being a brick” It is a rather old fashioned English term used to describe someone who is good and dependable.

    By Indigo URL on 08.09.2011

  38. I bashed him over the head with my brick and dashed down the cobble stoned street my heels clacking wildly. I could hear him pursuing me, while his hot breath made cloudy vapours in the humid air.

    By Claire Devaney on 08.09.2011

  39. I am made of adobe and build houses in the southwest. I am very durable but need to be taken care of regularly otherwise I will crumble. I am warm in winter and cool in Summer.

    By Ruth Gardner on 08.09.2011

  40. A mutiny of angry people lobbed bricks through the window of the large department store as screams and moans rent the air. Glass sliced through skin and several Londoners screamed for their children, while innocent onlookers watched with hearts full of despair. Fire crackled and smoke stung eyes, while rubble was scavenged for valuables. Thus was day one of the London rioting.

    By MittensLegend URL on 08.09.2011