November 4th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “downpour”

  1. The downpour went unheeded as I stood out in it, head down, concentrating on my surroundings. There was lightening so therefore no thunder. The only sound was the falling rain. I waited. I was being hunted and I knew the rain wouldn’t stop the predator. And suddenly a stick cracked in the darkness. I whirled toward it, pulling my revolvers and firing eleven shots toward it, leaving one bullet in case I missed. I listened to the rain for long moments until I finally heard the body of my assailant fall into the mud.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.05.2011

  2. thundering, heavy downpour like a beating drum on bare skin in the streets

    By Sophie A. on 11.05.2011

  3. I got caught in the downpour and felt like a drowned rat. Mouillée!

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.05.2011

  4. I love when it rains but really the best part is the downpour. All you can hear is the rain hitting the roof and you know that if you go outside that you don’t stand a change of staying completely dry; even that short trek to your car is a danger. So you just go back to bed or lay down on the couch and enjoy how beautiful the sounds you are hearing.

    By Sarah Petroff on 11.05.2011

  5. the rain fell and fell and fell. It was tough to walk against the barrage of water which seemed to come in from two directions. Rain and sea water whirling together into a thick wall of water. Making it tougher and tougher to get home. This was the worst it has ever been round me

    By Tim on 11.05.2011

  6. It was raining Jack could feel the dampth is his bones. Could it be her? Could have she returned fo him? Could all off his dreams come true? Jack watched the window as it fogged up by his heavy breathe. He saw the figure emerge from the fog. It was her. But she had something more to say than “I love you”

    By Gwyneth Campbell on 11.05.2011

  7. Yesterday’s downpour continued today. Umbrellas, rainwater and 26ºC in Manila; nostalgia, coziness and your arms in the country of my mind.

    By Margarita on 11.05.2011

  8. I sit on the patio, smelling the crisp wet, enjoying the patter in my ears and the deluge before my eyes. This moment is a range of emotions.

    By Ed URL on 11.05.2011

  9. lots of rain freshness and rejuvenation. new and happy. smell, light, washing away everything a new beginning. can be volatile and hostile and sometimes scary but the downpour brings a new hope for something fresh and wonderful and exciting.

    By matto on 11.05.2011

  10. The rain is torrential. It makes me afraid of what is to come. The window shudders behind its impact and my body mirrors it. I don’t know what to do about everything that is going on, but I know I have to try my best.

    By Kylie Weber on 11.05.2011

  11. I’m just writing. I have a downpour of saudades for my friends and brother and sisters. An only child but blood is not my requirement for siblings. Never has been. A downpour of sadness, is followed by a downpour of prayer and after that happiness because I have asked for all the bad to end.

    By Kent on 11.05.2011

  12. a downpour of feelings spilling from my soul
    wash away my security, wash away my goals.

    By Jess B URL on 11.05.2011

  13. I went outside when it was just
    a drizzle,
    stood in front of
    the door
    i didn’t notice that after
    the first
    i was standing in a downpour
    i just carried on,
    it was cold
    but just as my toes were
    turning numb,
    i ran towards
    the dark
    coming at me from the
    apple tree
    until we were nose to nose
    until i was drowning in the water
    my tears and the
    rain intertwined in the wind
    until i felt blind and

    By Iffath URL on 11.05.2011

  14. ti ta ti tati
    ti ti ro le ro

    fingerprints within
    raindrops without

    suburban Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

    te re re

    go in peace

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 11.05.2011

  15. Then came the downpour of disappointment. I failed both parts of my driving test. I worked SO hard on the maneuverability for a week! I drove everywhere in my mom’s monster car. But I still just got nervous and failed. I feel so stupid. Next time, I’m taking it in my car.

    By Sara on 11.05.2011

  16. the rain fell in a heavy down pour. she could see the drops streaming down the window as she looked into the city’s lights. seeing the rain reminded her of everything she has lost, everything she had given up. the drops dripped down the glass and she watched the tears drip down her face.

    By L on 11.05.2011

  17. The downpour of my tears flood the room.
    Plates break, glasses crack.
    The downpour of my tears flood the room.
    I drown.

    By Snow URL on 11.05.2011

  18. I rushed through the torrential downpour, fumbling with the icy handle of my umbrella that refused to open. My drenched hair stuck to my forehead, half-blinding me as I splashed through the grey city streets.

    By Sandwrrm on 11.05.2011

  19. there was a downpour of rain hitting the wood porch in front of the beautiful pale yellow house. the air was misty and the clouds were low. everyone was sitting out watching and listening to the beautiful sound of the rain hitting the ground. no one liked anything better than a downpour.

    By bethany on 11.05.2011

  20. There was a downpour whilst we were on a tiny island at the airport.

    By bigsands URL on 11.05.2011

  21. When the tears seeped through the blindfold of my fingers, I know that it’s useless to plaster the upturned frown I was donning the whole day. Then I heard the sobs of the thunderclouds outside, followed by the loud splatter of rain. The roofs and the pavements were slippery with tears. I smiled through my sadness, because at the moment I know I’m not alone. The sky is an empath.

    By Airiz URL on 11.05.2011

  22. cats and dogs when it rains it pours cats are afraid of rain rain coats 50s singing in the rain puddle rain boots wet dog wagging fur running umbrellas cabs traffic new york lightning

    By samantha cruz on 11.05.2011

  23. I love rain.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 11.05.2011

  24. The downpour of his words came over her. The truth was wet and cold and obvious now, and she tried to reel back into her home of comfort and security, to get away from the truth. The downpour was now her tears.

    By Amanda on 11.05.2011

  25. It was torrential, once again she could not stop the tears from flowing. Down, down, down they trickled slowly making their way from her eyes to her lips.

    By Bec URL on 11.05.2011

  26. Everything floods at once.
    Be it emotion.
    Or water.
    When it rains, it pours.
    I had no real choice, not now. The decision was made for me as soon as he decided to run. I lifted the gun, a small chink of metal told me the bullet was in place.

    By Patrick on 11.05.2011

  27. I don’t know what it means… I’m not so good in english… I’m just 11 years old

    By Katri URL on 11.05.2011

  28. Frogs fall, their amphibian limbs slapping at my face, the warts exfoliating my tired, dirty skin. Tonight, we will eat.

    By Ruchi on 11.05.2011

  29. Sometimes a downpour comes as a relief when rain has been absent for a long period of time. Downpours don’t have to be rain. You can have a downpour of just about anything. So it all depends on what is pouring down!

    By Faith Conn Kemper on 11.05.2011

  30. Rain water wet clouds storm ahh let’s go inside rainboots umbrella windshield wipers jacket wind thunder lightning where’s my mom cookies kids playground flood tsunami let’s fuck soro

    By kiki staats on 11.05.2011

  31. It was just a downpour, but it threatened in a strange way. Floods were a possibility, but worse was that he would be put off coming. He had a thing about rain, she knew. At some time in his distant past a downpour had done something awful to him.

    By E A M Harris URL on 11.05.2011

  32. when it is raining there can be a downpour of water. this will consist of a heavy sky which breaks and causes lots of rain to fall. usully these are large drops of water and

    By chloe on 11.05.2011

  33. As the tears streamed down her face in a downpour, she inhaled, desperate for a catch of breath. “Pl-please don’t,” she begged, writhing for her life. Her life was her boyfriend. Unfortunate luck.

    By Kristina URL on 11.05.2011

  34. I’m crushed by a downpour of emotion every time I see you. Every time you cross my path. It’s like I want to kiss you and kill you and sweep you up in my arms and never let you go and then tell you to leave and never come back ever again. You’re killing me, slowly, painfully, it cannot possibly be good for one person to feel so much!

    By Emma B. URL on 11.05.2011

  35. The rain came down in sheets.
    And sideways.
    The girl’s blonde hair stuck to her high cheekbones
    like seaweed.
    You could see her wild eye peering out of her yellow hood.
    She hated the downpour more than anything.

    By Derek Lactaoen on 11.05.2011

  36. It was raining the day that my mother passed away. I was sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade and downing a turkey sub when my cell phone rang. It was my sister and she was crying. I almost choked when I heard the news, “mom’s dead” she said matter of factly.

    By Brian Juntunen URL on 11.05.2011

  37. she looked out over the fields surrounding the farm, the rain slashing at the window; pounding the ground. suddenly, he slipped in through the door, his hair rumpled, his face wet. “it’s a downpour out there!” he laughed, taking off his rain coat. “it’s a downpour in here, too.” a tear rolled down her cheek.

    By Dulcie URL on 11.05.2011

  38. it was raining vry hard. myhair was all wet. yhe house was getting wasted and destroyed wtoh all the water. i aw people drowing in the wwater nad being flushed into the gully, were giant alligators were waiting to feast on their fles while tianeous hyenas were around ating everything elsea nd eating each ote

    By Frederik on 11.05.2011

  39. There was a downpour of rain one dreary night. i saw his face in the window, while his hands fell down the glass, the moisture from them dripping slowly down. He whispered something gently. Something I couldnt hear, nor could I make out from his dry lips. He whispered it again. And then he left. He left his words on the glass pane along with me outside of it

    By nadia on 11.05.2011

  40. Sheets and blankets and heavy thick comforters of water crashed down from above. Regiments of shoulder abreast droplets shattered and broke rank as they landed. A torrent from the lip of a glass, tilted slightly in a gesture of indication, that drowned the corner of the table and slipped down onto the floor.

    By mattlock URL on 11.05.2011